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Mason, a twelve year old boy, is walking home from school when something crash lands nearby. What he finds is not of this world.

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The Moon’s Edge Realm

“Shockwave,” Athena, the leader and Queen of the Aurorians, announced “Because of your recent—actions, the people have spoken on what they feel is right to do,” Athena continued.

Shockwave was standing in front of two guards. He was standing in the middle of the Assembly Room where he was getting his sentence. It was in the shape of an oval, and made from stone. The entire civilization of Aurorians where crowding the Assembly Room. The room was dimly lit. There was a spotlight directly on Shockwave.

“And what is that?” Shockwave asked “Banishment?” He continued.

Athena nodded her head. She was wearing a gold robe with a gold crown on. The robe covered her entire body. She had white gloves on with gold finger tips. She was sitting in the throne. There were two guards standing behind her throne. One of them was Obsidian.

“That is correct. And before we banish you from Aurora, we will strip you of your powers, your citizenship, and wipe your very existence from this planet. It’ll be like you never existed!” Athena stated.

“You can’t. I did nothing wrong. I’m an innocent man, your heinous,” Shockwave stated “I would never kill anyone, I swear,” Shockwave continued.

“I’m sorry, Shockwave,” Athena said “You’re a good man, but we can no longer have a criminal walking amongst us. It has to be this way,” Athena announced.

Shockwave knew on the inside that he never did anything to hurt anyone. He knew he was an innocent man, but how would he prove it?

Shockwave was upset on what his punishment was. He was not going to let his powers be taken away because of something he didn’t do. He then put his head down and closed his eyes.

He clenched his fists tighter. As he looked up, both his eyes and his fists began to glow a bright sky blue.

“Someone stop him!” Athena yelled.

The two guards behind him grabbed his shoulders to detain him. They tried to force him down onto his knees, but he quickly reacted and grabbed their arms and flipped them over onto their backs.

Obsidian and his two other soldiers jumped over the ledge to get Shockwave detained and into custody. But before they could reach him, he slammed his fists onto the ground.

A massive ring began to surround him. The ring grew larger and larger, destroying anything in its path. It threw Obsidian and his comrades against the stone wall.

The Shockwave was so big, it made the Assembly Room begin to collapse. Chunks of rock began to fall from the ceiling, along with broken shards of glass.

“I’ll be seeing you all again very, very soon,” Shockwave said “it won’t be long, I promise,” he continued.

He then looked up at the crumbling ceiling above him. He then bolted into the sky and into space, bound for another Galaxy far far away: The Milky Way Galaxy.

Planet Earth
August 13, 1976
Bridgeport, Connecticut

“Hand me down my walking cane, hand me down my hat. Hurry now and don’t be late cause we ain’t got time to chat,” Mason sang as he walked down a paved pathway in the middle of the park.

As he was walking, a faint boom shook the ground. He stopped walking. He took his headphones off of his ears and glanced upwards towards the sky.

There was a massive asteroid falling from the sky. Other people walking up and down the pathway all stopped as well and were looking up.

“Is it a bird?” One man asked.

“It’s a plane,” one woman yelled.

“No dummies! It’s an asteroid. Why would a asteroid be a bird?” One younger man argued.

“It looks like it’s coming straight for us! RUNNNNN!” One woman cried as everyone began running away from the fireball.

Everyone began running around like headless chickens, trying to flee the scene before the fireball hit. I, too began, running away. But I was too slow.

The asteroid hit the ground, making dirt fly up in the air. Almost fifty feet the be exact, maybe even more. I fell to the ground. My Walkman smashed into pieces. My headphones flew off from around my neck. My face slid on the sidewalk for a second, causing me to acquire a severe asphalt burn to the left side cheek.

The palms of my hands were also scratched really bad. They began bleeding. I quickly shielded my eyes from the now falling dirt with my arms. I closed my eyes.

But when I opened them, the dirt was frozen in mid-air, as if someone had stopped it from raining down. I looked up at the shadow of a man.

The sun was glaring right into my eyes. I squinted them. The dirt then fell again. The next thing I know, the man is standing over me. I screamed.

“It’s okay little one,” The man said “I’m not here to hurt you,” he continued as he leaned over to help me back on my feet.

Once I was on my feet, he introduced himself. “The name is Shockwave,” he said “And you are?” He continued.

I stood there with my mouth dropped. The pain I was feeling was excruciating, but I was too focused on this man to care.

“I see you have been injured. Please,” Shockwave said “allow me to heal you,” he continued.

He then got down onto his knees and put his hands on my cheeks. He closed his eyes. I looked at his hands. They began to glow a bright blue.

“Holy shit!” I shouted as the scratches on my cheeks disappeared. It was like I had never fell on my face. He then opened his eyes and grabbed my hands. He cupped his hands around mine to heal my palms.

After he finished, the bright blue glowing light emitting from his hands and eyes disappeared. He raised his eyebrows and and smiled.

“Better?” He asked.

“Much better,” I replied “thank you.”

He got back up onto his feet. He looked down at me. At that time, I was only an eleven year old boy. I didn’t know what to expect. This man was clearly not from Earth, but from another planet.

“My name is Mason by the way,” I replied to his question.

“Well it’s nice to meet you, Mason. I do have one question for you,” Shockwave said.

“What’s “shit”?” He asked.

I put my hands on my stomach and began laughing uncontrollably. Once I stopped, I replied.

“It’s a word my parents use all the time when they’re angry with something or someone,” I stated to Shockwave.

“Can I use that word?” Shockwave asked me.

I giggled a little bit. I nodded my head.

“Why yes, yes you can. You’re an adult aren’t you?” I asked.

He examined himself to check to see if he was an adult. “I think I am?” He questioned.

And after that, I began walking. I was already a half an hour late.

“My parents were expecting me home awhile ago. They’ll be worried sick if I don’t get home now,” I stated.

“Are they actually sick? Do you want me to heal them too? Like I did you?” He asked.

I again giggled. His odd questions always made me laugh. But I started walking down the severely cracked pathway, away from the scene where the asteroid had crashed and made a massive hole in the ground.

“Where are we going again Mason?” Shockwave asked.

“Home,” I replied.

“Ohhh, that sounds fun,” he stated as he got excited.


The Moon’s Edge Realm
Athena’s Palace

“I want that criminal found!” Athena snapped “I don’t care how far he traveled across the Universe. He will be brought to justice,” Athena continued.

Obsidian and two other guards walked behind Athena. They were walking down the Grand Hallway of Athena’s Palace. After what Shockwave had done, Athena was extremely upset.

As they were walking, Athena turned into a room with a giant crystal ball inside of it. Obsidian and the guards followed her into the room.

They all walked over and surrounded the crystal ball.

“Show me Shockwave,” Athena said as the crystal ball began to show an image of where Shockwave had fled. Obsidian immediately remembered that Planet.

“It appears as if Shockwave had fled to a planet known as Earth,” Obsidian said.

Athena turned with curiosity in her eyes. She wondered how Obsidian knew what this Planet was called.

“You know where this—Earth is?” Athena asked.

“Yes your highness, I do. I’ve been studying that Planet for quite some time now. I’ve always wondered how it could support such life as ours,” Obsidian mentioned.

“Well good to know that you’ve studied this planet,” Athena said “I have a mission for you,” she continued.

“A mission to retrieve Shockwave?” Obsidian asked.

“Why yes,” Athena said “I want you to go to Earth and find Shockwave. I don’t care how long it takes you to find him, just find him!” Athena said.

“Yes your highness,” Obsidian said as he bowed to the Queen “I will not fail you,” Obsidian continued.

