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My Final Day

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In a world where a clock above your head is always counting down til the moment you die, how would the last day of your life go?

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It was a normal day, until I got to school that is. I looked at the timers above everyone's heads, and suddenly about 5 girls that are always super mean to me started giving me chocolate and candies. I put that off for a little while, but then I kept getting gifts from some boys that used to beat me for being gay. I started thinking then. I thought that it was because they were always mean to me and were trying to be nice, but they wouldn't just do that. Nobody said anything mean to me until lunch.
When I walked into the cafeteria I was flooded with candies and Austria wasn't being a total pain in the ass. What's happening? What the hell!
When I got to 7th period science, Matthew started crying (;'༎ຶД༎ຶ'). I couldn't understand why though. He clung to me and said that he wishes it wasn't to early. I asked what he meant, and he pointed above me. I can't see my own timer, so I asked what is wrong.
"Gil, you o-only have 15 hours l-left." He cried. I got worried and everything started making sense, everyone was being nice because I would die tonight.
I went home with Matt and he let me spend the last bit of my life doing "things" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) with him. We were cuddling when I took my last breath, whispering "I love you, birdie." and I closed my eyes, letting my last thought be about him, my only love, and only care.
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