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Ryunon, The New Legendary Generation of Ninja

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The introduction of Ryunon and his friends, and his undiscovered ability.

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The story began here when Itachi slaughtered the whole Uchiha clan. Hi! I am a totally new writer that just started writing stories a few weeks ago. English is not my primary language, so my story can be hard to under sometimes, please do not be up set T.T I promise I will improve myself as time goes on. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!
"Are you sure this is a good idea? Bringing an outsider to the village?" The woman in kimono asked the mysterious man with a black hood.
"This is the only way we can save him. I will think of a way we could use him." The man replied, and continued
"It seems like he is from the Uchiha clan." The woman widened her eyes in shock, covering her mouth.
"B-but why did he run away?" She asked nervously.
"I don't know yet. He was so scared he didn't say anything. I will ask him clearly when he is awake." The man replied, and both looked toward the lying man in the room corner. He was wearing a simple shirt and short. The man had shoulder-length black hair, pointing out from his forehead that half covered his two eyes.
The next morning
"N-no, pl-please I don't... don't want to die. Please d-don't take me back!" He screamed terrifyingly, and what he said caught the attention of the mysterious man.
"What did you say? Were someone going to kill you?" The unknown hooded asked while slowly walking toward him.
"N-no.... He's going to me! The betrayal! I... I don't want to die!" He answered in fear, and that made the mysterious man even more curious.
"Okay okay, calm down. You are safe here at the Hidden Village of the Rain. No one is going to hurt you, and I am here to help you." He spoke trying to calm the man down, and took his mask off, showing his face and many scars and burnt marks with his long grey hair that he hid in the hood.
"My name is Jin Anzai. I am the leader of Amegakure's ANBU. You are safe here, in the ANBU headquarters." He spoke so calmly that made the terrifying man relaxed.
"ANBU...? Amegakure...? I don't know... Why did you take me h-here?" The man responded with a question that changed his destiny.
"We want you. No. We want your power, your kekkai genkai. The sharingan. We want that bloodline in our village. But first, what is your name?" Jin asked, putting his hand on the man's shoulder that made him even more calmed.
"I am sorry. My name is Takechi. Takechi Uchiha. I am from the Uchiha clan but... I am very weak." He answered and nod at the ground.
Jin put his two arms on both of the Uchiha's shoulders:
"It is okay, don't you worry. It is not you that fight anyway. I will be straight. We want our next generations to have your sharingan, so that they can protect the village from any dangerous threats. You do have the dojutsu right?"
Takechi looked down for a while.
"Yes, yes I do." He answered and activated the sharingan, turning his eye red with the iconic sharingan pattern."
Jin bursted into laughter.
"Great! Very great. You can have a new life here, a new family, a new place you can enjoy living for the rest of your lives. As long as you agree to help us. Deal?" The Amegakure's leader replied looking straight into Takechi eyes.
"B-but...I don't have a wife. I used to live lonely in my small house and just do farming for a living."
"We will provide you a house, a stable job, and especially, a woman you can build a family with. Isn't it great that you can build up your life now!?" Jin answered so fast that Takechi didn't even have time to react.
"Hibana!" Jin shouted calling his sister. The woman in kimono stepped out from slowly from the door behind Jin. She was beautiful in Takechi eyes, with her brown hair that was neatly tied to the length of her back. She had deep brown eyes that looked straight into Takechi's soul.
Jin slowly approached Hibana, whispered as they were having a private conversation.
"Onii-sama, what are you going to do with him. Don't tell me you..." Hibana asked with her eyes widened.
"We need more bloodlines for the village, and he just has one of the best one. If we can get him to stay here, the village could benefit from him!" Jin answered with his eyes flashing like it is filled with ambition.
"But, how do we know we can trust him? He looks like a spy." The kimono sister replied, both of her eyes looked half way at Takechi with caution.
Anzai smiled.
"If he's going to do anything, I will personally take him out. But if he doesn't, it worth the attempt." The Anbu replied in joy, as if he just got the solution for a hard chess game.
"Fine. But who are you going to couple him with? Don't tell me... Onii-sama!" Habana blushed, covering her mouth with the kimono sleeve.
"He does look attractive, doesn't he. After all he's still an Uchiha. Atleast, if things turn out wrong, I can solve it as a brother." Jin turned away facing Takechi, leaving the shy girl with her thought of the future family she was going to have.
"This is my sister, Hibana. Both of you should get to know each other." Jin introduced his sister walking out to the door.
"Take your time." He smiled, closing the door leaving the two together.
That was 18 years ago. Now back to the present.
"Fire style: Hand palm fire jutsu" Ryunon pointed his palm at the rouge ninja. A fireball came out of his bare hand that flew so fast that hit the ninja directly.
The rouge ninja was injured, he lied down in unconsciousnes.

