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Tom Riddle and Ginny

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Tom M. Riddle appeared to Ginny. "No, go away. Leave me alone!" she shouts at him. "Sashano si Soianif!" Riddle said. Ginny thought," Who is this guy. He is not even speaking English." "Why ever do you think I will hurt you." Tom said," I am your friend. Here's my most sincere secret. I am a parselmouth." Ginny's eyes glaze over. She walks out of the chamber into the hallway with the basilisk behind her. A cat with blood red eyes comes around the corner. "Sado sfini seno!¨ she yells at the snake as it goes for Mrs. Norris. Mrs. Norris looks up into the creature's eyes, and she was petrified. Ginny found some blood and painted on the wall. "The chamber has been open enemies of the heir beware." she wrote. Then, Ginny heard some footsteps. "Sopt semoto!" Ginny said and left the scene with the snake slithering behind her like an obedient puppy.

"Why is their blood on my robes!" she exclaimed that morning. She was back in the girls' dormitories and in her own bed. She got changed quickly and put her bloodstained robes in her trunk. She went to Moaning Myrtle's Bathroom. Myrtle was there crying. When Myrtle saw Ginny, her eyes got bigger and she dived into the toilet. Then, the chamber opened. Ginny, of course, did not remember the chamber so she jumped into the tunnel. When she got to the Chamber of Secrets there was Tom waiting for her. She tried to run but the doors closed. He had an evil glint in his eyes. Ginny thought about that morning and then about the diary and remembered that Riddle was a parselmouth.¨It was you! You made me hurt that cat.” she tried to run from the chamber. The doors opened. When she got to the bathroom she through the diary into the toilet and ran. The snake had attacked someone else though that night. She woke up the next day in her dormitory. The diary was right next to her. She had forgotten all that had happened. Then she looked at the diary and opened it She went to the chicken coop and she strangled the chickens and then went back to bed. The next day she remembered and she went to the bathroom. She though the diary at Myrtle and fled. Little did she know that Harry Potter and his friend Ron Weasley would be the ones to find the diary.

She went on in a happy life for a few months. Then, on Valentine's day, she saw the diary again. Draco Malfoy holding the diary in the air showing it off. When Harry got the diary back Ginny realized that it was the diary that belonged to Tom Riddle. She panicked. What if he finds out I like him. What if he opens the chamber next. I need to get the diary back. Ginny decided that she would go and get the diary so during her break, she went into the 2nd Year boy dormitories. She trashed the room looking for the diary. When she left the room looked like a bull had a rampage. She hoped that it would not take long to clean the room.

The Next Month

Ginny was down in the chamber as cold as ice, dying. Just 10 minutes earlier she was crying and begging Tom Riddle to let her go. She was scared and tired. She hadn’t had lunch either. She hoped she would live but the way it was going there was no chance. Then, she remembered no more. You know the rest of the story. Harry Potter comes to her rescue. He killed the basilisk and Tom Marvolo Riddle. He saves the day and kids and still lives to see another day.
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