He then turned around and proceeded on to walk out of the room. As he was walking out of the room, a faint smile appeared on his face.

“Better watch your back, Shockwave. Because I’m coming for you!” Obsidian said under his breath.

Planet Earth
April 14, 1976

“Mason!” My mom yelled “Come here now!”

I had walked down the stairs from upstairs. I was in my room doing my math homework. And when I got down the last step, there my parents were. They were standing alongside Shockwave with their arms crossed.

“Care to explain why this man is in our house?” My mother asked.

I put my hands behind my back and put my head down. At first I didn’t want to tell them that he was actually a superhero. But I needed to tell them the truth.

“Here me out mom and dad,” I said “He’s a—,” I said before Shockwave interrupted me and continued my sentence.

“A superhero!” He shouted “And a grown up one. And you want to know how I know that?,” Shockwave said as he referred back to when I asked if he was all grown up.

“A superhero?” My mom asked “No thanks. How dumb,” she continued.

“Actually I come from a planet known as Aurora,” Shockwave said.

My mom turned to look at him. “Oh yeah? Anything else you want to tell us?” My mom asked him in an angry tone.

“I learned the word “shit” yesterday for the first time. Thanks to your amazing son,” Shockwave said “he shouted it out loud when I crash landed on your planet yesterday,” he continued.

I slapped my forehead and shook my head. “Mason Alexander Allen! You shouted what?” My father yelled.

“It slipped?” I said quietly.

“Oh right. It “slipped”,” my mom said as she bent her pointer fingers and middle fingers up and down.

My mom and dad looked at each other, and at Shockwave, and then at me. “I think we need to punish him—,” My mom and dad said as a breaking news report came up on the television.

We all walked over to the Television.

“What is this preposterous object? And how did that man get inside of that box? It’s so small,” Shockwave said as he sat down and crossed his legs.

My mom walked over to the Tv and turned the dial to the left to turn up the volume. After doing that she took a few steps back.

“Just yesterday afternoon, an asteroid crash landed in this very park I’m standing in right now,” said the news person “Witnesses say that it wasn’t an asteroid, but a spaceship. Once person recalls everything. This is what she had to say,” The man said.

“Yeah I was just walking home from work and I heard this faint boom. I looked up and saw a flame coming right for us. We all started running like headless chickens away from the scene. Once it landed, I ran back over to see what it was. And believe it or not, a man stepped out from the massive creator. He then walked over to a little boy and healed his wounds?” The lady recalled.

“Hey that’s where I crashed yesterday, remember Mason? Then I healed your wounds?” Shockwave said.

I rolled my eyes. “Yes, I remember clearly,” I said.

“Authorities are asking that if you have any tips on where these two suspects are, you are asked to call them immediately. The number is at the bottom of your screen. Back to you John,” The man said as the camera switched back to the newsroom.

“Now how did these two people get inside this box? Is this some trick?” Shockwave said as he tapped the television screen.

My mom looked at me, as did my dad. They had cross faces because they were still mad at me.

“Don’t you think for one second that you’re off the hook young man. This conversation is not over!” My mother said.

“Yeah! What your mom said!” My father agreed.

I then looked back at Shockwave who was fascinated by television.

“Do you have those on your planet?” I asked.

“No. We have nothing of this sort,” Shockwave said.

“Well what do you have?” I asked.

“We have midgets,” Shockwave responded again.

A Storm Is Coming

April 15, 1976

“Good evening, Mrs. Hill,” My mom said as she opened the front door. Mrs. Hill walked in. “Thank you for coming on such short notice. Me and Lawrence here are heading out to San Diego this weekend,” my mom stated.

Mrs. Hill smiled and clapped her hand up and down. “Oh no worries. I’ve babysat many children in the past,” Mrs. Hill said “Call me an expert if you would,” she continued.

“Again. We can’t thank you enough for coming and watching our son and his friend,” my mom said “If I were you, I would watch over Shockwave very closely. He’s—well uh—different,” my mom said.

“Shockwave?” Mrs. Hill asked “Interesting name,” she iterated.

“Well, we must be on our way now,” My mom said “Mason!” My mom shouted.

I heard her voice and came walking down the hallway and down the stairs. There the three stood. My mom, an old lady, and my dad. Both of my parents had their suitcases ready.

“Mason,” my dad said “this is Mrs. Hill. She’ll be watching you for the weekend while we’re gone, okay?” My dad continued.

Shockwave stood behind me. He was examining Mrs. Hill very closely from head to toe. “Why do you have gray hair? And why is your skin wrinkly? That’s not normal!” Shockwave asked.

Mrs. Hill chuckled. My mom and dad both glanced over at Shockwave in irritation. They proceeded on to glance back at Mrs. Hill.

“I am so sorry Vanessa. He’s a bit quirky and arrogant. Anyways, we must go now. You behave now you two!” My mom said as she gave me a kiss on my cheek and walked out of the front door with my dad.

“Vanessa? I’ve never seen you in town before. Where’d you use to reside before here?” I asked out of curiosity.

“I use to live in London. I moved here to start over, start fresh perhaps?” Vanessa stated “and to answer your question Shockwave, I’m wrinkly because that’s how humans get when they grow old. And I have gray hair because that’s what happens when you’re all stressed out from having children,” Vanessa joked.

“Fascinating. Mason?” Shockwave asked “Will I get gray hair and wrinkles when I grow old?” Shockwave asked.

I turned and looked up at Shockwave. “Yes. No one lives forever. Right Vanessa?” I asked as I glanced over at Vanessa.

“That’s right young man,” she laughed.

Vanessa then looked at the clock hanging on the wall to her right. “Oh my,” she said “it’s passed your bedtime. We must get you to bed,” Vanessa Hill said.

I stomped my foot on the ground. I crossed my arms and began to get angry. It was only 8:02PM. My bedtime wasn’t until 9PM. I thought it was odd that she was sending me to bed so early.

“A woman must have time to herself you know,” Mrs. Hill said as me and Shockwave began walking up the stairs back to my room.

“If you need anything, just let me know. I’ll be down here watching the evening news,” Mrs. Hill said with a faint smile.

April 15, 1976

Loud banging could be heard. My door was closed. Shockwave was laying on the floor right next to my bed. When we heard the banging coming from downstairs, we both got up and slowly and crept over to my bedroom door.

“What do you think is going on down there?” I whispered to Shockwave.

I twisted the handle to my door and slowly opened it. We both slowly walked out trying not to make a sound. We didn’t want Mrs. Hill to hear us.

“A ghost?” Shockwave stated.

“A ghost huh?” I said “what if it’s not?” I continued.

“What if it’s the dog?” Shockwave asked.

“Could be. But don’t count on it. He’s probably fast—,” I said before our dog, Max, started barking uncontrollably. He was in the hallway at the bottom of the stairs looking in the direction of the kitchen.

Once me and Shockwave got down to the last step, we stopped and peaked around the corner to see what Max was barking at. The kitchen lights were on.

There was a foul smell. I pinched my nose. Shockwave, of course, inhaled and exhaled. He briefly paused to think for a second. He then said “Reaper!”

I looked back at him and asked “who’s Reaper?”

“Reaper is someone that comes from the dark, dying side of my home planet. For years, our planet has slowly been dying and no one knows why or how,” Shockwave said “But the Queen thinks it has something to do with Reapers. I don’t know how he got here to Planet Earth, but he’s a major threat if let loose. We can’t let him leave this house,” Shockwave continued.

“We need to leave now!” I whispered.

As I had my head facing Shockwave, the light slowly dimmed. The foul smell grew. Shockwave looked up and over my right shoulder.

“Hello,” a deep voice said “Nice to see you again Shockwave,” the voice said.

