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Valentine's Day Is Tomorrow

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Dear you,

I had to come home early today because I've got some kind of wild ick sickness, and now I'm just laying down in bed thinking about what I can possibly do other than,,,, lay down in bed. When I was younger, this would have been an ideal situation. Being at home in bed with nothing to do at 15 sounded like heaven. Now, it's almost torturous because I want to be busy. It's not even been an hour and I'm contemplating going out to the store when I know my body can't handle the walk right now. What would I even buy at the store? Gatorade? I dunno.

Anyway, Valentine's is tomorrow. So like, whoopee and all that. I hope you all have a great Valentine's day, and if you don't have a Valentine then I'll be said Valentine okay? I'll get you a card and candy, and we'll go see a movie at the drive in theater.

Oh yeah, and don't beat yourself up about the whole "no Valentine on Valentine's day" thing either, because honestly Valentine's day is just a commercial holiday anyways. Take the day to tell yourself you're worthy of good things. Get yourself a treat. Take a hot bath. It's just another day, except now if anyone asks you why you're buying three boxes of chocolate at the shop, you can respond with "It's Valentine's day" instead of "It's none of your business, Bill".

I love you,

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