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OUAT/VD: Ice Cave Rescue (Rumatherine; Rumple/Kat)

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Set in S4. When Kat gets trapped in the ice cave with Elsa, will Rumple be able to save her? Will Rumple let bygones be bygones, or will he make Elsa pay for endangering Kat’s life?

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It was a dismal night in the ice cave. Kat had entered the ice cave, wanting to help Elsa. When Charming and Hook had gone over to where they were though, there was a cave in. Elsa couldn’t control her magic without Anna, so they had to find her. In the meantime, while they searched, Katherine was starting to freeze from the cold. Elsa tried to keep her awake, but that proved futile.

Charming and Hook entered Rumple’s shop.
Once at the glass counter, where Rumple was in his usual spot, Charming informed him, “There’s an emergency. Katherine’s been trapped under ice by a woman with some kind of ice magic.” He then added, “The woman who has Katherine trapped is in there with her, and she’s looking for her sister. Her name is Anna. She thinks she’s in town, because of something of hers she found in your shop.”
“A necklace,” Hook added.
Rumple sifted through the index cards he used for keeping tabs on what was sold and brought in, and picked one up from the little box.
“Is this it?” he inquired.
Hook looked at it, as did Charming, whom then recognized it.
“Wait. I know this. I know exactly who Anna is,” Charming said, remembering when he’d met her back in the Enchanted Forest, and she’d taught him how to sword fight. She’d even helped him with Bo Peep. He’d known her as Joan thought, instead of Anna.
Charming left the shop, as did Hook, and they went to where Charming knew Bo Peep worked at in town. Then they took her shepherd’s crook. Charming knew it was the only way that they’d be able to find Anna.

After Hook and Charming’s visit, Rumple had realized who Katherine was with. He also knew that she was human, which meant she’d need rescuing as soon as possible. And so, he went in search of where the ice cave was. He wasn’t going to let anything happen to Katherine, and he knew that time was running out, depending on how long ago she’d gotten trapped in the ice cave.

Once he found where the ice cave was, he used fireball magic to make a big hole in one part of the wall. Then he left the scene with Katherine, whom later was fine. A part of him wanted to punish Elsa for what she’d almost done, but he didn’t. Katherine was more important than revenge. After their time together, she’d taught him some new things along the way. Like how to let revenge go. And so, he didn’t lash out.

Later that night, Charming and them spoke with Elsa, to figure out a way to find Anna.
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