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Stuck in a virtual world

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I just thought that it would be could to write a story.v I post a chapter a month.

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Stuck in a Virtual World


The 16 year-old boy walks into his dark room and sits down at his wooden desk. He pulls is Macbook Pro 500 towards him and logs in. 369874125 he types into his computer. His computer opens to a black screen with the quick launch bar only having Chrome, Evolution Plus, and New life. Chrome, being a very old Browser tool, he never really used it. He really only used it when he was looking at game hacks. Evolution Plus was a fun game but, it gets old after awhile. You build a pet and watch it evolve. The tricky part is keeping it alive through the World Wars (No one really knows what actually happened there. Teachers said it was the first Zombie Apocolypse. Others say it is just a Folk Tale.) and the Civil War (whatever that is) and predators. It s also a very old game. It was made in 2031(This kid was born in 3005). Now, New life was new. It was made in 3020. You get to have a new life with new family and friends. No one knows you and you only have to show what you want people to see. It's a virtual life for virtual people. That's all that this boy cared about. He didn't want to be stuck in this world anymore.

His mom died ?nine years ago in a car crash. His dad was driving and his mom was in the passenger seat. The boy new the story well. It happned in an instant. There was a flash of light and the car was rammed passenger side into an another that was parked on the side of the rode. His mom was killed instantly becuse the impact had smashed her lungs and a bone had puncherd her heart. The boy was only seven and he only had his dad's word for what happened ,but he felt like he didn't know the whole story.
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