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Flying into more trouble

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Rated for language. Worked on this with a friend. The two Turks sometime before the whole FF7 events. Reno and Rude learning teamwork.

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The desert was large and always was one of the most inhospitable of places. The two men in black walked in silence for a few minutes, not 100% sure on the direction to go. The larger of the two, the one with the bald-head was the first one to talk.
"How could you fly into the storm knowing it was super charged? HOW?" He asked loudly of the other one, the smoke from the crash was still visible to them if they turned around. Rain hadn't fallen from the storm but the electricity had fried every single electronic they had on the copter.
"Hey at least it was ME flying." He shouted back, the red haired man watched as the rotary off the helicopter bounced in front of them. "It's not that easy to fly you know. You should appreciate that." He dusted his jacket down and put his sun goggles over his face. He flipped his electro-rod in his hands and looked around. "So now we need to figure out where we are right partner?"
"A wild stab in the dark, correct me if I am wrong, but in the fucking DESERT!" Rude shouted again. He never should have trusted Reno to fly, he might be the best but he was too much a hotshot. "You get the map out of there? It was in the pocket next to you after all."
"Hey at least I am trained for survival." Reno grinned pulling a cig out of his pocket and the map. "Right, three miles north and six miles west. We'll get home by the time the bars call for last orders." His stomach groaned. "Don't suppose you're hiding food in that big suit of yours? I pulled the FB though so we kept that. Come on Rude, man, look at that awesome explosion. What a babe."
"I prefer to not be diving from the explosion, I prefer to be making it on purpose myself too NOT FROM SOMEONE HITTING THE FLOOR WITH A FLYING AIRCRAFT I AM IN!" He went to a shout again, but his hands went into his jacket and brought out a high-energy bar of concentrated meat and carbs. Breaking it in half he threw half to Reno. "I only have this as I like the taste, thought you were trained in survival to have these things? I never leave the city if I can avoid it." He said grumbling as he ate the bar. "Which was is north and west then?"
"Oh hang on." Reno polished off the food in record timing and looked at the map. "This thing isn't too scale so it might be further looking at it." Reno looked at the map again. "Well that's north." He pointed on the map winding his partner up. Rude slapped Reno around the back of the head.
"Lead on survival wilderness man." He said with his sunglasses on. They might not have all the working electronics at the moment, but at least they were still cool looking and sunglasses none the less.
"Yo look at this..." Reno searched his pockets and found a small comms device. "Wow how out of date is that! Still if we can find a mako gen we'll be able to comm in and Tseng can tell me off." He mused and pointed north. "That way my city based compadre. Oh and I am not good at surface survival yet. More underground in the slums survival but hey, I can go three days without food before I get peckish."
Rude didn't say a word but a deep rumbling came from his throat as they started off. He hated the heat here; it was not normal to him. There were no buildings, too open for his liking and he was not one for long walks. A bike or a car and he would be fine but by foot, too far and it made him annoyed.
"He'd better tell you off as much as you deserve, which is a hell of a lot."
"What?" Reno looked at Rude and moved his rod to his other hand. "I was taking the flight path YOU asked for. YOU wanted to go this way, as it was shorter. Not my fault you didn't specify not flying into an electrical storm." He flipped Rude the bird and stormed off with a red pony tail flipping up and down behind him.
"It's called common sense, remember it?" Rude called after him, waiting a couple of moments and followed after him. Much as he hated to say it he needed Reno to get out of this mess.
"Just stop stressing partner." Reno said with one of his customary smirks. "Look we just follow the map and head over to the sector where we can comm in. Anyway Tseng might notice we're missing and file a report. Then someone may well come and search for us. Man I hope he doesn't take that bird out of my pay." He sighed and finished his cig before heading off again. Rude held his tongue with comments about he should take the bird and all the equipment and Rude's clothes out of his pay.
"I just want to get home, and get something to drink. It's too dry out here, I don't like that."
After about five hours of looking on the map and following they still looked to Rude as though they were in the desert and no closer to a city. It was also getting dark but Reno was happily wandering along.
"So where is this place you said about? We've walked over the distance you said already I'm sure." Rude said, he didn't like the idea of being out here in the night. They didn't have anything to sleep on or anything more to eat.
"Well I did say that the map didn't look to scale." He defended himself. "Okay we can probably go for another hour before we need to find somewhere to crash." Reno said and spotted a rock. "Look cool!" He ran that way. Rude looked at it and then Reno.
"It's a rock, what's cool about a rock?" He said still sweating bricks.
"You never learnt basic skills." Reno giggled and moved the rock. Underneath there was a natural stream.
"You don't get rocks in the city like this, and if you found a stream you wouldn't drink it as they are usually coming out of someone." He pointed out; he had been fast tracked in unarmed combat, electronic devices and urban demolitions. "That's why you are trained in it and not me. The expect us to do that teamwork thing, stuff we do so well in combat, outside of that too."
"I never got trained in it I just learnt." Reno said looking at the rock before he used his hands to get some of the water. "Don't drink too much or you'll feel worse too." Reno and Rude were always causing trouble with explosions. They both loved them far too much.
"I learnt more about how to use shaped charges then you obviously." He said remembering some fun times. "Like how to shape them INTO the building not outwards. You still owe me for a jacket for that." Grinning he drank some of the water and was happy with it, though it tasted weird, like clean but no chemicals.
"I've only been on the payroll two years and learning to read took up a lot of that." He said honestly. "Right let's get going. We should go west." He said pointing to the skyline. "You'd be dead without ole Reno here."
"No, I would be in the city sitting down and eating take away food." He pointed out, reminding him about the crash. "Been on payroll for many more years then that, since I was a kid I've been training really. Just not survival, not an area they thought I would need."
"Ha and then they teamed you up with me." Reno laughed. "What you so worried about partner?" Reno pointed to a haze in the distance. "And why don't you trust me yet?"
"Obviously they wanted me to keep an eye on you, or that you showed promise. One of those two things." He said calmly. "And I don't like it here, too hot and too open. Someone could hit you with a rifle from miles away here and you'd never even hear the report." He looked Reno as he asked the final question and chuckled. "Hell no, I don't trust you as you are scruffy, turn up late to work, have only been in two years, have weird hair and also are very opinionated at times when you should be silent. Also you are left handed." He added as an afterthought.