I slowly turned my head and looked up. Max stopped barking and ran off to go hide somewhere. The big, black smoky entity was standing in my hallway.

“Reaper,” Shockwave said in a confident tone “How nice to see you again! How’d you find me?” Shockwave asked.

“Funny you asked that,” Reaper said “Allow me to tell you,” Reaper continued as he squeezed his knuckle and lifted his arm towards his chest, pulling Shockwave closer to him.

Shockwave was now floating just inches off the floor. “Let me down you shithead!” Shockwave shouted.

“Hey! You learned a new swear word!” I laughed.

“Yeah. I just added “head” after “shit”,” Shockwave said.

“Stop it!” Reaper shouted “I’m taking you back to Aurora where you’ll be formally prosecuted for the crime you committed,” Reaper said.

I was confused. I asked myself why Shockwave was being prosecuted for a crime back on his home planet. Is that why he fled here? To avoid being tried and prosecuted?

“I won’t let you take him! He’s my friend!” I shouted angrily.

Reaper glanced down at me. He loosened his knuckle, making Shockwave fall to his knees.

“Shockwave,” Reaper said “You never introduced me to your companion here,” Reaper continued.

“He’s not for sale, Reaper! Back off! He’s just a kid!” Shockwave said.

Reaper inches closer towards me. I began taking steps back as Reaper closed in on me. Before I knew it, my back was up against the front door.

“Back off demon!” I yelled. I then reached for an umbrella that was hanging on the coat rack. I grabbed it and swung it at Reaper. But it went right through him.

“You said it yourself. I’m a demon!” Reaper said.

“Where’s Vanessa?” I asked.

“Oh. You mean me? I masked myself as a babysitter just so I could get to Shockwave. Little did he know that when he escaped Aurora, he left a trail of scent behind. I followed that trail all the way to here—Planet Earth?” Reaper said.

“This is Planet Earth right?” Reaper asked.

I rolled my eyes. “Yes. Do we need to put a major sign up in outer space that says “This way to Planet Earth” or something?” I joked.

“Not the point. I’m here to kill Shockwave and anybody else that stands in my way. And you, little one, are in my way!” Reaper said.

Shockwave then got up and ran towards the front door, picking me up in the process. He went right through Reaper and busted through the door.

Once outside, Shockwave blasted off into the air with me in his arms. Unfortunately, Reaper followed. We kept on rising, going higher and higher into the atmosphere.

The sky was covered with clouds. It was supposed to rain tonight. Anyways, Shockwave flew right into the clouds to lose Reaper.

“Hold on tight,” Shockwave shouted “it won’t be much longer,” he continued.

And out of nowhere, after Shockwave thought he had lost Reaper, a smoky rope wraps around Shockwaves left leg, making him freeze in mid-air. I slipped through his arms and began to fall.

“MASON!” Shockwave shouted.

As I was falling, I saw the sky begin to light up with lightning. Was that Shockwave using his powers to weaken Reaper? Or was it the storm moving in?

A big boom sound was heard. I stretched my arms out and closed my eyes as I continued to fall. I happened to twist over onto my stomach. I opened my eyes again and saw the lights of Bridgeport getting closer as I fell.

I heard a voice. “I’m coming!” Shockwave yelled as he flew down towards me at a high speed.

The ground was getting closer. As the ground got closer, everything started slowing down. The cars stopped moving, bats stopped swishing through the sky, traffic lights froze on one color, people stopped walking.

Shockwave, right before I hit the ground, grabbed ahold on my shirt and gently set me down on the cement on my stomach. I quickly got up and made sure I was still in one piece.

“Are you okay Mason? I’m so sorry!” Shockwave said.

I was shivering. My teeth were chattering. I crossed my arms to try and warm myself back up.

“Other than being almost froze to death, yes I’m fine!” I snapped “How the hell did you manage to lose your grip on me?” I asked.

Shockwave scratches his head and glanced down at the ground. “It was Reaper! If he wouldn’t have gotten ahold of my ankle, than you wouldn’t have slipped. I’m sorry Mason,” Shockwave apologized.

“You’re fine. But never again will I go with you!” I said.

“You have a-lot if explaining to do Shockwave. You never told me you were being prosecuted for a crime you committed back on your planet. I hate when people lie you know?” I mentioned “And it upsets me that you lied to me! So when we go home—,”

“We can’t go back there,” Shockwave said.

“Wait? Why not?” I asked.

“The calm before the storm,” he replied.

I squinted my eyes and sighed. “What does that mean?”

“It means they’re coming for me,” he replied.

“Who’s coming?” I asked.

“The Aurorian Army!” He mentioned.

Change of Heart

Athena’s Palace

“Obsidian,” Athena said “I know you were good friends with Shockwave before he betrayed your friendship, but you have to bring him back here so he can be prosecuted,” Athena stated.

Both Obsidian and Athena were walking down the grand hallway to the ship that Obsidian would take to Earth to bring back Shockwave. There were two guards walking close behind Athena and Obsidian. Obsidian turned around to look at the guards.

“You two can stay here and guard this area,” Obsidian ordered as the men stopped walking and stood in their positions.

The two, Obsidian and Athena, turned left to continue walking down the hallway. Once Obsidian and Athena were far enough down the hallway, Obsidian stopped walking to face Athena.

“He was a friend. But After he took my family from me, he’s no longer my friend. He’s a traitor to not only me, but to our kingdom,” Obsidian mentioned to Athena.

“Look Obsidian. I’m sorry for everything that you had to go through these past few months, but you’re honorable not only to me, but to your kingdom as well. My husband took you from that dead planet that you were trapped on and brought you here for a reason,” Athena said. “And that reason was because he saw something in you that nobody else did! And that’s why you are here right now,” Athena continued.

“King Astor was a great man, Athena,” Obsidian said “And he will always have a place in my broken heart,” Obsidian said.

Athena frowned. She noticed that Obsidian said something that didn’t make sense. “Broken heart?” Athena asked.

Obsidian turned his back against Athena. Athena tried to see what Obsidian was doing. His left arm moved. “Obsidian?” Athena asked. “Is everything okay? What are you doing?” She continued.

He again turned around to face Athena, but this time he was holding a knife in his left hand.

“Funny you ask,” Obsidian chuckled “Allow me to tell you,” Obsidian continued.

He lurched forward and stabbed Athena in the chest. She lurched forward and grabbed ahold of Obsidians shoulder. She looked up at him with despair in her eyes.

“Why?” Athena struggled to ask.

Obsidian pulled the knife out of her chest. Her dress was was beginning to absorb blood. She covered the wound with her hands as she fell against a column that was holding up the ceiling.

“I’ve had a change of heart,” Obsidian stated.

Athena tilted her head to the right as she continued to gaze at Obsidian. His knife was dripping blood onto the floor. The two guards that Obsidian told to stay put, came walking around the corner and saw what Obsidian had done to their Queen.

“Get him!” Athena yelled in pain as she laid against the column.

The two guards came running down the hallway towards Obsidian, drawing their swords in the process.

“King Astor made the mistake of bringing me here. Now you and your kingdom will pay for it,” Obsidian said as he dropped the knife. It clanged on the ground for a brief second before coming to a rest.

“You were the one that killed your own family, weren’t you?” Athena said “And you blamed it on Shockwave didn’t you?” Athena continued.

Obsidian stopped walking. He glanced over his left shoulder. “That’s right,” Obsidian said “But Shockwave doesn’t know that,” he continued.

“Obsidian!” One guard shouted “Stop this instance in the name of the Queen!” the guard continued.

“What Queen?” Obsidian said “Before you know it, your kingdom will fall to the Reapers,” Obsidian said as he began running away to board the ship that would take him to planet Earth.

