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Bluemoves to a new town and decides to move in with roommates. But what she doesn’t know is that they’re not just your normal old roommates they love in a mansion and aren’t exactly normal......

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“Promise me you won’t do drugs when you grow up,” my mom says sternly looking through the review mirror. I rolled my eyes and nodded while taking off my seatbelt. I grabbed my bags from my trunk and my mom drives off. I think about my roommates and my manners and close my eyes tight and turn around expecting any normal house, but there is a giant gate in front of me?
‘H-hello?” I yell looking around warily, “is anyone home?”... I hear a click and the gate opens. I bring my bags inside and couldn’t believe my eyes, it was a mansion! I giggle and run around looking at all the statues and looking at a fountain. I got too close and water fell down my shirt and got in my hair. I fall to the ground and laugh while looking at the address. yup this is the place! I’m really living in a mansion, I think. Someone laughs nervously along with me and my eyes dart and I see a girl with a flowercronwn and icy blonde hair they had dark magenta eyes and a face that screamed innocent. She had a yellow sweater on and a decently sized skirt with light brown boots.
“Oh hey my names Laura what’s yours?” She says confidently. I stand up quickly and straighten my partially wet shirt.
“My name is Blue,” I say “Blue Carrie!” I hold out my hand and she grabs my hand and happily smiles at me. She quickly brings me inside the house and hums a catchy tune. There was pictures that looked like younger her playing in the sand. She brings me to a dark room and turns on the ligh- “SURPRISE!!” A bunch of voices. I look at everyone in front of me and smile “hi!”
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