(Sometime wandering around later the two Turks have managed to get hold of bikes too)

"Oh you want to drive?" Reno sighed and threw him the keys. "We can trade it in when we hit the outskirts. Oh and we may well be needing that tent." Reno opened his first beer and lit a cig before finishing them both and diving on the bike. He wrapped his hands quite contently around Rude with a stupid grin.
"Don't get any ideas, we just have to finish the mission." Rude said before peeling off and towards the better sectors, starting with a near wheelie which they say is not possible on the bike type that Reno had acquired.
Reno let go of Rude and grabbed on to the sidebars wondering what he meant. He kept quiet for the rest of the three-hour drive before they found somewhere to park up. It took the red head a matter of minutes to have the tent up and ready for sleeping. He then curled up on the floor beside the bike leaving Rude to have the cover.
"Reno, get in the tent. It's not like we are undressing or anything. We need to be rested for tomorrow, and I can't stand the idea of you whining about being cold or wet in the night." He said with a half smile about the whining comment, it was his own little joke.
"What was the fly comment?" Reno asked putting his jacket in the bikes hold and wandering over. He threw beers over at Rude and sat down before lighting another cig. "There's some food in the hold if you are hungry."
"It was a comment that's all. I make them alot, especially when missing work." He said, and he was missing his reporting in and his own bike and his apartment. He moved to the hold to get something to eat and chewed thoughtfully and drank the beer. "I don't like the wild at all."
"Man this is the easy life. Tseng said I'd get on with these kind of things okay." Reno said letting the comment drop. "So am I spooning you or vice versa?" He laughed.
Rude looked at him with his sunglasses, no expression. "How about, neither and you be happy with it?" He said and drank deep of his beer again.
"Man talk about being easily offended." Reno sighed and headed into the tent. He flopped onto the bedroll and moved over giving Rude plenty of room. Reno was terribly thin so he didn't need a lot of space. He shoved the electro-rod in the ground and began to doze off.
Rude waited a few minutes to finish his beer and dinner before going in and lying down on the bedroll. He hated it instantly, it was not his normal bed and he didn't like the sounds here. Where was the buzzing of the lights, or the sounds of the AC. He just couldn't sleep to start with even with the beer helping him try to drift off.
One of their bombs could have gone off and Reno wouldn't have moved. He'd learnt to sleep anywhere at any time and enjoy it while he could. When the rain started he didn't even stir. When the electrical storm started he shifted slightly but didn't seem at all bothered.
Rude was grumbling to himself most the night. The rain and the storm stopping him sleeping peacefully at all and so he was not rested at all. Rather annoyed infact all night he was.
Reno was finally woken as Rude turned over in his sleep and smacked him in the face. The young Turk jumped up and spotted that his partner really wasn't enjoying it. He grumbled for a moment and then made a mad dash out in the rain to get something from the bike. He found what he was looking for and shook Rude awake.
"Man you need all the mod cons don't you? Yo, stand aside a second." He pulled a string on a tiny little box and a nanofoam mattress ejected itself. "That better?"
Rude looked up and then down at the mattress. He was still grumbling as he got on it. "Feels ok. Thanks." He said and rolled onto his side to try to get to sleep again.
Reno just grinned before taking off his soggy clothes and curling up with a small sheet. When the morning came the Turk was fast asleep still. The sun was shining on the hot desert. Reno's red hair was a mess and his suit was all crumpled in the corner. At some point the sheet had been lost and he was happily sprawled out half snoring across the tent with just his pants on.
Rude awoke and stretched out, his back making very audible and loud cracking sounds. He looked over at Reno and just groaned. "Get dressed, its time to roll Reno." He said and got up to get out of the tent. It was too hot already and Rude was not a fan, he was sweating under his clothes and was only glad the corp material could soak it up and destroy it before it stained.
Reno grumbled awake and found his clothes that were still damp but pulled them on anyway. He was mildly impressed when he found a tie!
"Okay we should have about five hours south before we hit sector six." He giggled and pointed to a chopper. "That's probably Tseng rubbing it in too."

(okay so there could be some OOC here but we had a laught writing it)
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