Planet Earth
Bridgeport, Connecticut
April 16, 1976

“We need to stay out of sight,” Shockwave said to me. “With Reaper out there, I can’t risk you being taken or worse… eaten,” Shockwave said as he gasped.

“They eat people?” I asked.

He turned and faced me. He got down to my level. “Yes. Back on Aurora--,” Shockwave said before he froze. “Somethings wrong,” he said “Something terribly wrong happened,” he continued.

I suddenly became nervous. Questions began circling around in my head. “What happened?” I asked.

He fiercely turned his head to the right, as a dog would do if he saw a squirrel. “Is it Reaper? Did he follow us here?” I asked nervously.

He focused his attention back towards me. “He’s coming,” Shockwave said to me.

We were hiding out in a shed in someone's backyard. It was midnight or early morning. I couldn’t tell because I didn’t have my watch on. It was cold.

“Who’s coming?” I asked. I was becoming scared. “Obsidian,” Shockwave stated.

I scratched my head and said “Who’s Obsidian?”

“Let’s just say he was a friend of mine back on Aurora,” Shockwave mentioned.

After he had said that, a bright light lit up the night sky outside for a brief second before going dark again.

“He’s here,” Shockwave said “We need to leave,” he continued.

He got up and walked over to the shed door and slowly pushed it open. “Come on,” Shockwave said “We can still sneak away,” he continued.

As I stepped out of the small wooden shed, a man’s voice could be heard.

“Shockwave,” the voice said. “Nice to see you again brother,” the voice continued.

Shockwave froze in place. He rolled his eyes and sighed. “Shit,” he said.

“Obsidian,” Shockwave sarcastically announced.

“Well? That’s no way to greet an old friend,” Obsidian stated. “I’ve come alone if you were worried about an army showing up,” he continued.

“But I fear that it won’t be long before they do,” Obsidian said.

I stepped out of the Shed and stood behind Shockwave. I peaked around from Shockwaves back and saw a tall, black scaly beast standing in the middle of the yard looking directly at Shockwave.

“Why do you say that? Has something happened?” Shockwave asked.

Obsidian looked down at the ground. He lifted his hand and began massaging his forehead. “Queen Athena is dead,” Obsidian stated. “A Reaper broke into her Palace last night and murdered her,” Obsidian frowned.

“What?” Shockwave said in despair “How could something like this have happened? Her Palace was under 24/7 watch,” Shockwave said.

“An investigation is under way as we speak. The Aurorians don’t know anything of this incident yet, but word will get out sooner or later. The Palace is on lockdown until a conclusion is found,” Obsidian stated “I’m sorry Shockwave. I know this isn’t the news you wanted to hear,” Obsidian mourned.

Shockwave fell to his knees. His hands began to glow bright blue. He closed his eyes. And when he opened them, they too were glowing a bright blue.

He stood up and looked at Obsidian. “That’s a lie!” Shockwave said “Believe it or not, Queen Athena is still alive, but severely wounded. She was put into a deep sleep until her wound heals,” Shockwave said. “You’re probably wondering how I know this, huh?”

Obsidian huffed. “What I’m telling you is no lie my friend. The perpetrator broke in and killed Queen Athena,” Obsidian said.

“Stop lying old friend. Just admit it!” Shockwave said “You attempted to murder her so you could take over the throne and name yourself King of Aurora!” Shockwave said.

“Not true!” Obsidian argued.

“One of my powers no one knows about, not even my friend standing behind me, is I can see past, and present incident that happen through the Universe! And you my friend have been a bad, bad loyal soldier,” Shockwave stated.

“Please Shockwave,” Obsidian said “I can explain,” he continued.

“No need to!” Shockwave said as he quickly aimed his arm at Obsidian and shot a beam of blue light at him, causing Obsidian to fly back and slide on the ground. He then smashed into a tree.

Shockwave continued to blast the beam of light at Obsidian. Shockwave didn’t notice because he was too mad, but his beam of light was actually burning Obsidian and the tree.

I stood my ground and yelled “Shockwave!” I yelled “This isn’t you! You’re not a murderer, you’re a superhero!” I said.

“You’re my hero,” I continued.

Shockwave looked back at me. He stopped blasting the beam of light and put his arm down. His hands and eyes stopped glowing blue and returned to normal.

“I’m your hero?” Shockwave asked.

“Yes! What you did to him, was not right! You did that because you are angry,” I said. “I heard everything he said. And I completely understand why you’re mad; you have every right to be. But heroes don’t kill, they protect!” I lectured.

“They kill if they find it necessary to!” Shockwave argued.

“That’s true, but not the point,” I said.

In the background, Obsidian was screaming because he had severe burns to his body. The tree was in flames. The grass was all scorched beyond compare. The owners turned on the back porch light and opened the door.

Shockwave looked and ran over to me. He grabbed me and blasted off before the people could see what he had done to Obsidian.

Obsidian was still laying up against the tree. He could barely move because he was in so much pain.

“Frank you old fart!” An old woman shouted “Get your ass out here and look what I found!” She continued.

“What?” A grumpy old man’s voice said. “What is it?”

“It’s a dragon!” The old woman said. “It burned itself, our tree, and our yard too!”

“Holy crap! I’m calling the police,” the old man said.

Dead or Alive

April 17, 1976
Planet Earth

“Obsidian! Stand down!” Shockwave yelled. “You’re no match for me,” Shockwave continued.

Obsidian, burned and severely wounded, chuckled. Shockwave, Obsidian, along with me, were standing in a tall grass field. It was chilly and windy. Clouds were ruling the skies, keeping the sun hostage and not letting it shine today.

“Now why would I ever do that?” Obsidian stated followed by another laugh.

Shockwave glanced back at me. “You might want to take a few steps back my friend,” he warned me as his hands and eyes began to glue a bright blue again.

I gazed at him for a moment, completely ignoring what he just told me to do. “Now Mason! I’m not kidding!” Shockwave warned again.

He looked away from me and refocused his attention at Obsidian. “So?” Shockwave shouted.

Obsidian didn’t respond. He withdrew his mighty sword from behind his back and began running towards Shockwave. I finally decided to listen to Shockwaves warning.

As I was running away, I heard Shockwave yell “enough.” I was too scared to look back at what was happening. I knew that Obsidian and Shockwave were fighting, but I didn’t understand why?

I stopped running and turned around to see what was happening. I saw that Shockwave was in the air and that Obsidian was standing on the ground.

Obsidian put his hands behind his back, with his sword in them. Shockwave was floating in the air, constantly glancing down at me.

“Get out of here, Mason!” Shockwave said “I can’t let you be near here—,” Shockwave said as he gasped.

Shockwave looked away and looked down at his chest. The sword that was in Obsidians hands before he threw it, pierced Shockwaves chest.

Shockwave looked back at me once more before falling and slamming into the ground. I screamed. Obsidian started walking over towards Shockwave as he laid on the ground unconscious.

I started running towards Shockwave, ignoring the beast that was approaching Shockwave.

“Get away from him!” I cried as I got closer to Shockwave.

Obsidian looked at me. His face completely charred, and his clothing was also charred.

“Do as he says kid! This isn’t your fight!” Obsidian stated.

I kept on running, ignoring what Obsidian has said.

I ran up to Shockwave. I fell to my knees and began to shed a few more tears. Obsidian approached. He set one foot down on Shockwave’s chest to pull his massive sword out Shockwave’s body.

“Monster!” I yelled as I looked up at Obsidian.

Obsidian flicked the sword twice to get the blood off it. He then put his hand behind his back to put the sword away. He leaned over to pick Shockwave up.

