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An Alpha and Doppelganger Love (Petatherine)

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Set in 3x5 when the alphas attacked the loft at night. Instead of Derek fighting them, it’s Peter. He’s able to kill them, but gets very injured. When Kat finds him after coming from a prison w...

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It was a dismal night, as Peter lay on the nearly flooded floor after the fight with the alphas. He’d killed them all, but was quite injured. He’d volunteered to stay behind to get rid of them. That way, his nephew, Derek, could get out of town. He didn’t want Derek to die, though he had a bad way of showing how much he cared about his family. At least for Derek, Cora, and his daughter, Malia. They were all he had left, since he’d killed his sister, Talia, and Lucy, his other niece, when he’d been a psychotic lunatic killer.

Kat had just escaped a prison world and had appeared by a wooden door, ascendant in hand, when she saw water leaking out from under the door. She put it in her jacket and opened the door, deciding to check out the situation, and walked inside. That’s when she saw someone on the floor, very injured. She assumed he was a werewolf. Werewolves had always been her friends, so she decided to help him.
She rushed to his side and knelt by him.
“What’s your name? I’m Katherine,” she greeted.
“What happened? I’m going to help you.”
She knew up close that he was more injured than she’d seen any wolf be. She knew she had to get him taken care of as soon as possible. He wasn’t healing, and she didn’t know why. There were so many wounds, she couldn’t count. She knew by just looks that he’d lost a lot of blood.
“Stay with me, Peter,” she encouraged, seeing that he was about to go under. Then she gently got him on his back and took her jacket off, using it to apply pressure to his lower stomach wound, once she’d put the ascendant in her back pocket. She hoped he’d be okay. She didn’t want to watch a werewolf die.

When Peter woke up, it was the next day. He felt that his lower stomach had been taken care of. He could tell that the lesser wounds had healed, too. He also saw the girl that had saved his life. She was seated on his bedside and the floor wasn’t wet anymore.
“You saved me,” he stated, sitting painfully up in bed.
“Yes. I did. Werewolves have always been my friends, so I didn’t want you to die. You must be a loner if you’re alone.”
“I did it alone on purpose. I knew if my nephew, Derek, fought the alphas, he’d die. I couldn’t let him die. Besides, I died once before. What’s one more time?” he told her.
“I can relate then. I died more than once before, so I’m not afraid to die if I have to. I was a vampire for 500 years. It made me into a bad person. I made many enemies. I spent 544 years running from a werewolf-vampire hybrid named Klaus. Then, one day, I let my anger overpower me and I tried to kill my doppelganger, Elena. I didn’t know the cure for vampirism was in her pocket, so she shoved the cure down my throat. Then, after the cure was drank out of me, I died of old age. Then I ended up in a realm called a prison world, which I just escaped last night,” she informed him.
“Well, welcome to Beacon Hills then. If you need a place to stay or just someone to protect you, you can stay here, and I’ll protect you,” he told her. “I used to be a killer myself, but being resurrected changed me.”
She gave a smile.
“I’d love that, Peter. Thanks.”
He gave a smile back.

A few weeks later, he was completely healed, and they eventually fell in love.
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