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Tushar Upreti

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Story By Tushar Upreti

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I,Tushar Upreti a student of civil services aspiration ,was doing coaching from Delhi Conaught place and staying in Akshardam Delhi at Pandav Nagar . It was the time of Diwali in India I as usually doing my preparation and studying some novels at all. Around at 10:00 pm at night, I was using my mobile and come across a block in YouTube ,(How to see lord hanuman in reality ) am watching that block for 4-5 times and it was of 10 minutes .
I Tushar upreti come across a mantra/chants the mantra/chant was of 2 long verses and in south Indian language.
The time is of 11:00 pm at night and I started to study that mantra for 2 long hours at all. but there are two cateria to chant tht mantra
1. no single living being either man or animals or bird are there upto 950 meters.
2. chant that mantra with pure heart and lord hunuman in your thoughts .
3. last but not least before study that mantra wash your hand and face and brusg your teeth .
I have done all that and seat to chant that mantra i chanted that mantra from 11:00 pm to 1:00 am at morning . After that I slept at 3:00 am after doing some assignment of coaching.
The time started now it was at all 5 minuites I slept some one just push my left leg, I ignore that but again for 5 times some one again push my left legs again .I slowly show out of my blanket and
‘ A MAN WITH FULL HAIRS IN HIS BODY, HAVING A LITTLE TAIL, HOLDING A RED BOOK IN HIS LEFT HAND ,HIS SIZE I NOT NORE THAT 6 FEET LONG AND HIS BODY IS BOWING DOWN LITTLE’ I got afraid and pull up my blanket over me . Again I after some time I push up my blanket and saw no one there . As the man got disappear in a click, and that night and morning I never forget in my life ever .
Later i come to know the man is Lord Hanuman.
That’s my story and it is real story of my life . No one will belive in the story but I do belive in this and I face it .

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