I got back up and took a step back. “A monster?” Obsidian asked “Oh no. I’m not a monster, I’m a savior. I'm saving you from him,” he continued.

I smirked. “Saving me?” I argued “No you’re stealing him from me!” I continued.

Obsidian turned around and began walking away. Shockwave was over his left shoulder. His arms were dangling.

He then flinched a finger as he walked away. I gasped. I covered my mouth.

Obsidian stopped. He turned and glanced at me.

“What?” He asked “You know what? You’re coming with me,” Obsidian said as he walked back over to me and picked me up.

He threw me over his right shoulder. After doing that we began walking towards something. I was squirming around, trying to break free from Obsidians grasp. And eventually I did.

When I fell down he quickly turned around, throwing Shockwave to the ground. Shockwave’s unconscious body rolled onto his side. I glanced over and saw the the wound from the sword was gone.

And then I remembered that Shockwave was immortal. He couldn’t be killed no matter how hard someone tried. As Obsidian slowly crept over to me to pick me up, Shockwave slowly got up. His hands and eyes began to glow a bright blue.

He walked over and tapped Obsidian on the back twice. Obsidian fiercely turned around and grabbed Shockwave’s neck. Obsidian lifted his arm up, making Shockwave lift off the ground.

“It’s over Obsidian!” Shockwave said as his hands and eyes glowed brighter. Soon, Shockwave’s whole body began to glow a bright blue.

Obsidian dropped Shockwave. And that was a big mistake. Shockwave grabbed Obsidian and flew a couple feet into the air. He then released his grip on Obsidian and Obsidian fell and smashed into the ground, knocking him unconscious.

Shockwave slowly descended back to the ground, gently landing on his feet.

“What did you just do?” I asked.

“I did that because we’re going somewhere where you’ve never been,” Shockwave said.

“Where’s that? My grandma’s house?” I joked.

“Your grandma’s house? What’s a grandma?” Shockwave asked.

I started laughing uncontrollably. I slapped my knee two or three times before calming down. “A grandma is an old person. Just think of it like this—she’s my moms mother,” I replied.

“Your mom has a mom too? Fascinating!” Shockwave said. “I’m learning a-lot from your strange planet. And now it’s time to show you where I come from,” Shockwave said.

I squinted my eyes. I crossed my my arms. “Oh yeah?” I asked “And where’s that?” I continued.

There was a brief moment of silence.

“And where’s that?” I reiterated.

“My home planet—known as Aurora. It’s in another Galaxy far, far away from this one. Care to join me?” Shockwave asked.

I jumped up in excitement. “I’ve never been out of the state before. So going out of this world will be freaking amazing!” I stated in excitement “Yes I’ll come. Was that even a question?” I continued.

“Good. Now let’s go find the ship that Obsidian brought here and take that back. Our technology back home can open wormholes to other dimensions and galaxies believe it or not,” Shockwave said.

He snapped his fingers making Obsidian levitate off the ground. As Shockwave and I began walking, Obsidians floating body followed close behind.

“How are you doing that?” I asked Shockwave.

He smiled and looked back. “This the first time I’ve used that power to be honest. I’ve never knocked the wind out of someone out like that before,” Shockwave laughed.

“That—is—AMAZING!” I said “You’re full of surprises aren’t you?” I asked.

“Why yes, yes I am!” He replied.

“Oh. And one other thing,” I mentioned “Don’t ever play dead like that EVER again! You hear? You scared the shit out of me! I honestly thought you were dead!” I snapped.

“I learned that from your dog,” Shockwave said.

What More Could We Lose?

“My Queen,” a guard said as he bowed down to Athena. “Sorry for intruding but we have found the perpetrator,” the guard continued.

Athena, who was still recovering from what Obsidian did to her turned around. She walked inside from her balcony and approached the guard.

“Shockwave and Obsidian?” Athena asked.

The guard stepped off to the side and held his hand out. Me, Shockwave both walked in. Obsidian was still behind us, floating.

“My Quee—,” Shockwave said as he was interrupted by Athena.

“I’m no longer anything to you! You weren’t supposed to return Shockwave! You broke the law by killing Obsidians family,” Athena stated.

“Athena please listen! I never killed anyone. King Astor took me in because he saw something in me, no one else did! And I know you did too!” Shockwave said. “Obsidian tried to kill me,” he continued.

Athena covered her mouth with her hand. She looked away from me and Shockwave. “Those weren’t his orders,” Athena mentioned.

“If what you’re saying is true, then you’re free to go,” Athena said “But if you’re lying, you’ll be stripped of your powers and sent to the dark side to live among the Reapers. And trust me, they won’t be as forgiving as me,” Athena lectured.

“And who is this? You brought a foreigner into my kingdom?” Athena asked as she glanced down at me.

“I’m not a foreigner, I’m a kid your majesty,” I snapped at Athena.

“What brings you to this world young one?” Athena asked as she approached me and kneeled down.

“I come with Shockwave,” I said “I also come here to warn you of the threat that is brewing among your kingdom. One of those Reapers somehow ended up on Earth IN MY HOME! It shapeshifted into a woman. Luckily Shockwave was there or else I would’ve been dead!” I lectured.

Athena stood up. She turned around again. As she had her back to me and Shockwave, I noticed faint black smoke bleeding through her golden dress. I slapped Shockwaves hip.

He got down to his knees. “What is it?” He whispered.

I pointed at Athena. He squinted and saw that black smoke bleeding through the dress.

“They’re getting more powerful by the minute. We need a plan of attack. Shockwave how would you like to be my—,” Athena said as she turned around.

“Reaper!” Shockwave shouted “Where is the Queen?” He shouted.

“What do you mean? I am the Queen!” Athena said nervously.

Shockwave approached Athena and grabbed her dress. He yanked it off to reveal the REAL perpetrator.

The guard that was standing near me and Shockwave quickly withdrew his sword. He aimed it at the Reaper.

“Where is the Queen?” Shockwave said as his hands and eyes began to glow a bright blue. He clenched his fists together.

“She’s in captivity. Don’t worry she’s in good hands,” the Reaper said.

“You’re lying!” Shockwave responded. “I don’t like when people lie!” He continued.

“WHERE IS ATHENA?” Shockwave snapped.

The Reaper froze. “She’s on the dark side with my fellow friends! She’s alive, but not for long. Once she’s dead, that’s when the invasion—,” The Reaper said before being interrupted by Shockwave.

“The invasion?” Shockwave asked.

The Reaper laughed. “You won’t even see it coming,” The Reaper said before flying out of the Queen's private quarters through the balcony door.

Shockwave then turned to face the guard. “Warn the kingdom!” Shockwave shouted to the guard. The guard put his sword away and ran out of Athena’s quarters.

“What’s happening, Shockwave?” I asked worrisome.

“Our Kingdom is going to War. Me and you need to leave now! I don’t want you here when they arrive,” Shockwave said as he turned around.

Remember how I said Obsidian was unconscious and floating behind us? Well he’s wide awake now.

“What the? How did I end up here?” Obsidian said as he looked around. “I’m back in Aurora?” Obsidian asked.

Shockwave looked down at me. “Let’s go!” He said as he snapped his fingers to let Obsidian free from floating in midair.

Shockwave than picked me up and ran out of the room, leaving Obsidian behind. He was laying on the floor.

“Owe! That hurt!” Obsidian said as he laid on the floor.

Me and Shockwave were running down the grand hall to escape the palace. Guards everywhere were scouring the palace to prepare for battle.

The Dark Side of Aurora
Reaper’s Kingdom

“What are you going to do with me?” Athena asked, scared for her life.

