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Katie was kneeling in her garden humming. Now this was not unusual for a daughter of Demeter, but the odd thing was Katie wearing a skirt as she tilled the soil and nurtured the seed. She would usually be wearing an old pair of jeans she didn’t mind wrecking, but today she just forgot and here she was playing in the soil in a skirt. She didn’t even sense someone was approaching her from behind til she felt their hands on her ass. She turned and was ready to stab them with her trowel when she found it was just Percy.

“You scared me Percy. Don’t sneak up on me like that” Katie said.

“Sorry Katie, but when I saw you luscious ass I couldn’t help touching it” Percy said as he stroked Katie’s derriere.

Katie cooed as Percy continued to rub her rump. Damn, he had such good hands.

“Percy, if you keep doing that I won’t be able to get any work done” Katie said panting slightly.

She felt her juices pooling in her panties and knew she was getting turned on.

“All work and no play Katie” Percy whispered bent down with his mouth by Katie’s ear.

Katie shivered as Percy’s hot breath tickled her earlobe. She pushed her ass back into Percy’s pelvis feeling his cock in between her cheeks. Percy reciprocated this by moving one his hands from her ass to sneak under her shirt she was wearing and cupped one of her bra covered breasts.

“Oh Percy” Katie moaned.

“Feel good?” Percy asked as he grounded his groin into Katie’s ass.

“Yes, oh gods, don’t stop” Katie groaned as she rubbed her ass harder against Percy.

Their grinding soon got too much for them and Percy used his free hand and yanked down Katie’s panties and fingered her gushing hole.

“Fuck Percy, I’m already wet enough. Just stick that damn trident in me” Katie demanded.

Percy chuckled as he loosen his pants and dropped them. He freed his cock and teased her a bit more by rubbing his bulbous head against the entrance to Katie’s opening. Katie moaned with frustration and thrusted back her hips wanting Percy’s piece of meat inside her only for him to pull away out of her reach. Finally Percy obliged and shoved his entire length into Katie.

“Oh fucking yes!” Katie squealed.

Percy pumped in and out as Katie moaned and groaned. She was squeezing the soil under her hands fisting it tightly.

“Such a tight pussy Katie. You always have a tight pussy” Percy grunted.

Katie smirked as she squeezed her cunt muscles around Percy.

“Fuck!” Percy swore since he almost lost his load due to that action.

They continued their fucking til Percy spewed his seed into Katie’s cunt. Percy pulled out and spun Katie around and pushed her down. Katie’s eyes were still glazed over from her orgasm. Percy took the chance and peeled off Katie’s shirt and bra. He took off his shirt too and laid on top of Katie and kissed her. They continued to make out, as Katie’s back got dirty.

Once hard again Percy slipped his cock back into Katie’s used cunt again. She groaned loudly as she was once again filled by Percy. It was a feeling she knew she’d never get tired of. Feel Percy stretch her so deliciously. Her cunt was made for Percy’s big cock.

Percy worked his member in and out of Katie driving her back deeper and deeper into the soil. His hands was on either side of her head in the soil too gripping it with every couple thrusts.

Katie had her lags spread and bent at the knees. Her toes was gripping the blades of tearing them out as each of her orgasms passed through her. Her juices were flowing out of her cunt and into the soil drenching the earth.

Oh fuck, we’re doing it in the garden, I can’t believe how fucking turned on I am right now. I’ve never been this damn horny any other time we’ve fucked. I guess I love being fucked in the garden Katie thought.

With a final thrust Percy spewed his come inside Katie’s cunt. He laid there panting on top of Katie as she was trying to regain her own breath. She had a few monster orgasms before Percy came.

“That was damn amazing” Katie said.

“Yeah, it was” Percy said with a nod.

“Hey Percy” Katie said.

“Yeah?” Percy asked.

“You can help me in my garden any time” Katie said.

“With pleasure” Percy said.
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