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Chapter 4

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Learning the horrible truth of what the future holds Harry begins his quest to become the perfect wizard and change the future of death and destruction he's foreseen. Not realizing what the consequ...

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The next morning, Harry woke two hours early and started his chores. He wanted to be finished before breakfast and be at Ollivander's as soon as possible. He made a quick breakfast for the Dursley's, putting enough for himself in a bag to eat on the train, and then took off running for the station about two kilometers away.

Harry arrived at Ollivander's about an hour and a half later only to find it empty. He waited for several minutes but Ollivander still hadn't shown up. Harry, deciding that it was better to wait than to walk around Diagon Alley and miss him, took a seat near the door. Just as he sat down Ollivander's voice spooked him.

"You arrived earlier than I was thinking. Did you not do your chores?"

"Yes. I mean, no. I did my chores already this morning. I woke up a couple hours early so I could have them all finished by the time the Dursley's came for breakfast. Then I ran to the rail station and was lucky that I hadn't missed the early train."

"Indeed, perhaps there is hope for you yet. A small amount yes, but hope. With how you wanted everything handed to you last night, I thought perhaps you'd wait for a ride to be given to you."

Only years of dealing with the Dursley's and Snape kept him from snapping back at the old-man. Harry kept his anger in check though and managed to answer, "I do not have everything handed to me and I don't want them handed to me. You've seen a little of my life, you know I work hard."

"Is that so Mr. Potter? Was it not you who admitted that you had not worked hard on your studies? That you preferred to play childish games with your friend instead?"

Harry wanted to deny it, but couldn't. Ollivander was right, he hadn't tried. Only when Hermione badgered him did he really study, but he wasn't going to let Ollivander make it seem like he was Malfoy, who got anything he wanted handed to him.

"That's different, I slacked off with Ron, but I still did my homework and while I'm not the highest in the class I have good grades. I've also had Quidditch practice at all hours of the day since my first year. I am not used to getting things handed to me; I've worked like a slave most my life and am not some pampered boy!"

Unfortunately Harry's anger was slowly starting to show as he kept talking, though he managed to keep a lid on most of it. "And I didn't know that I wasn't ready for the bonding because you never mentioned it. Maybe it was stupid of me to think it would be so easy, but how can you insult me just because I asked a question you hadn't explained to me!"

Contrary to what Harry expected Ollivander smiled when Harry finished his small rant. "Yes, yes. Very good. Patience, righteous anger, courage, initiative, discipline, and at least a little self-confidence. You will need them all to succeed, though we must work on your self-confidence more. Yes, overall better than I had expected from you."

It took Harry a moment to get over the change in Ollivander, but then it clicked. "That was a test!"

"A test? No, no test Mr. Potter. Though you will be tested, many times. That was the power of Observation."

"Observation, it seems, is one more skill we must work on. We shall not waste too much on it though, as I have heard of your skills as a Quidditch seeker. This is very similar, you must mealy learn to observe at all times instead of only when playing Quidditch."

"Enough of for now though. I have much to do and you have much to learn. Your first elixir needs nearly an hour more to settle before you may ingest it. In the back to the left there is a comfortable chair you may use."

As Harry sat down on the chair he noticed that a few books were next to it on a small table. Picking them up he saw that the first one was a slim book called Ancient Origins, the second was Wizarding Customs at a Glance: The Definitive Guide for Muggleborns; the third book was labeled Runic Ruins; and the fourth was simply labeled Spells. Harry grabbed the last book and began reading.

Unfortunately the book turned out to be about using Arithmancy to alter spells. Having listened to Hermione over part of the last year he knew what the general idea of Arithmancy but this book was far too advanced for him. But since he wasn't really interested in any of the books, and there was nothing else to do in the shop, he kept.

After a while of glancing through the book Harry felt a strange tingle going through his body. Looking up he saw Ollivander standing there, his wand in his hand.

"It was nothing bad Mr. Potter. A spell to help begin preparing your body for the bonding is all. It will need to be cast many times throughout the summer. Come, your elixir is ready."

The old wizard handed him a small glowing bottle and Harry gasped when his fingers touched it, it was freezing.

