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Ch.7: Unidentified Sickness

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Same as the first.

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It was a sunny day, as Kat sat on the couch in the loft, Peter by the table. That's when Cora walked in. Kat saw that Cora wasn't healing from some kind of head wound. She also saw that she was still angry, it seemed.

Kat got up from the couch.

"Where's Derek?" Cora inquired.

"Not here," Peter told her.

"What happened?" Kat asked her.

"I went after them, since Derek isn't doing anything, and you two are doing whatever you do."

"I think that's a little unfair to say. Derek will do something when he's not grieving so much or injured. As for us, we're trying to figure out if they're planning anything. If so, we need to find out what. I know you're angry and you cared about him, but going after them or picking out what it seems we're not doing doesn't help. It won't bring him back."

When she seemed to be calmer, Kat approached.

Cora knew she was right. She was starting to learn that she was usually right.

"Fine," was all Cora could say.

"Why aren't you healing?" she asked her.

"I don't know," Cora admitted.

"Well, until we figure it out, you should probably get to bed. My mother was the sixteenth century's version of a doctor. I know a few things, since I was supposed to follow in her footsteps. Don't worry. I know what I'm doing," she assured her.

A moment later, everything went black for Cora.

When she blacked out, Kat caught her, since she was closest to her, and Peter went to her side. He usually didn't show his feelings for his family, but Cora was always his favorite next to Derek.

"Get her into bed. Then I'll take over," she said, in which he did.

After getting a cool wet wash cloth, she sat on her bedside and put it on her forehead. Then she did a few things to figure out what was wrong with her, using magic.

Afterward, she began to use magic to completely heal her. So, later, she was back to normal again.

A littler while later, Derek was good as new too and they took down the last two alphas.

So, in the end, everyone lived happily.
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