Athena was in a small, damp brick cell. Water was dripping from the ceiling, and moss was growing on the walls. She was chained up to the wall.

There were two Reapers in the small cell. They were looking down upon Athena. Her golden dress was covered in dirt and slime from the moss.

“We’re going to take you home. Back to your Kingdom,” one Reaper stated as he flew over to Athena to unlock the cuffs on her wrists.

“You’re letting me go free? After months of being in captivity, you’re just going to let me go? Why?” Athena asked curious.

“I think you misunderstood me, Athena,” the Reaper said “We’re bringing you back to your Kingdom so you can watch us destroy it!” The Reaper continued.

“We’re not setting you free. We aren’t as stupid as you think,” the Reaper said as he turned around to fly out of the cell.

Athena laughed. “Actually you are stupid,”

“What’d you say?” The Reaper said as he stopped. He turned his head slightly.

“I said you’re a very smart creature,” Athena stated.

“That’s more like it!” The Reaper said before walking out of the cell.

The Shockwave Effect

“Shockwave stop!” I snapped “I’m not leaving you behind! You brought me along for one reason! I’m not leaving until you come with me,” I continued.

“I can’t allow you to stay! If the Reapers get you, they’ll kill you!” Shockwave said “And I’m bound to not let that happen. You’re my friend and I look out for my friends,” Shockwave said as he looked down at me.

We were still in the Palace. Guardsman were scouring the halls, preparing themselves for war. As me and Shockwave were standing in the halls, the skies outside quickly began to get dark. The sun was slowly dimming, as if it were going to sleep.

Black clouds began to take over. Lightning began to strike and the wind began to howl as it blew.

“They’re here!” Shockwave said under his breath.

“Who’s here?” I asked as I gulped.

He looked down at me.

“Hide!” Shockwave said.

“Shockwave! I’m staying by your side!” I argued.

He kneeled down and rested his hand on my right shoulder. He put his head down for a brief second before looking me right in the eyes.

“I’m sorry pal. You’re sitting this fight out. Reapers are dangerous!” Shockwave said “Listen to me very closely,” Shockwave continued.

“Okay,” I replied.

“Go down this hallway and take a left,” Shockwave said “Once you turn left, you’ll see a brown door—go in there and stay in there. I’ll come and get you when it’s safe to do so, understand?” he continued.

“Please don’t leave me Shockwave. I need you; Aurora needs you!” I begged.

“I’ll be fine. They call me Shockwave for a reason, don’t they?” Shockwave said.

“Yes they do,” I said as Shockwave quickly looked up. His pupils dilated. I slowly turned around and looked up to see a Reaper looking down at me.

“Well hello there foreigner,” it said “Welcome to Aurora,” he continued as he quickly snatched me up and flew off with me in his arms.

“MASON!” Shockwave shouted as he began flying after me and the Reaper. The Reaper was too fast for Shockwave to keep up.

“Don’t worry, Mason! I’ll find you!” Shockwave shouted.

Kingdom of Kedesi, Aurora
Reapers V. Aurorians

“Just look at Kedesi,” a Reaper said “It’s so beautiful from here. With the Mountains in the background? Ugh, just amazing!” The Reaper continued.

Athena stepped forward to view her Kingdom. Fire was raging, screams could be heard, and explosions were occurring all over Kedesi.

Some Reapers stayed behind to catapult massive fireballs down upon Kedesi. Those were the things causing the explosions.

“Athena? Do you know how many lives your husband took when he invaded our land?” The Reaper asked.

“Thousands I hope,” Athena stated.

The Reaper fiercely turned and grabbed Athena’s neck with his bony hand. He looked her right in the eye. But she closed them just in time so that the Reaper wouldn’t turn her to dust.

If she were to open her eyes, she would’ve been turned into solid stone and then turned into dust.

Out of nowhere, Shockwave flew at the Reaper and slammed him into the ground. Athena fell to the ground. Shockwave then picked up the Reaper and threw him at a massive boulder. Chunks of rock broke away and flew through the air before tumbling to the ground.

There were two other Reapers. One moved forward slightly. The other stopped him by putting his arm out in front of him.

“Let him have his fun,” one Reaper said.

Shockwave flew at the Reaper against the boulder, but as he did the Reaper reached his arms out and grabbed Shockwave. When he did that, the Reaper slammed Shockwave down onto the ground.

Shockwave began gasping for air, as if his lungs had collapsed. The Reaper than picked him up with his right hand and dragged him over to where Athena was sitting on the ground.

“This is what you call a hero?” The Reaper asked Athena “Weak people like him, don’t deserve the “hero” title,” The Reaper said.

Athena had her eyes closed. “Monster!” Athena cried.

“A monster huh?” The Reaper questioned “Kind of catchy,” The Reaper continued.

Shockwave struggled to get back up on his feet. The Reaper looked down at Shockwave. “Only if you weren’t immortal,” he said in an angry tone “I could kill you right now!” He continued.

The Reaper once again picked Shockwave up and held him up in the air. His body was dangling. “Look at me, Shockwave!” The Reaper shouted.

Shockwave slowly looked up at the Reaper, but his eyes were closed. He slowly clenched his fists tighter. He then opened his eyes, making a blue beam come out and blast the head off the Reaper.

The Reapers body faded away. The black smoke was sucked underground. Shockwave then looked at the other two Reapers. They looked back at him with their arms up in the air.

“We’re good,” one Reaper said as the two Reapers quickly flew off, leaving Shockwave and Athena behind. Shockwave walked over to Athena and helped her up onto her feet.

“I’m bringing you to Kedesi. Your army needs guidance. Without you, the Kingdom will fall,” Shockwave said as he picked Athena up and quickly flew back to the Palace.

Once at the Palace, Shockwave set Athena down. “I have one more thing to do. I brought someone with me and he’s in grave—,” Shockwave said as he was interrupted by Athena.

“Go Shockwave,” Athena said “Go save the World!” she continued as she gave him a kiss on his cheek. Athena then sent Shockwave on his way.

She then turned around and began walking down the hallway to go lead her army.

Kingdom of Kedesi, Aurora

“Shockwave is coming for you, you know!” I said to the Reaper as we landed in a field. The skies were still grey, lightning was striking, and the wind was still blowing.

The Reaper turned to look at me. As he did that, I began feeling pain in my feet. I looked down and saw that my feet were turning to stone. I looked back up at the Reaper.

“Oh I’m sure he is, but the real question is will he be here in time to save you?” The Reaper asked as he laughed evilly.

The Wrath of Shockwave

“Oh he’ll be here in time, don’t you worry!” I said as my body continued to turn to stone. It was now up to my waist. I couldn’t feel my feet nor my legs anymore.

The Reaper has his back facing me. He was searching for Shockwave, making sure he didn’t get here in time to save me.

“And how are you so sure?” The Reaper asked as I nodded my head. He quickly turned around to see Shockwave floating behind him.

“He’ll be here!” I snapped.

I again looked down at my body. The stone was now up to my chest. My arms were completely turned to stone.

“Lift the spell, demon!” Shockwave said as he slowly landed in the field where me and the Reaper were.

He began walking fiercely over to the Reaper. His cape was fluttering behind him as stormed up to the Reaper and grabbed his neck.

“Shockwave?” I cried “Help me!”

Shockwave slammed the Reapers face into the ground. Shockwave then stepped on the Reapers head as it layed there on its stomach. He began putting all of his weight onto the head of the Reaper.

“Shockwave, c’mon!” The Reaper begged “I’ll retreat back to the dark side if that makes you happy, and never return—,” The Reaper begged as Shockwave crushed its skull. The Reapers body vanished and the black smoke was sucked into the ground.