"Be careful with that!"

Harry drank the Elixir and was surprised to find it didn't taste awful. It tasted good in fact, nothing like what he'd come to expect from potions. He wasn't sure how to describe it but it was nothing like he had ever experienced before. His body felt lighter, as if he could jump and start flying, his skin was tingling and had goose bumps everywhere.

"Wh... What did it do?"

"It will help strengthen the magical pathways in your body. You must digest the Elixir at close to the same time everyday for two weeks. It will not increase the amount of magic you can do but, over the two weeks your pathways will become strong enough to withstand the abrupt changes the bonding will cause."

"While relatively simple to produce by any skilled Alchemist, the Elixir requires the use of many rare magical substances. Most are extremely rare and a few have even been extinct for quite some time. Luckily, those which are extinct serve as a catalyst and can be used many times before they dissolve completely."

Harry couldn't believe it. Alchemy Elixirs alone were extremely rare, but to have extinct ingredients as well... The potion must have been worth a fortune. And Ollivander had just given it to him!

"Why are you doing so much to help me?" He asked. "I mean, um... It's not that I don't appreciate the help but..."

Ollivander didn't seem upset at his outburst. "Yes, I was wondering when you would get to asking that question. Though, it is not an easy question to answer."

"You wish to know why I helped you when you came to my shop a week ago yes? That, I can answer simply. I was bored."

"To the young, everyday is an adventure, always something new to learn, to explore, to understand. As you age though, you will find that life is less and less the adventure it once was and more and more monotonous. When you are as old as I, weeks and months can disappear just as hours and days once did. You, Mr. Potter, I agreed to help simply because I hoped it might prove interesting."

"Why did I suggest the bonding between your wand and yourself? Now that is more complicated, and in no small part due to vanity."

"For over two-thousand years my family has been crafting magical foci. In all that time never has there been another better than an Ollivander! But I am the last of my line, and the last true crafter alive. I am an old man Mr. Potter, and like all things my days are numbered. Soon my time on this world will come to an end."

"While a select few of the wand-makers are decent, none are true crafters. Many of these whelps are nothing more than amateurs, merely putting pieces together as if a wand was furniture! The thought of the Ollivander name being associated with those... charlatans is enough to give me nightmares."

"Yet, what can I do? All things are forgotten and Ollivander's will be no different. But, if I were to do what none else have done. To bring out the true potential of a wand, to help you become not only the greatest wizard alive but potentially one of the greatest to have ever lived! Then the memory of my wands would live on, with you!"

For the next week and a half Harry's life fell into a somewhat familiar routine, and for the second time he wanted to thank Oliver Wood for having such early morning Quidditch practices. The first time being after they won the Quidditch cup. He woke every morning before six to do his chores and have breakfast ready for the Dursley's, then run to the rail station and head to Ollivander's.

On the train he'd eat his breakfast and read one of his books. Ollivander taught him how to cast the notice-me-not charm before he left the first day and now Harry did it to his books and robes every morning inside the Pensieve. It actually turned out to be quite useful since he didn't have to buy a rail pass as no one noticed him getting on the train every morning. The added benefit of the seat next to him always being empty, leaving him room to relax and read, was quite nice as well.

Once at the shop Ollivander would cast a few spells on him, give him the Elixir, and then leave him to study in the back. Occasionally though, a few customers would be there when he arrived and he'd wait patiently in the back room for Ollivander to finish.

The books on Ancient Runes and Arithmancy that Ollivander selected the first day were far too advanced for him to understand, but he skimmed through them anyway. Ollivander explained the advanced books were to show not what he'd be learning over the next couple years, but what could be done with the knowledge afterwards. And after skimming through both books Harry understood Ollivander's reasoning.

Being able to alter spells and create your own spells was really cool. It was Ancient Runes that sparked Harry's interest though. While creating magical runes was an extremely long and complex process, the power and potential it held seemed to make it well worth the effort.