"This is way too easy. He he." The 11 year old Amegakure shinobi smiled so hard his eyes were almost closed.
Ryunon had neat pointy hair with a side-sweeped bang to his right side, some of the hair covered a part of his right eye brow. He was wearing rectangular black glasses. Ryunon was also wearing a long black coat that covered his knee, at the top there was a hood that he could pull up to cover his hair, where the collar at. On the back of the coat there was an Uchiha signature logo, and there were a few shite stripes from the hood down to the tail. Inside he was wearing a white shirt with very light armor so that he could move easily. He also wore black pants and shoes, for the mean of night operation.
The Uchiha was capturing the ninja, when 2 more approached.
"Wind style: Wind bullet." The rouge ninja on the right casted and shot a burst of sharp wind toward the Uchiha.
Ryunon dodged it by simple moving his head a little to the right, without even looking. The ninja that attacked him had his eyes widened.
"Earth style: Underground shockwave." The second rouge reinforcement place his hand on the ground causing an earthquake that built up an earth wave coming toward Ryunon.
The talented Ame ninja grad his sword that hung behind his back, that its shape was similar to un umbrella, but he can draw a sword from it, leaving the cover part on his back. Ryunon cut a straight horizontal line, that split the earth wave in front of him in half. He looked up smiling the two rouge with his Sharingan, only 2 tomoes were developed.
"Ice style: Eternal Ice Prison."
A brownish-red hair girl dashed to the fight and pushed her two hands together in a Tiger seal form. From the ground, a shpere-like ice tomb rose, trapping the two unfortunate ninjas.
"Bebe, you are late. Hehe but it's okay I still got it." Ryunon smiled to the girl.
She was wearing a purple robe with black outline with long and wide sleeve, together with a short purple skirt that was slit at the right hip, exposing her short jean inside. She had bandage wrapped around her leg from foot to knee on both legs. Her hair were middle-back long and was neatly tied. Her bang were 2 slim hair string running along her 2 cheeks, next to her ears. She had shiny brown eyes that were as deep as the ocean, and a gifted smile that could melt any heart.

"What are you doing!? If you underestimate the enemy they could have caught you off guard!" Bebe yelled at the boy, with her hands at her hips. She looked Ryunon with an angry eyes like a mother to her naughty son.
"It's okay it's okay, I still got it ya know! You don't have to be like that." Ryunon scratched his head, smiled that showed his white teeth.
"Heyya. Luckily I knew you went for this mission alone. Or else you would be done now!" Bebe replied angrily.
The first rouge ninja that was unconscious woke up, seeing the 2 young Chunin off their guard. He quickly threw an explosive kunai.
"Watch out!" Ryunon shouted, then dashed with incredible speed in front of the kunai to protect Bebe from getting hit from behind. He drew his sword deflected it away. But it was a trap, there were two more invisible explosive kunai behind the first one. One hit directly Ryunon's chest, causing him to bleed. The other one flew past him toward the suprised girl.
"Light style: Order shield." A white shield appeared in front of Bebe, absorbing the kunai completely. From afar, a memeber of Anzai's team casted the jutsu came to help.
"Ryu! No!" Bebe widened her eyes seeing the burning explosive rune. It was going to explode probably tearing Ryunon into a hundred pieces.
The young sword man widened his eyes, but then replied Bebe with a know-it-all grind.
He dashed away from the 2 teammate, so fast that they could only see the black flash. As the kunai was going to explode, he grabbed it from his chest, pulled it and threw on the ground.
"I will treat fire with fire!" Ryunon thought in his head but said it out loud.
"Fire style: Fire Oppression." He casted the jutsu and slammed his hand onto the kunai, creating a circling fire particle surrounding it. The kunai exploded, but only as small as a firecracker. The young Uchiha smiled with his success, while Bebe and his teammate almost freaked out.
Bebe again jailed the ninja in her prison, this time they caught all the runaway criminals listed in their mission.
"Well well, someone is showing off again." The order style user spoke sarcastically. His name was Kanichi, a clan member that possessed a rare Kekkai-genkai. He had spiky grey and red hair that was equally mixed. He put on a grey short sleeve shirt that had a yellow stripe a little bit to the right on the front. He had yellow pants with black booth that was high up to his knee. On the back of his shirt there is a signature logo of the Urahara clan that looked like a yellow X on top of a small round shape.
"Time to report back to Anzai-sensei hehe." Ryunon said with a grin. Bebe was again angry because how irresponsible her Uchiha teammate was, while Kanichi just laughed how his friends were being the same everyday.
Ryunon Uchiha, Bebe Hitsuga, Kanichi Urahara are the 3 young ninjas that were trained by Anzai Jin himself, as their sensei. They were good friends since the days back at the academy.
All 3 young shinobi came back to the village with the rouge criminals they were assigned.

