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PG with angst Song: You Are My Sunshine

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You are my Sunshine
I walk in the grass, sad smile on my face. I slow my pace a bit when I get close to my destination. It hurts. I was going to see Roma today.
My only Sunshine
I smell the big Stylized Lily bouquet in my hands, knowing they are from Italy, and that Romano would like them.
You make me happy
I giggle, thinking about how cute he was, the past month when I last saw him. He had let me see him smile before he left. I hadn't been able to see him for so long, it was killing me.
When skies are grey, you’ll never know dear
I stop walking. I look around quickly, making sure no one was near me, knowing that nobody would be.
How much I love you
I sit in front of the grave, my head hung.
So please don't take my Sunshine away
I cry, letting everything go. I don't hold back, I think about him, how cute and amazing he was. I can almost see his smile, right before the gunshots. He was shot right in front of me, by his own mafia. It took me everything I had to not kill them all, knowing it wouldn't do any good. I put the flowers under the name, In remembrance of Lovino Vargas, died of gunshot. Amazing little tomato, everything in this universe wasn't as important as friends to him. It killed me, and I almost killed myself, but knew that I couldn't. I had to be here. I wiped the tears way and smiled. "How are you, Roma. I miss you."
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