Runes were really just another form of spell creation and casting but they didn't use your own magic like wands did. Instead they used the natural magic that was everywhere around you. The rune's design, material, sequence, and the creator's intent all determined under what conditions it'd activate and what effect the magic had. Runes could be used to create devices like the Pensieve, to create wards, to power spells for decades, and even to cast spells by drawing the runes in mid-air.

Ollivander set up a schedule for Harry the first day. One morning and early afternoon he'd read or listen to Ollivander about Wizarding history and culture. Then the next morning was for defense, charms, and, to his disgust, potions. The third morning was dedicated to transfiguration and Ancient Ruins. Mid afternoon to early evening was spent mostly on practical lessons in the Pensieve, though when he became too tired, he'd listen to Ollivander if he wasn't busy with customers, or wander around Diagon Alley.

Lunch was an especially good time for Harry; he'd grab a bite from Tom in the Leaky Cauldron and top it off with dessert from Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor. Over the first week Harry had seen a few people that he knew from Hogwarts but he hadn't seen any of his friends yet. Thankfully only once had all the tourists realized that he was 'The Harry Potter'.

It happened the first time he'd gone for ice cream at Florean's. He'd gone to eat ice cream after getting frustrated with not understanding some of the basic wizarding history Ollivander made him read and Mr. Fortescue welcomed him as Mr. Potter, a group nearby heard.

It instantly became a nightmare for Harry, people trying to talk to him and shake his hand everywhere he turned, being poked and prodded as if he was some sort of creature in a zoo. It took over ten minutes for Harry to escape and then even longer for order to be restored. After that Florean and Ollivander talked to all the workers in Diagon Alley, making make sure everyone called him Harry from then on, not Mr. Potter.

A little after seven Harry would leave to go back to the Dursley's, usually grabbing some dinner to go from the Leaky Cauldron on the way. Like the mornings the spell on his robes and books made sure he was left alone on the train. He'd eat and read while trying to observe his surroundings like Ollivander suggested.

That night was his first deviation from his schedule, when he entered his room he found Errol sitting near Hedwig's case and Ron's new owl a flying around the room wreaking havoc. Harry quickly tore the letter from the little owl and shoved it out the window. He took the package from Errol and let him rest a bit before sending him off.

Hey mate,

I got a letter from Hermione. Can you believe she already has all her homework done? Of course you can. Mental I tell you. She sent you a letter too, it's the other one. Hope the Muggles aren't too bad, my brothers Bill and Charlie are spending the summer here and it's been great! Played a lot of Quidditch and you should hear the stories about the dragons and tombs. I can't wait for the World Cup! Cannons nearly one their last game, next year is their year mate, I know it! Mitch was injured and they're using their reserve, Terrance. After he got on the field, they improved a ton! They have a real chance this year. I overheard dad mention something about you coming over before term starts so we'll play Quidditch then.
Can't wait to see you play against my older brother Charlie. I've been watching him play and he's good, but with your Firebolt he doesn't stand a chance!

Dear Harry,

Have you begun doing your homework? You really should start. I learned so much about the upcoming year by completing the assignments and can't wait for school to start again. Have you heard from him? I don't expect you have, he must be far away by now.

My vacation has been very educational so far. The open market was incredible, only slightly smaller than Diagon Alley and they sell the most amazing wares. It was incredibly exciting and I learned so much. The museum and the library are completely different then back in London. It really is amazing to see the different views other countries have of the same events.

We're going to Venice next and I really must pack my things but I wanted to write you and Ron before we left. We'll be on a ship for two weeks visiting locations throughout the Mediterranean Sea. I don't think I'll be able to find an owl near your birthday but know that I'll be thinking of you.

Happy Early Birthday!


Harry couldn't help but smile as he read the letters. /It's nice to have friends for once/.

He wrote a reply back to each of them, hoping Hermione would be able to receive messages where ever she was when Hedwig made it to her. He didn't tell them about Ollivander yet, or about the dreams. Those, he decided, would be better told in person. He did tell Hermione that while he hadn't started his homework yet, he'd been studying a lot more and actually found himself enjoying some of it.

Ron, he told about all the visitors to Diagon Alley and how most were here for the World Cup. He agreed with Ron that with a new Keeper the Cannons would have a better shot this year. Truthfully he didn't believe they'd have a comeback anytime soon, but with Ron it was just easier to agree when talking about the Cannons.

