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Saved by magic

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"Just a small-town girl, living in a lonely world. She took the midnight train going anywhere. Just a city boy. Born and raised in South Detroit. He took the midnight train going anywhere."The song blazed in the 13-year-old girl's eager ears. She enjoyed all of Journey's songs, but this was her favorite. It was so loud that she couldn't hear anything. Her long, platinum hair swirled around her. The girl was allegedly wearing her green and silver sweater that represented her Hogwarts house. She knew Hogwarts wasn't real, but she didn't care. She couldn't hear people yelling at her because of her extremely loud music. The adolescent girl was only having a walk in the park. She lived peacefully in an insignificant town of Stamford, England. Nothing ever happens. It's just a typical town with normal people. She looked down at her standard phone to promptly change the sentimental song when she ran into something substantial.

Looking over her phone she instantly saw a pair of shiny black dress shoes. She looked up to regard a man with Greasy black hair and a thin, youthful face. He had a hooked nose and pitch black eyes. He was dressed a little funny. The unknown man was wearing a black cloak with a dark vest with silver buttons underneath and black pants. In his pocket, there was a wooden stick. It was also black. She had never seen anyone like him. Well, not that she could remember. However, he looked terribly familiar. She turned on her heels and was about walk away when he placed her hand on her shoulder. "What is your name girl?" he asked in a raspy, hoarse voice. "Dakota," She replies nervously. Dakota wrenched her arm out of his firm grasp and started walking again.

She got to the edge of the woods and decided to walk straight in. Dakota didn't care; she merely wanted to get away from the mysterious young man. She turned the volume on her phone all the way up and closed her eyes. Before she comprehended it, she had passed into the center of a large bear trap. It clamped onto her left and she shrieked in pain. Hopping forward she ran smack into a tree. This triggered a net that scooped her up and trapped her completely in the mesh. She started screaming. "Help me! Help me! HELP ME!"She fumbled with her modern phone earnestly hoping to call her devoted mom and found that her screen was now shattered from the superior force of the net. She tried to turn the screen on, but it stayed pitch black. She started crying. She was frightened and was in a lot of distress.

Out of nowhere, the same man in the park was standing under her looking up. "Aid me, please, please, please!" Dakota pleaded. He whipped out his wooden stick and directed it at the net. "Defendo!" the man whispered. There was a red light, and she fell to the ground. Dakota underwent a piercing pain in her leg. She looked down to see five deep gashes in her leg. "Who are you?" she asked with tears in her eyes.

"My name is Severus Snape, Dakota," he answers with his harsh voice.

"I read about you in Harry Potter. You died horribly and your merely a book character. How can you be here? Alive?"

" I'm perfectly alive and well."He said with an inquisitive look on his face.

"Um...can you maybe heal me considering you're a wizard"
"Well... yes but... well, I am going to have to eliminate all of your memories of this." He held up his wand and pointed it at Dakota.

"No, please. Bring me with you. I will do work and anything else that you want. Please."

"Okay, I will have to erase you from the world, but this could work. You have to solemnly promise to merely undertake everything that I say. I mean everything."Dakota was filled with a feeling of jubilation. She allegedly had her wish that she had given up on three years ago come true. She had encountered a wizard. All the greater, she was going to meet more wizards, and she will be excepted into a Wizarding fellowship. Snape held out his arm for Dakota to grab. Dakota gripped his arm; they turned into the middle of the black swirl and left the park in silence and calm as it was hitherto. From that day no one recalled who Dakota was. Not even her parents or even her most beloved friends recognized her. Everything was forgotten about the adolescent girl.
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