“You were really worried for Ryunon, right Bebe?” Kanichi teasingly asked the girl. She immediately blushed, but turned away and refused.

“N-no! I was worried that we would fail the mission so th-that….” Bebe replied shyly, but managed to keep herself calm enough like a mature ninja dedicated to finish her mission.

“It’s okay Bebe, don’t worry. I would never fail a mission hehe.” Ryunon cut the girl’s voice, placing his right hand on top of Bebe’s head. The young ice style user’s face turned red, but again she remained calm and removed Ryunon’s hand with both of her hands.

“H-how dare you put your hand like that!? I am a girl after all you can’t just touch me whenever you want you know!” She spoke tried to sound angrily, but it only made Kanichi laughed more and Ryunon smiled with his eyes closed, as she was still blushing.

As they walked slowly into Amegakure, Anzai landed in front of them.
"Anzai-sensei!" The 3 called his name by suprise.

“Ryunon, don’t tell me you forgot what day is today?” The director of the Shinobi Academy asked with a facepalm.

Anzai was old enough to be considered going downhill, but atleast he still got a role in developing the village by becoming the director of the Shinobi Academy, from being the leader of Anbu. He was wearing casual attire with flak jacket insdie and a long coat covering all the way to his foot.

Ryunon turned to Bebe and then Kanichi, as they totally forgot what their sensei were mentioning. He then scratched his head, giving Anzai the iconic grin.

“Wh-what is it, sensei?”

Bebe was the smarter and more cautious one, it took her sometimes but she eventually remembered.

“Today is your dad’s promotion ceremony. He is becoming the Mayor of Distrct 1 today!” Bebe spoke and grabbed Ryunon shoulder making the boy lost his balance.
“W-w-wait what? Mayor of Distrct 1? Since when!?” The young Uchiha was shocked too. He had been doing missions a lot recently that he hadn’t even checked on things with his family.

“We must go now!” Kanichi said as he dashed from roof to roof. The 2 friends instantly followed.

“Your dad is going to kill be mad if you coudln’t make it. He talked to me last week about the ceremony, and wanted me to tell you. How did I forget that!?” Bebe said to herself, questioning her clumsiness.

“It’s okay it’s okay y’all. Old man is not going to be mad I bet.” Ryunon smiled that Bebe and Kanichi felt like giving up with his positive-all-the-time attitude.

The Amegakure has 3 District, numbered from 1 to 3. District 1 was more of a civilian neighborhood, while District 2 was the center of entertainment with many tall buildings, hotels, movie theaters, game centers, shopping malls,.... and District 3 was mainly for factories, shinobi training ground, and it was half covered by big forest trees. Each district had its own mayor, that would lead the development of the district and solve any problems took place inside it. Takechi Uchiha was a well-known member of the community for his contribution. He had helped the villagers many many time, from the poor to the unfortunate. Today, he was officially the leader of the District.

Suddenly, Ryunon reminded himself of his mom, Hibana.

“Oh no no no noooooooooo!!!” Ryunon just realized the real trouble was not his dad but his mom. A week ago Hibana informed him that he must come home to celebrate a “special day”, but he totally forgot to come home, and celebrate too. His eyes whitened out as he was imagining how his mom was going to smack him.

The 3 ninja finally approached district 1 main hall as the huge crowd were cheering their new president. They had a good spot on a tall tree that they could see entirely the whole district hall. Ryunon looked far away as he saw the stage, with his dad waving to greet all of his citizens. Takechi still looked young, younger than his age, in spite of having few sprinkles on his forehead.

“There is no way we can get close the stage with this crowd.” Bebe sighed nodding her head. She looked to her right, toward Ryunon eyes, as she saw how proud he was seeing his dad becoming a larger part of the village now. She placed her right hand on Ryunon’s shoulder.

“Congratulations, baka.” Bebe ended the sentence with a smile. Kanichi added:

“Your dad has worked hard to help the village. He deserved this. Congrats, Ryunon.” Kanichi also smiled for his friend’s joy.

As expected, the proud boy gave the that-is-right grin. He looked up the sky, viewing the cloudy sky with his ambitous and determined eyes.

“Some day, I will become a great person like him too. I want to help the village. We had suffered because of the war, I just want to help my dad and everyone rebuild it.” Ryunon gave this thought to his friends, as all 3 burst into laugh and made joke about how Ryunon would miss meetings and important events if he became a leader.

Suddenly, a strange feeling popped up in Ryunon’s mind, as if his head was hit with a rock. He grabbed his head, stepped a few step backward as he begun to see some visions. The vision slowly formed, he could see the blurry image of running crowd, a panic crowd in fact. The vision became brighter that it conquered his vision. He saw his dad, Takechi, was assassinated. He was shot with a long range jutsu that came from just a little above where he stood.He screamed with his knee on the ground. Until he heard a calming voice, that brought him back to reality.