The next morning went completely off Harry's routine. He woke up, very late. Aunt Petunia was pounding on his door, yelling at him for not having breakfast ready. By the time he made breakfast he'd missed the train to London and ended up having to go to a different station to make the next train.

He stopped just inside of Ollivander's to dry himself off, nothing wanting to get the story dirty. Unfortunately, another person, probably trying to do the same thing, ran in through the door collided with him, both falling to the floor.

"What the..." Harry started to say but didn't get to finish as a third person ran in through the door and tripped over the two already on the floor, adding to the pile.

He heard a little girl's voice yell, "Uggh! Get off me!"

Another voiced replied, "It's not my fault twerp, what were you doing on the floor?"

And then a third voice added, "Enough you two. Stop fighting and get up, now!"

Finally the two girls were off of him and Harry was able to get up and saw the two girls were being scolded by their mum in the corner. The little girl looked around 11 and Harry figured she was probably here to get her first wand. The second girl, probably an older sister, looked to be a little shorter than himself and her wet top clung to her body quite nicely, though Ollivander clearing his throat interrupted Harry's chance for a closer look.

Ollivander did not look pleased with Harry, "You are late and your appearance is atrocious."

"I had to run the last bit in the rain. I got here as quick as I could though. I didn't mess up everything did I? I know you said it had to be taken about the same time."

"Fortunately you have not, with each dose taken the timing matters less. The elixir is on the table near your chair, drink it and clean yourself."

Afterwards he went back out to the main room where there were already several wand cases lying around. It seemed that the little girl was as difficult a client as he had been.

Harry was hoping not to disturb them, but Ollivander, who seemed to have eyes in the back of his head turned and asked what was wrong.

"Nothing sir, I left my bag by the door is all."


Turning around he saw the girl that had landed on him earlier, only this time he could see her face.

"Katie, hi."

"Wow, you changed! I mean, you know. You've grown. I didn't even recognize you at first, not tell you spoke anyways. I thought you were shorter than me. Guess I just didn't notice you grow because I saw you everyday."

Harry looked down at himself. H didn't think he'd grown much, but was pretty sure he'd been shorter than Katie as well. Katie was probably right, he thought, he probably hadn't noticed it because he saw her everyday in school.

"Sorry about landing on you earlier." She said as she walked over to him.

"That's okay." He told her, "I shouldn't have stopped inside the door."

"I'm sorry too." Harry looked towards the voice and saw the little girl walk towards him, the mother following. "I shouldn't have been running."

"There's no problem, really. And I don't know about not running, I'd been running to get out of the rain too." He sheepishly admitted to the little girl.

Katie then introduced him to her little sister Alexia, and mother, Cephia.

"What are you doing here, Harry? You didn't break your wand did you?"

"No, err..." Harry wasn't sure exactly what to tell her, so decided on the truth, just not the whole truth. "Mr. Ollivander is helping me some. You know I'm clueless to a lot of the wizarding world, being raised by Muggles and all. So he's teaching me some things during the summer."

"And the Muggles let you do that? I thought they were like really horrible to you."

"Well, they were at first, but my Uncle made the mistake of saying some things in front of Mr. Ollivander. I'm still not sure what he said because he sent me out of the room, but my relatives completely ignore me now! It's been the best summer so far."

Katie was staring at him and Harry felt like he was under a micro-scope. "Your glasses!" She said after a moment, "That's what's so different. You got rid of those awful things."

Harry laughed and told her a short version about how he got rid of his glasses. He was most the way through telling his story when they heard an excited scream and clapping. A wand finally picked Alexia. Katie hugged her little sister and Harry congratulated her as well.

He was just saying goodbye when Alexia mentioned getting ice cream as a late birthday present. At the mention of food Harry's stomached growled quite loudly, he blushed.

They invited him to come along and he tried to turn it down, but his stomach growled again. All that running and not having breakfast had made him hungry. Ollivander settled the matter when commented that growing boys never learn well on an empty stomach.
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