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Battling for life. Battling for love. Under the perfect and strong facade of his, lies a man who struggles to find happiness through the life he was born into. Because it's hard, especially when yo...

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The white snow continued to fall from the clear blue sky just like how it was on that same fateful day. The temperature was almost low that will freeze you to death if you will stay outside longer.But here, stood a short lean male who whould've never thought of standing in a place like this. A place so lonely, lifeless, deathly quiet and abandoned.

The only thing that filled his mind at this moment was the memories, the memories of their sad and painful past.

"Can you believe how many years it has been?" Ramuda's warm breath was visible due to the dry winter air. He took few steps forward before slowly placing a red rose down. The red of the petals looked and stood out on top of the white roses. He retreated back his steps before his eyes gazed up to the sky.

A snowflake landed gently on his warm cheek. It felt cold, like how this world was. Every year, Ramuda would visit and bring with him a red rose. Today is the sixth time.

Six years had gone past and yet, it still felt like it was just yesterday when Ramuda lost Jakurai. He lived through these six years with regret and with a throbbing heart which seemed to never heal. If there was a possibility of going back to the past, he'd take it. Even if it'll cost his life. He would do to change their fate. To change Jakurai's fate.

"I miss you."

He painfully whispered out. He was supposed to be moving on. Praying and saying those words won't make a difference. He was only causing himself more pain and heartache because

the person whom he longed for

the person whom lives within his heart

the person whom exists in his memories

the person whom appears before him in his dreams

was never coming back.

His posse stood next to him. Dice held unto Ramuda's right cold hand. "Your hands are damn freezing. If you continue to stand here you will get sick." Suddenly, Gentaro also held Ramuda's left cold hand. "Dice is right. We don't want someone to get sick here. Why don't we go to a coffee shop to warm ourselves."

His grip on their hands tightened before he turned to face them.

"Ramuda?" Dice called out with a worried look in his face.

He had noticed that their hands were cold, the tip of their nose was red. This probably due to their waiting for him. As much as he wanted to stay, he couldn't.

He knew Jakurai was never coming back. Ever.

Ramuda love his new posse and he allowed them to be by his side, this was all he needed.
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