“Ryunon! Ryunon! Are you okay!?” Bebe came in front of him tried to calm him down. Her face showed real worry. She shaked Ryunon gently, while keep repeating his name.

“U-urgh…. I a-am fine…. But something feels really strange…” The young Uchiha tried to stand up, but his head was still upset in pain that he could only barely open one eye.
“Maybe you are exhausted from the mission, you should take a rest.” Bebe suggested like a mother caring for her beloved son. But her eyes widened when she saw Ryunon looked her super determined and serious.

“I saw something very strange, and it’s not a good sight I’m telling you. I have a bad feeling what’s going to happen at this ceremony…” He replied biting his own teeth. Ryunon then turned to Kanichi.
“Run to the stage. Now!” He almost shouted trying to deliver the massage, but his 2 friends already knew what he was talking about.

Kanichi quickly nodded and dashed as fast as he can to the backstage. Bebe grabbed her kunai cautiously looking around.

“God! My head still hurts! If only I could tell Mr. Anzai this feeling. Even if I do that, he will just think I am joking. God damn it!” Ryunon still grabbed his own head as he didn’t have the energy to look up after the vision striked.

Bebe gave her shoulder so Ryunon could rest on her, as she was still cautiously, more like nervously keeping an eye on her surrounding. Ryunon finally managed to stand on his own, he activated the Sharingan and looked toward the stage. As he glimpsed at the stage, he suddenly noticed a masked man standing on another tree a little bit to the right above the stage. It was only a few seconds when the masked man jumped down, holding his sword ready to stab his valuable target, Takechi, as he was giving his speech in front of thousands of villagers.

“No...!” As Ryunon shouted, that Bebe turned to him seeing him casting a jutsu.

“Fire Style: Flaming Bullet Shell!” Ryunon immediately shot a flaming dot of flame that traveled insanely fast in a straight line toward the stage, hoping it would hit the masked man. Kanichi, also noticed the flame coming toward the stage, looked up as he saw the masked man. His eyes widened.

“Light Style: Order Shield.” As he jumped out on to the stage, and casted a white sphere shield around the new president. The two bodyguard ninjas were suprised as they tried to keep up with what was happening but they could have done nothing. The crowd went panic and ran in every directions, causing a chaos sight.

The flaming shell was still flying toward the designated position where it would hit the masked assassin mid-flight. Takechi was scared that he collapsed on the ground. The masked man landed on Kanichi’s shield, which the flaming shell was coming toward. He did some weird hand gesture, that when he activated the jutsu, Takechi teleported onto him, as he grabbed Takechi’s throat. He used Takechi as a shield to block the incoming flaming shell.

“No! Dad!” Ryunon shouted, but it was too late. The shell hit Takechi on his back, by the look of it, it had burned a few organs and left a black burnt hole on his back.

Kanichi quickly jumped up.

“Light Style: Order Chain” Kanichi summoned a big chain of light that tied the masked man from head to toe.

“Tight!” Kanichi ordered the chain to tighten itself in order to squeeze the assassin to his death, or atleast to catch him alive, but it was too late. The masked man disappeared like nothing had happened, leaving an empty space inside the chain. While everyone were still terrified, Ryunon collapsed. His dad, Takechi, tried his best to inhale with a burnt lung. Kanichi was still froze of what had happened.

“No...No no no…!!” He punched the ground knowing that he killed his dad, more like his dad was assassinated with the help him. Tears stung his eyes. The rain came, as if it came to sink Ryunon in his pain.

Anzai finally appeared to the scene with a few more Anbu that used to be under his command when he was still the Leader of Anbu. He ordered 2 of his men to take Takechi to the hospital as fast as possible. He then jumped toward Ryunon while Takechi was being escorted away.

“Ryunon, I am sorry for what happened” Anzai apologized in a deep voice trying to calm the boy down.

“It was none of your fault! I… I saw him getting killed in my head, that I thought I should do something. But turned out, I was the one killing him after all!” Ryunon answered in tears. Bebe kneeled down, hugging the boy in her arms as tears slowly dropped from her deep eyes.

“Y-you have what? A vision?” Anzai widened his eyes. He was surprised as if he knew what Ryunon was talking about. He coughed then continued.

“I am sorry I didn’t prepared enough for your dad’s ceremony that things turned out like this. I believe our high medical technology can surely heal him, so don’t be so down. Furthermore, please see me in my office when you have peaced your mind.” Anzai said gently to the crying Uchiha, hoping he would feel better soon.
Hi there! Thank you for reading my story. As you can tell my English is not good at all, so as my story telling skill. I will try to improve in the future T.T
Anyway, thank you for reading till the end. Please leave a comment if you have any thoughts/ideas for the story and my English skill.
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