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Earth: A Forged Destiny

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Its 1968 and Earth now knows that they are not alone. After being victorious in 'Nam, the U.S and other nations on Earth unite for the common good to prevent the Sith from conquering the Sol System...

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I will admit here and right now on the all-holy Bible that I will tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

This fic is inspired by the following stories on Fanfiction.Net: Strange Surroundings by PaladinDelta, Days of Fire by ghost company, Resistance by Jay Simpson, and Star Wars: A New Ally by Wolf2.

However, this is not a conventional Earth in the Star Wars universe fic because this story takes place in an alternate 1960s where JFK survived his assassination attempt and General George S. Patton is still alive!

In other words, Earth is in the Cold War era because it makes sense for the sake of the setting and in a way to make the story unique from the other fics.

Imagine an unlikely alliance (no pun intended by me, but it will be similar to my other fic) between the U.S. and the Soviet Union in which Fortunate Son plays in Huey helicopters and Russian tanks followed suit playing the U.S.S.R. National Anthem as they both made an epic charge as the unified forces of Earth battle the Empire! (Sorry for saying this to one of my favorite conservatives in history; Ronald Reagan, but for this story, it's a situation of the enemy of my enemy is my friend. At least you still have your evil empire. May you rest in peace, sir.)

Like I said this is an alternate universe and I just want to let you know that in no way am I trying to be sexist or whatever label you put here. Just understand that this is the 1960s we're talking about and in our timeline the Civil Rights movement took longer than what will happen in this fic.

JFK managed to pass Civil Rights legislation in the spring of 1964, but I want to warn you that there will be some descriptions of sexism and racism in the story. My main characters will not be racist at all since they grew up with minorities, but be aware that they will have limited sexist beliefs and the views of the characters in the story are not my view at all.

What I'm trying to say is that once again it is the culture of the period, not my personal beliefs, so please do not call me a racist, sexist, homophobic, bigot, etc just because I wrote some dialogue for this story.

Besides, this is a Star Wars story and the Sith Empire are specists, which is a form of racism. Fictional yes, but it still is racism.

P.S. The Vietnam War ended peacefully in 1967 just to let you know. I will not get into too much detail about it since it is still a sore subject even today, but just know that North and South Vietnam still exists as completely separate nations just like North and South Korea.

I also want to inform you right here, right now just like my story Star Wars: Unlikely Alliance: the people of Earth and their equipment are immune to the Force.

What I mean is that choking and lightning is not going to work on Earthlings and the Force users cannot use the Force to grab an M-14 rifle for instance.

I will not tell you how it is possible because I do not want to spoil the story, but what I will tell you is that lightsabers will still work on the Earthlings and the Force users can still throw objects as long as they're made in the Star Wars galaxy.

If you want to find out how: Read the story.

If you don't like the story because the Force will not work on a race of humans, too bad and cry to mommy all you want because this is only a scenario and I'm not going to change it since I want to make it interesting.

Besides the Yuuzhan Vong had a limited immunity to the Force and in this fanfic, Earthlings are one hundred percent immune.

Also please don't tell me how the Star Wars factions would destroy Earth because of highly advanced tech, the Force, yadda yadda because I understand and I love Star Wars as much as how Trekkies love Star Trek (AN: I can't believe I said that- yuck- heresy).

Anyway, three facts: stormtroopers were killed by a bunch of teddy bears with spears (imagine what rifles/ 'slugthrowers' could do), the conventional armies of Star Wars fight circa 1750-1867 Napoleonic 'shoot me style' (early WW1 counts too) and the fighters in Star Wars have a speed of an average WW2 fighter.

Let just say that Earth is going to be underestimated by a long shot (no pun intended).

Here is a basic oversimplification of what the story is about if you hadn't decided to read it or not:

Jedi and Sith orders are shocked to its core

Americans causing havoc!

The Force is useless on Earthlings!

Childhood Friends

Blowing Shit Up!

The Sith and Eternal Empires both underestimate Earth

Earth is independent from the Republic

Army / Marine Corps interservice rivalry

Old Blood and Guts George S. Patton is still alive!

Let's not forget about Chesty Puller! He's a major badass too!

Lots of good ole music from the 60's

Hippies are strange weirdos dude! Peace and Love are heresy to the Sith and they will be put to death! The Sith hate Hippies!

Too many spoilers given out already!

Yeah, about sums it up.

Finally, I do not own Star Wars. Not the game, not the movies, not the books, not the toys, not the franchise. Nothing! THIS IS A HYPOTHETICAL SCENARIO

Please don't sue me since my policy is right above.

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