Shockwave fiercely turned his head towards me. He ran over to me and kneeled down; examining my body as it continued to turn to stone.

“Hang in there Mason! I’ll figure this out, I promise!” Shockwave said as he began thinking of ways to break the spell that I cast upon myself.

As he was doing that, the stone spread onto my face. I glanced one last time at Shockwave. “But you promised?” I said as the remaining parts of my body turned to stone.

I was now a complete stone figure lying in the middle of a field in Kedesi. Shockwave looked up at the body.

He then turned around and looked at the Kingdom of Kedesi. Reapers were scattered throughout the Kingdom. He stood up and shot up into the air.

Above the Kingdom, Shockwave closed his eyes and clenched his fists. When he opened his eyes, they were glowing a bright red, not blue.

“This is for you, Mason!” Shockwave said.

He began spinning around, emitting a bright red light. Everyone on the ground froze as they were all looking up at the red light in the sky.

Once Shockwave was charged up enough, he spun around once. After doing that, a bright red ring burst out of Shockwave. All of the Reapers that were in the Kingdom were vanquished.

Aurorians and the Aurorians Army all began cheering on Shockwave as the red light emitting from his body slowly disappeared. And it didn’t only vanquish the Reapers either.

Because Shockwave used all his energy to release that power, he fainted and began falling from the sky.

“SOMEONE CATCH HIM!” A woman cried as the Aurorian Army came together. They tried to pinpoint the exact spot that Shockwave would fall to. But it was too late.

Shockwaves body fell through a roof of someone’s home. A group of people ran over to the house to which Shockwave was in. They kicked the door in and all crowded into the home.

They leaned over to see if Shockwave was still conscious, which he wasn’t. The next thing they did was check to see if his heart was beating; which it was.

So three guards slowly picked his unconscious body up off the broken wooden floor. Once they lifted his body off of the floor, they all carried it out of the small house.

Aurorians all crowded the streets as they watched guardsmen carry Shockwave’s body down the street and to Athena’s Palace.

A few minutes went by. The guardsmen arrived at the Palace with Shockwave’s body. Athena was in the entrance way to the Palace. She too had seen what Shockwave has done.

He saved Kedesi from total destruction. With the Reapers gone, no more threats as of now threaten the existence of Aurora. And with a hero in Kedesi’s midst, they will forever be protected from any harm.

Athena’s Palace
Three Days After Reaper Invasion

“Well, well, well,” Athena whispered “Guess who decided to finally wake up?” She continued.

Shockwave was laying on a bed in a room. His body was aching from the pain he had put on himself when he crash landed into the house after the fight.

“Are the Reapers still here? What happened?” Shockwave asked Athena as she sat alongside his recovery bed.

She grabbed his hand and held it tightly. “You saved the world,” She said “That’s what happened! And you saved someone else too!” Athena said as she turned her head to look at a little boy standing in the doorway.

“Shockwave!” I said as I ran up to Shockwave. He sat up and looked over in my direction with a faint smile on his face.

“I would never break a promise,” Shockwave said as he cupped his arm around me and gave me a hug. He was so grateful that I was alive.

“I don’t know what I would’ve done if I lost you for good to those Reapers!” Shockwave cried.

“Now now, Mason. Where are your manners?” Athena said “We have to allow Shockwave to get more rest,” Athena continued.

Shockwave let go as I backed away from him. I looked at Athena and smiled. “Yes your highness,” I said.

“Alright Shockwave. Get some more rest. I’m going to take Mason on a walk through the Kingdom. And don’t worry, I’ve been keeping a keen eye on him for you while you were asleep,” Athena mentioned “He’s been so polite to everyone here in the Palace,” She continued.

“Where’s Obsidian?” Shockwave asked “Last time I saw him, he was here in the Palace in your private quarters.

Athena grabbed Shockwaves hand and shook her head. “I’m sorry, Shockwave. While you were asleep, Obsidian was prosecuted and sent somewhere where he’ll never escape,” Athena stated as Shockwave laid back down on the bed.

“Listen, I know he was your friend and all, but he betrayed you and my Kingdom. You have to understand why I did this, right?” Athena asked.

Shockwave glanced over at Athena. “I understand,” he said “And you’re right. He did betray our friendship. If I ever, EVER, see him again, you’ll be damn sure I’ll kill him,” Shockwave said.

Athena smiled. “I like the attitude, Shockwave. But save it for another fight. You never know what’s lurking around in the shadows, am I right?” Athena said.

“Yeah,” Shockwave said as he closed his eyes and turned his head away from Athena.

“Alright. Well I’ll let you get some sleep. I hope to see you this evening in the dining hall?” Athena said as she stood up and turned her back towards Shockwave.

“Yes you will,” Shockwave responded quietly.

Athena continued to walk out of the room. Once she was out of the room, one guardsmen shut the door behind her. Shockwave, on the other hand, slowly drifted back to sleep.

One Hour Later
Athena’s Palace
Recovery Room

“Shockwave? Can you hear me?” A male voice said “It’s me, Mason?” The voice continued.

Shockwave began flustering around on the recovery bed. He began moaning. “Mason? You’re supposed let me rest. Go away!” Shockwave moaned.

“I can’t,” the voice said “Get up Shockwave. I want to play!” The voice continued.

“NO!” Shockwave shouted.

“GET UP!” The voice said as Shockwave frantically flew out of the recovery bed and examined the room. The only thing he found was an empty recovery room. Mason was nowhere in sight.

“Good. You’re up,” the voice said “Now let’s play,” it continued.


“Shockwave?” I asked “Do we have to leave?”

We were on our way back to the ship that brought us here. It was still in the same place. The sun was just beginning to disappear behind the mountains. The stars were beginning to come out.

Shockwave stopped walking. Athena was with us as well. She wanted to say goodbye to me before Shockwave and I began our journey back to Earth.

Shockwave glanced at Athena and then at me. We all stopped walking to talk to each other.

“You have a family that is probably worried sick about you. They’re probably wondering where you are and why their house is a disaster,” Shockwave lectured.

“Mason,” Athena said “I know you love Aurora, but Shockwave is right. You don’t belong here. I hate to say it like that, but it’s true,” Athena said.

I put my head down and kicked my leg in anger. “I don’t want to leave. My family is here with you Athena and you too Shockwave. Please let me stay?” I begged.

Shockwave looked at Athena and nodded his head. Athena kneeled down and grabbed my hands. I looked her in the eyes as a tear slipped and fell down my cheek.

“You’re an amazing kid Mason and will always be welcome here. As long as you ask Shockwave,” Athena said.

“And how do I do that? It’s not like I can just call him and he’ll pick me up,” I said.

Athena sighed as she glanced down at the ground. “Mason. I had a pleasure getting to know you these past few days when we spent time together,” Athena said “Going for walks around the kingdom, dining with you, and playing that game you call hide and seek. I’m really going to miss you, Mason. But you need to return home, okay?” Athena lectured as I continued gazed into her eyes.

I pulled my arms away from Athena. I turned around, having my back face Athena. “Mason? Please don’t leave like this,” Athena said.

I peaked over my left shoulder. I quickly turned around and gave Athena a big hug. I whispered something into her ear.

“You’ll always have a room to sleep when you come visit me,” I whispered.

She giggled. I then unwrapped my arms and took a step back. She again grabbed my hands. “What are you doing?” I asked.

She closed her eyes and began inhaling and exhaling softly. As she was doing that, I began getting sleepy. My eyelids began falling and I couldn’t stop it. Eventually I fell asleep.

“Thank you, Athena,” Shockwave said.

My body fell to the ground. I was now laying on the ground unconscious.

