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Fear and Hope

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A thrilling story from my Avatar's (a bird's) perspective. A cross-canon story. Enjoy! I chose the PG-13 rating due to complex vocab and mild curse words.

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"Fear." That's what drives the Eggman Empire. It's been God knows how long since I've been out for. Ever since...ever since..Oh.. It hurts too much. Here I lay in my bed all beat up. I really don't look forward to seeing Sonic. All I've ever done is let my teammates down. Their requests were so simple-to go and beat Eggman. I thought I had mustered together enough confidence to do that simple task, but I fell short. I remember it clearly, there he was, the devious doctor in his nefarious machine. "WHAT!" he said, "They sent a boy to fight me?" "You must be joking." At that time, the fear had already settled in and I do not remember a thing afterward. Damn! Here comes Sonic! [door opens] Sonic: Hiya, partner! You're pretty scratched up. You ok?" "Oh.., yea. I'm just fine." I had said not interested. Damn, I can see the disappointment in his face. I thought. It hurt so bad. The doctors had not defined the exact injury. "''re not dis..apointed in me are you?" I had a terrible stuttering problem. I carefully observed Sonic's face. Sonic: "Forget about it. It's all going to be okay. I can guarantee you that." Sonic winked and smiled. I relaxed a bit knowing that what Sonic had said was factual. He was a sign of hope and hope always conquers fear. See, I have always have had problems with confidence. Not enough people to talk to. I get it, who would want to listen to a shy stutterer like me? But Sonic, he, he was that haven for me. That shoulder to lean on. That friend who truly understood, he was Sonic The Hedgehog. And I do remember I am the only hero that can keep up with the hedgehog himself. And yes, I did establish a pretty good friendship with Sonic's other friends, too. But that is not my point.


One beautiful afternoon in Green Hill, I took my time to admire the sights and sounds of the iconic location. The flowers were so beautiful and aromatic, the wind blew the palm trees, the draft blew my wings, it was so enjoyable. Then, a blue, fast blur interrupts my train of thought. I was dizzy for a few seconds before dropping to the ground. I then see an iconic pair of red sneakers before me. "Hey, partner," Sonic streched out his hand to help me up- "Sorry about that, I was so 'in the zone' to realize that my best friend was right there." I laughed, quickly recognizing the pun. "It's OK," I smiled. "That's a good one," The sentence was followed by a fist bump. "Hey, Sonic?" "Yea?" "Do you know a place to get a good chili dog around here?" I said. "Oh, DO I?" responded Sonic. We both looked at each other and said, "Let's go to the city!" A few Spin Dashes and jumps and turns later, we arrived at the Snack Shack drive-thru (we have no car) in Station Square. We were greeted by a monotone "Hi, welcome to the Snack Shack, where the customer always snacks. I'm Shaq. How may I take-" The voice was interrupted by a loud, "SONIC!!!!" Tails, looking distressed, holding his 'Miles Electric' in hand. Sonic: "Hey, Tails!" "What's cookin'?" Tails: "There's NO TIME FOR THAT, SONIC!" "LOOK!" "U..Up in the sky!" Tails was right. Over the city loomed a gigantic Egg Battleship. Flocks of frightened people watched on the sidewalks. Something seemed a bit strange. Eggman's ship seemed to show no signs of a threat. "Well, Sonic, what are we WAITING FOR?" * Moments later, Tails' trusty Tornado was in the sky carrying precious cargo, Sonic and I. Tails: "I can only get you up to the boarding area!" "I-" BOOM! The engine exploded! With my bird powers I grabbed Sonic and flew up to the boarding area. I shouted, "Tails, NO!" Sonic put his hand on my shoulder and shook his head. "Don't worry- Tails will be fine." Once again my lips were sealed. "Sonic, he- help me open this door!" "It won't open!" "Relax." With a couple of head-on homing attacks, the door jarred open and went falling to the Earth. The interior of the ship was alarming. No one, not a thing was there. So we thought.

Chapter 2- Eggette?!

Suddenly after a good five or so minutes of looking around. We still saw nothing. I noticed something though, "Sonic, a door!" I opened and we quickly rushed inside. Another hangar[/ I thought. A startling, CLANK! interrupts my thoughts. A wall of spikes trapped us in. "Sonic, I'm sc-cared..." {Music cue: Mini-Boss Eggette theme by YeppersPeppers} A shadow appeared very similar to Eggman's Eggmobile. The shadow becomes visible and the canopy opens. A girl dressed in a red and yellow skirt, a black button up shirt, and a jewel in her hair is piloting the craft. "HOO-HOO-Hoo!" She had a trollish laugh. "Egg-pecting my uncle were you?" "Well, he's not here!" "All hail the great Eggette Robotnik, the niece of the great Dr. Ivo Robotnik!" "I will have my revenge upon you! And my uncle will finally rejoice over you scum, and we have complete power!" "Oh,HO,HO,HO,HO,HO!" Sonic and his quick wit attempts to come up with some kind of witty comeback. "Eggette? Pfft, that's a terrible-" "Shut up! Now, let's begin shall we?" A mech no bigger than the room appears from underneath the floor. The miniature Eggmobile takes control of the mech in its own special slot. Eggette rubs her hands together as if she were excited. "OH, I'm so egg-cited!" "What's that thing beside you, Sonic?" She says looking at me. BAM! An invisible missile fired from the mech hits Sonic and Eggette grabs me with her mech-suit's hands. I can't shake loose, for the mechs grip is far too strong. "Don't move or your 'partners' a goner!" "HA HA HA!" Sonic, shaking off the hit, rolls into a Spin Dash and charges toward the mech. With the mech's free hand, Eggette takes a swing and at the right moment, Sonic jumps and executes a hard Homing Attack to the cockpit of this terror, clearly stunning Eggette." Sonic jumps onto the arm and tries to pry my frightened body loose from the mech's tightened grip. Eggette: "Going somewhere, are you?" "Take this!" Eggette swings the arm of the mech to crush both Sonic and I in her left hand. Sonic with his stength, pushes on the arm that is attempting to crush us. Eggette somehow loosened the grip on me, as I dropped to the floor. Eggette: "Call in reinforcements!" Several Egg-Robos enter the room and, with Sonic clearly occupied, I realize I have to fight these myself. The Egg-Robos surround me in some sort of pattern. The one in front of me, armed, fires a shot. I quickly dodge and the shot hits and destroys the Egg-Robo behind me. I utilize my surroundings to topple several crates onto the Egg-Robos, destroying the rest of them.

I remembered that I have some rope and used it to my advantage. I tie several lines of rope around the room to cause tripping hazards for the mech. Sonic speeds to the other side of the room. Sonic: "Yoo-Hoo!" Eggette: "Damn! Why you!" Eggette, so focused on Sonic to see anything else, trips on the rope toppling the mech. There is nothing much more the enemy could do. Sonic charges and unloads a barrage of punches and kicks on Eggette and the mech. The mech, smoking, explodes as Eggette flies away defeated in her Eggmobile. Eggette: "Damn you, Sonic! I will have my revenge! Next time my uncle will assist!" "Just you wait, Sonic!" "Just you wait!"

Sonic speeds over to me and asks, "Are you alright, partner?" I give him the thumbs up, speechless over what had just happened. Sonic: "Let's get out of here quick!" Tails' Tornado, now fully repaired, picked us up and returned us safely to the ground. We couldn't wait to tell the others about our experience and about the new villain on the rise.

Want more? Tune in to Part II Next Time!
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