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Blue is a normal teenager in highschool but her life is about to change for better or for worse you decide

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It started with a drink or two… ‘Mr. Brightside’ by The Killers was playing I held a red solo cup and took a sip of the vanilla flavored alcohol swaying softly to the song, and talking to my friend Kelsey. Then I saw him Bailey, he was cool he was popular with all the sports he did, along with the cool parties he threw, such as this one. Him, and I are friends we had a lot in common we have been friends since we were kids, we tried to start a band when we were 13, but then he got a girlfriend, Miley she forced him to not hang out with me, along with a lot of his other “uncool” friends. “Want another drink?” Kelsey asked “You know, if I didn’t know better I would think you’re trying to get me drunk” I wink as I hand her my cup. She takes it, and rolls her eyes filling the cup up “oh please I’ve given up on you” she smirks, then takes a drink of her regular beer. A few hours, and drinks later I’m stumbling and giggling at everything when I see Bailey walking up to me, he grabs my hand, and we head up to his bedroom by coincidence the song ‘Fools for Love’ by Lord Huron comes on. We got to his room he opened his door it was filled with trophies, and pictures of him and his girlfriend I put it down so I wouldn’t have to see her awful face. I look at him his shirt was off I followed his lead. I woke up next to him… Naked I bolted up and went around grabbing my clothes throwing them on, I ran out of the house not realizing until I was home that I forgot my bra “damn it… whatever” I got in the house, and went as business as usual… until I realize my boobs have gotten bigger and hurt a lot ‘shit I’m going to start’ I thought as I left to get a chocolate bar from the gas station down the street. I got there and I looked to the left a little and I saw a pregnancy test, and chuckled ‘noo I couldn’t be… Right?’ I take a test and go to the cashier and show him the box shaking it a little to get his attention, he slowly looked at me with an eyebrow cocked as if to ask what was so important “I’m taking this to the bathroom” I said bored “better pay from that you little hoodlum” he said I roll my eyes as I walk to the bathroom, I pulled my pants down and pee on the test and wait to see I go out of the bathroom and I go to the counter to pay for the test and the candy the man looked at the test then me “minus or plus?” he ask as he brings up my purchase “no diagnosis yet… Ah that is one cross Jesus wouldn't want to be on” I say shaking it hoping it will change “not gonna happen doll you’re not getting off this rollercoaster that easily” “shut it grand dad” I say angry that he’s right “get on kid” I put the money down, but he hands it back to me “nah man I got you” “thanks man” I say with a small smile and take my stuff and go. I walk back to my house taking the long way ‘I need to tell him’ I call my best friend Kelsey “hello hello” she said happily making me feel better “I need your help” I say planley “with what?” “do you really wanna know it’s a reason to leave your house” I say knowing she would do anything to get out of her house with her crazy and not in a good way family, “good point where you at?” “Bailey’s house” “I’M BRINGING MY BOOM BOX” she screamed and hung up quick making me laugh. After waiting a few minutes she comes up with her large boom box “I really didn’t need it” “nope I brought it we’re using it” she said coming close to cutting me off “what are we even doing here?” “well.. You know how I kinda disappeared at the party?” “yeah?” she said waiting for me to get to the juicy part “me and Bailey did.. It, and I’m pregnant” her mouth dropped in shock “really?!” she squealed “yeah I’m pregnant with Bailey’s kid” “are you sure it’s bailey’s?” she asked as a joke, because she knows I’m a virgin or was “No I want to blame it on him so he’ll help” I said sarcastically. “Wow, but Bailey is with Miley” she said as we begin to walk to his window as I’ve done for many years for secret hangouts “ya she cheats on his with everyone I tried to tell him, but he doesn’t want to hear it”. We get everything ready then I text him ‘either look out your window or come out’ then sent it, I never got a text, but the door open there stood Bailey in his letterman jacket, because it’s early morning in october. He gave me a big smile, but it had a hint of fear “hey lady” I said to him “hey man.” we often greeted each other with the opposite labels. “What's up” he asked crossing his arms trying to keep his warmth to his body suddenly ‘If You Ever Want to Be in Love’ by James Bay started to play we bother look over at Kelsey her eyes wide as she smiles wide “leave” was all I said, she picked up her boombox and left mumbling that we suck, and that she isn’t appreciated. Bailey and I looked back at each other letting out a laugh, his laugh is so beautiful “so what did you need?” he asked I hesitated for a second… “Bailey I’m…” I paused I am really about to tell him “you’re what you can tell me” he asked putting his hand on my shoulder “I’m pregnant” I blurt out. He looked at me in shock, he isn’t going to believe me “who is the dad” he said through gritted teeth “uh..” he cups my cheeks and looks into my eyes “you..” he smiles “really, are you seriously?!” “yeah..” I told him a little confused expecting him to be furious he picked me up and kissed me “I’m so happy” he held me tighter “Blue?.... Blue?.... Blue?!” I zone back into the world ‘oh no’ “what were you going to say?” he asked cupping my cheek, his hand trembling slightly from the cold “well the party you threw a while back was really… fun” he got nervous, again “do you remember.. Us going up to your room?” he looked down and nodded, “well if you remember then I think you know what I’m gonna say” he looks back up, and I bite my lip “you hate me don’t you...?” “WHAT NO I’M PREGNANT!” his eyes go wide, and his mouth drops open “w-what.. I-is… is it mine?”
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