“He’s such a good kid. I can’t believe you just accepted him like that. You’ve always been a stubborn Aurorian,” Athena said.

Shockwave shrugged his shoulders. “He just happen to be in the right place at the right time I guess,” Shockwave said.

“What do you mean?” Athena asked with her left eyebrow lifted.

“I’ll tell you when I return home,” Shockwave said.

“Alright. Get going now. When you return, we have lots of work to do, rebuilding the kingdom I mean. Safe travels Shockwave,” Athena said.

Shockwave bent over to pick me up off the ground. He carried me onto the ship and put me in passenger seat of the ship. He sat down in the pilot’s seat and started the engines.

I was now officially on my way Planet Earth.

Milky Way Galaxy
Planet Earth
April 22, 1976
Bridgeport, Connecticut

“Hey buddy. We’re home,” Shockwave said “C’mon pal wake up,” Shockwave said as he hit my shoulder.

I was so tired I didn’t even want to open my eyes, but I did. “Home? You mean Aurora?” I asked still half asleep.

He laughed. “No. Like Planet Earth home,” he stated.

I opened my eyes in shock. I honestly thought we were still on Aurora. How did I manage to fall asleep? How did I sleep so long? Then it hit me...Athena.

When Athena grabbed my hands and closed her eyes, she put a sleeping spell on me so that I would sleep until I returned home to Planet Earth.

“WHAT!” I yelled “I told you Aurora was my home now. I didn’t want to come back here,” I snapped at Shockwave.

Shockwave rolled his eyes. “You have some people that are dying to see you, you do realize that right?” He said as he pointed out of the window.

My parents were standing just outside of the ship waving at me, like they knew I was coming home. Shockwave pressed the button to open the door. I flew out of my seat and to the door.

Once the door opened, I ran up to my parents and gave them a long, much needed hug. They were both in tears. They thought they lost me forever. Max was barking, not at me, but the massive ship that was behind me.

I ran over to Max and got down on my knees. He ran up to me and tackled me, pushing me down to the ground licking my face uncontrollably.

“Ahh, stop it Max. Stop,” I giggled as he continued to lick my face.

Shockwave stepped off of the ship. He stopped. I quickly pushed Max off of me and got up. I turned to face him.

“See? I told you so,” he said “Here. Take this,” he continued as he tossed me something metal.

It was his circular emblem. It was green, red, and black with a hint of gold. It was a big SW on it, which stood for Shockwave. I looked up at him and began to cry.

“Aren’t you going to stay, Shockwave?” I asked desperately awaiting an answer.

He sighed and massaged his forehead for a brief second. “I’m sorry buddy ol’ pal. I have to leave now. Aurora needs me,” He stated.

I looked at him. “I thought—?” I said as I froze in the moment, not knowing what to say.

“I’m sorry Pal. I’m sure your parents will take good care of you, right?” He said as he looked up at my parents.

They both shook their heads rapidly.

“Good. He’s a good kid and deserves to live a long, happy life threat-free of course,” Shockwave said “now come here and give me a hug goodbye,” Shockwave said.

I ran over to him. My eyes were beginning to fill with water. I couldn’t help but cry. He picked me up and gave me a big hug. “I’ll keep in touch with you, okay? Every first of a month, you’ll see a shooting star. That will mean that I’m doing fine, okay?” Shockwave whispered into my ear.

I shook my head as he gently set me back down on the ground. “I love you, Mason!” Shockwave said as he turned around and stepped back into the ship, closing the door behind him.

I stepped back as the engines fired up. Shockwave waved goodbye one last time as the ship began to lift off the ground. Once it was high enough in the air, it flew away. And then Shockwave was gone, just like that.

I looked down at my hands with the emblem still in them. A tear fell and hit the emblem. I looked up at my parents. They both held out their hands. I slowly walked over to them, putting the emblem in my pants pocket.

I then grabbed both of their hands and we all walked up the stairs of the front porch and into our house.

The End

“The end,” I said.

I was sitting on my daughters’ bed. They were amazed at the tale I told them. They didn’t want to go to sleep because they were so excited.

“Daddy? Did Shockwave ever keep in touch with you?” Annie, my seven year old daughter, asked.

“He did up until a couple of weeks ago. Then he just stopped. I don’t know why, but he stopped sending messages,” I answered.

“Why?” Annie asked.

“I don’t know why sweetie. But I’m sure he’s just too busy to send them right now. He’s probably fighting off bad guys,” I stated with a smile.

“Like the Reapers?” Gwen, my six year old daughter, asked.

“Maybe?” I questioned. “I don’t know what he’s doing,” I continued.

“Daddy?” Gwen asked “What happened to Obsidian? Are Shockwave and Obsidian still best friends?” Gwen continued.

“The last thing I remember was that he was sent somewhere where he’ll never escape,” I answered.

“And what about the Reapers? Did they ever come back?” Annie asked.

I giggled. “Those are questions to ask Shockwave yourself when and if he comes to visit,” I stated.

I then got up off of the bed and stood in between the two beds. I clapped my hands. “Alright girls. Time for bed. It’s way past your bedtime. I didn’t think this story would take so long to tell,” I mentioned to my daughters.

“Well I liked it a whole bunch daddy,” Annie said as she spread her arms.

“Yeah me too daddy,” Gwen said.

“Good I’m glad. Now off to bed you go. I love both of you very much,” I said as I walked out of the bedroom, flipping the light switch off in the process.

I slowly shut the bedroom door behind me. I walked down the hallway and down the stairs. Once I was down stairs, I walked over to the front door and unlocked it.

I twisted the handle and pulled the door open. I walked outside onto the front porch and sat on the swinging bench. I was waiting to see if Shockwave would send a message telling me he’s okay, but nothing ever came.

Then it occurred to me. It’s been almost thirty years since I last saw Shockwave. Things changed. I grew up, got married, and had children. The current year is 2018. I’m thirty-two years old. The very last time I saw Shockwave was when I was twelve years old.

The circular emblem he gave me long ago is still with me today. I carry it with me in my pocket wherever I go. I know that wherever Shockwave is now, that he is watching over me every second, everyday.

And maybe, just maybe, one day I will see him again. The only problem? Will he recognize me? Time will tell when and if he comes to visit.

Boston, Massachusetts

“SHOCKWAVE! We meet again,” Obsidian blurted out as he limped forward towards Julia and Shockwave. Both Shockwave and Julia faced him and began pacing towards him together.

Julia’s hands began to glow a bright green as she walked aside from Shockwave. “Obsidian. It’s been too long old friend, hasn’t it? We didn’t even get to finish the battle we started almost twenty years ago, now did we? I wonder why?” Shockwave questioned as the two stopped walking; as did Obsidian.

“Is it because he fled before you guys could finish fighting?” Julia’s asked Shockwave.

“That’s not necessary at this very second. Get your friends and headed for the Time Tunnel. It would be a good idea for you follow my commands and leave the scene. I’ll finish him right here!” Shockwave stated to Julia.

She huffed. “Okay. And Leave him be. By the looks of it, he won’t get very far on that injured leg,” Julia mentioned to Shockwave. “As long as we get to the Time Tunnel immediately. We can’t stay here much longer. We need to grab you friends and leave this era—NOW!” Shockwave warned.

Julia lifted her arm and aimed it at the crippled Obsidian. Obsidian continued to limp forward towards Shockwave and Julia.

“You’re not leaving without a fight!” Obsidian shouted.

Julia’s hand which was glowing green, glowed brighter. She then shot a green ball at Obsidian, making him lose balance and fall to the ground.

“Let’s get going,” Julia said to Shockwave as the two went to go fetch the other severely injured Defenders.
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