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Ink Love

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Castiel is blind. Dean is a tattoo artist. One day Castiel calls Dean to pick him up and take him somewhere, but when Dean goes to get him, he gets in a pretty bad crash. But how bad can things get...

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Dean packed his tattoo gun safely into his backpack as he listened to his boss talk about some YouTube kid furiously.
“Hey Dean, can you believe this kid was fired just for uploading a single video against Trump? This is insanity.” Dean’s boss grumbled from behind a newspaper.
“Yea. I gotta go man, Cas called, said he needed to go somewhere and he needs a ride.” Dean fishes his keys from his pocket with some minor difficulty. He couldn’t use his good hand, since it still had drying ink bubbles on it. It was hard for Dean to get perfect bubbles to show up and stay on his wrist, but it was worth it.
“Why do you bother taking him anywhere, kid? He shouldn’t always need ya.”
“He’s blind. I’ve told you this.” Dean was at the door, propping it open with his foot. “See ya tomorrow.”

It took only seconds for Dean to start up the car. The engine of the ‘67 Chevy Impala made Dean happier than he already was, and he set off for home with a wide grin on his lips.
He wasn’t thinking, or paying attention much, and as he hummed to a Warrant song on the radio, he cruised 50 mph steadily. He was going to be so happy to see Cas sitting on their couch, their dog Gabe on his lap, and be able to ask him something that had been pressing on him for the past couple days.
Dean didn’t want to take the long way home, and decided that it was worth it to take the dangerous backstreets that he usually avoided. He kept in mind that he had about three guns in the car, and was ready to defend himself if he had to. But what he wasn’t prepared for was the man who practically flew in front of the windshield of the Impala.
Dean hit the breaks as fast as he could, but it didn’t matter. He had hit the man, and a building that was far to close to avoid.


A loud ringing noise ran through the house. Cas stood carefully, giving Gabe enough time to jump down, before going to the phone.
“Hello?” Cas asked.
“Is this Castiel Novak?” A man asked from the other end.
“Yes. Who is this?” Cas was suspicious. He usually didn’t receive calls, especially ones that weren’t planned.
“I regret to inform you that Dean Winchester is at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital. He came in from a nasty car crash, and you were listed as an emergency line.” Cas was shocked. He didn’t know what was going on, even when he had been told, he still couldn’t believe it.
“Are you able to drive, sir?” The man asked.
“No, I’m blind.” Castiel answered.
“We can send a nurse down to fetch you, as we need to bring you in to hopefully help with some papers and for support, as Dean would most likely want to see you.”
“Could you?” Castiel asked.
“We have already sent her out. Her name is Ellen, and she should be there in only a minute.”
“Thank you.” Castiel hung up and waited by the door.

(Dean POV)
“Lets go, lets go.”
“He’s losing blood!”
“Calm down, it’s gonna be okay. He’ll be okay soon.”

‘Where am I? What happened?
Wait, remember what happened.
I was in a crash. There was some bitch in the road.
Okay, then I crashed in a wall.
Wow, for someone who could die, I remember a lot.
Damn that nurse is hot. Wait. I have Cas. Shit.” I think to myself. I don’t even realize I have my eyes open until one of the nurses mentions it.

“He’s awake!”
Everyone starts to try to calm me down, like I’m going insane. ‘I am calm damnit!’
One of the nurses sticks an IV in my arm, and I fade out of consciousness.
The next thing I see is the brightness of an overhead light, just shining in my eyes like the freaking sun. I guess they never think to dim the light in the rooms.
I try to look at myself, even at my arm, but someone lightly pushes me back down onto my back. All I see are surgeons around me, which I guess I should have expected. I get a glimpse of why they don’t want me looking at myself. There’s a pretty noticeable hole in my stomach. ‘I hope Cas doesn’t see me like this. Wait, shit, he can’t see. I hope he doesn’t try to stick his arm in it. Fuck that’s nasty.’

(Regular POV)
Dean awoke again after being put under to finish his surgery. He turned his head, which hurt from being in the same position for a few hours, and saw a nurse sitting next to him. But the best thing to come out of him waking up were the milky eyes he saw next.
“You’re awake!” Castiel cried, patting around on the bed for Dean’s hand. He takes it and squeezes it. Dean cringed from the slight pain, but was happy to see his boyfriend after what had happened.
“Now I’m glad you can’t see me. I look like hell.” Dean laughed. He was happy that Cas smiled at his attempt at a joke.
“I’ll leave you two alone for a second.” The nurse left the room.
“Hey Cas. Loosen your grip a bit.” Dean said as soon as she had left. He guided Cas’s hand to his wrist, where the tattoo was luckily undamaged. He watch as Castiel read the braille letters on his skin.
Cas was close to spilling the tears that rested on his eyes as his fingers kept sliding against the dots carefully, as if making sure he was really reading it right.
“Really?” Cas was to happy. His voice cracked and his tears streamed down his face.
“Really. Is that a yes?” Dean didn’t even need to wait. Castiel nodded quickly, over and over again.
Castiel didn’t have to worry about a ring getting damaged in the wreck. He knew that Dean would carefully tattoo his ring finger with a matching pattern as his own, because that just made it more special for them.
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