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eddsworld tom x reader (short)

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.....“Tord is an asSHOLE”

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There you were sitting alone on a bench at Disneyworld, waiting for your boyfriend to come back like he said he would 35 minutes ago. You knew he had probably just ditched you and decided to date some other person he found hot. The spark between you both faded out years ago. You never understood why he stayed with you if he didn't love you anymore. You did like him, but not in a romantic sense anymore, that probably was pointless now that you think about it. He said he was going to get a drink for you both, but he never came back and now it was getting late out at night.

The park would probably start closing up in a few more minutes or so, and you didn't see any of your boyfriend Tord. It was a safe bet that he had dumped you here and basically left you to do whatever you wanted. You were fine with being dumped (no not actually, you were heart broken because he had actually bought you an engagement ring some time ago), but you were not ok with being left at a park alone in the dark. And it had started raining. Great.

You sighed, feeling yourself cry a little at the thought of being dumped at Disneyworld. That was a wonderful treat was it not? To be dumped at the place where your anniversary was happening. You looked at your engagement ring on your finger, playing with it a little bit as you saw that the park was closing as the lights were going off and people were leaving. You were left sitting on a bench under a massive tree that was providing cover for you from the rain.

You didn't want to get up because you had nowhere to go. Your boy... your ex-boyfriend was probably in the hotel room with some person getting it on, and he probably threw your stuff out of the room too. You were dumped out in the rain and cold with nowhere to go. You were lost and scared. You began to sniffle and then finally began to quietly sob into your hands.

“Excuse me miss/mister, the park is closed. You have to go back to your hotel room." A British young adult male voice startled you out of your sobbing.

You looked up, sniffling a little to see a fairly tanned skin young adult male with a deadpan expression on his face. In what little light you could see that he had a snake bite piercing and little piercings on his ears. His eyes, well it looked like he had no eyes because they were completely covered black. He had a small stubble. His hair was a dark brown color that spiked up. He had on a security outfit with a flashlight in his hands.

"Miss/Mister, are you ok?" He asked again, noticing that you were not in a happy state of mind at all. He inched closer to inspect you further to only find that you had been crying. "Did something happen?" He asked.

You tried to stop crying. "Nothing sir! I am completely fine, I was just waiting for my boy... my... friend to come to pick me up. It seems they are late." You tried to hide the fact you got dumped at Disneyworld. You didn't need to tell this security guard that you were just dumped. It wasn't his business to know.

He raised an eyebrow. "Ok? But as I was saying its closed now, you have to go." He started to say when suddenly it started to downpour really hard. He stood there in the rain for a minute before seeing that you were motioning him to come sit underneath the cover of the tree with yourself. He sighed, walking over to the bench and sitting down as he tried to wring out the water from his clothes. "This sucks."

"Yeah, it really does." You said quietly, hearing your phone go off with a small little ringtone. It was his ringtone, and you were not going to answer that after what he did to you. You tried to ignore it.

"Hey, your phone is going off. Aren't you going to answer it? It might be your friend." The security guard stated, eyeing the phone which was in your bag.

You shook your head no. "Nah, its not them. It's someone else I'd rather not talk to after what they did to me.” You replied, looking over at the rain torrent. You heard a shuffling noise so you looked over to see the security guard holding your phone and answering the phone. "What the fuck!? Dude! That's my phone, don't touch it!" You cried, leaning over your bag to try and pry the phone out of his hands.

The security guard simply held you away with one hand while he answered the phone. "Hello."

You were startled. The nerve of this dude! He was strong even though he looked a bit scrawny. You thought he was just a weak dude because of how tall he was. He was really short but damn, you were wrong because he simply held you at bay with one hand. You sighed, hearing him talk to the other person on the line. "Give me the phone back!"

He simply shrugged, listening to the voice on the other line with a confused expression. "Tord?" He asked.

You froze. How did this dude know your ex?

The security guard, whos name was Tom now that you were up close to him and could see his badge, just held you away. He eyed you from the side. "Oh, yeah the person you wanna talk to is beside me. They were waiting for someone to come and pick them up."
you just gave up and looked away from Tom. You were gonna get your heartbroken AGAIN. You silent pulled your knees up to your chest and rested your head on them.

Tom noticed that you gave up, and he was confused. He shrugged it off, listening to Tord over the phone. He listened to what the Norwegian said before he glared at the rain in front of him. "You are a fucking asshole you know that?"

You peeked at Tom for a moment. You wondered why he was getting so angry.

"You don't fucking bring someone to Disneyworld and then dump them off! That's an asshole thing to do, you fucking commie!" Tom snarled at the phone. He accidentally hit the speaker button.

"I was getting tired of them. They are very annoying, and I don't love them anymore. I had to break it off sooner or later. I decided that now was the best, and I found a new lover here. They are much more interesting that than the bland boring person you're sitting next to. Also, tell them that the wedding is off. They can do whatever that want with that ring. I'm done."

You stiffened, feeling your eyes begin to water. You looked at the ring on your finger, taking it off and throwing it into the downpour. You began to sob, quietly.
Tom didn't know how to reply to you. He heard the call end, and he was clutching your phone really hard. He looked at you with a sense of pity and scooted closer to you when you were sniffling. "I.. um..."

You curled in on yourself, clutching your hoody and sniffling a little bit harder.

Tom looked out at the rain before pulling you in for a side hug. He then began to try and quiet your sobs. "Shhhh... That commie bastard has no idea what he's missing out on. You're beautiful and wonderful. He's just as asshole." He began to rub circles softly into your backside. “You curled up against Tom who you barely knew. You just met this random British man a few minutes ago, and now you were being consoled by him. You didn't care if it was strange, you might of actually taken a liking to this void eyed man. "im not beautiful." You whispered against his outfit.

Tom lifted your chin up so you were staring into his black eyes. He wiped away your tears with his thumb as he leaned in closer. He smelled of Smirnoff and rain, the latter is a fact from the downpour. "You are beautiful. Tord is a fucking dickbag for dumping you. I'm going to make him regret it."

You sniffled a little, "How?"

Tom smirked, closing the gap between you both as he kissed you on the lips. Once you both parted, he held you against his chest. "By dating you now.~"
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