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A sweet high school experience

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After Clementine is faced with over coming her trauma from her past and is welcomed in a different way by one of her good friends, her life begins to change. Will it be a positive change? Rated R s...

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First, let’s get the new ages on the table!

Violet- 17 11th grade

Clem- 15 10th grade

Louis- 16 10th grade

Brody- 17 11th grade

Marlon- 17 11th grade

Ruby- 16 10th grade

Aasim- 17 11th grade

Willy- 11 6th grade

Mitch- 16 10th grade

Aj- 4 pre-school

Lee- 35 History Professor

Tenn- 11 6th grade

Now let’s start!

It was the first day of school, the first day of 10th grade for Clementine. She had gotten up extra early to get Aj and herself around; since Aj also started his first day of preschool today, no more babysitting.

Before heading to the bathroom to start the shower for her and Aj, she laid out clean clothes for both her and Aj bringing them to the bathroom counter. Clementine and Lee had spent so much money on all his clothes for preschool.

After starting the shower, she went to Aj’s bed in her room, gently laying a hand on Aj’s side. “Hey Goofball, it’s time to get up. We gotta go school.” Her voice was soft and sweet.

Aj smiled before opening his eyes, blinking away the sleepiness in his eyes. “School? Already?” After asking, he immediately sat up, obviously being excited.

Clementine nodded. “Yep! Let’s be quiet, grandpa is still asleep.” (Grandpa referring to Lee) She picked Aj up gently, taking him to the bathroom to take a shower together to get ready.

Lee started to wake up and get ready as they took a shower. He started to cook breakfast. He made Clementine’s favorite, and a separate cooking for Aj’s favorite.

Clementine’s favorite was a lot healthy than Aj’s, but she never brought that up since Aj was just a kid. Her breakfast was eggs, biscuits, and orange juice. Aj’s was bacon, eggs, sausage, and orange juice. Lee usually just ate eggs and sausages with a side of orange juice, but he sometimes didn’t eat anything.

After Clementine and Aj’s shower, Clementine dried both her and Aj, got both of them dressed, fixed up each other’s hair, and fixed her makeup with Aj staring in amazement.

Leaving the bathroom, they were welcomed with a good breakfast in the dining room. Clementine was holding Aj, smiling. “Thank you dad. It looks amazing.” Clementine thanked Lee. Even though she was adopted, she calls him dad in appreciation.

“You’re welcome sweet pea. I didn’t want you and Aj to leave with an empty stomach.” Lee smiled. “And since it’s the first day, I decided to make your favorites.”

Aj smiled looking at the food as Clementine put him in a chair beside her’s and went to make Aj’s plate. ”Thank you, grandpa!” Aj thanked Lee sweetly.

Lee smiled looking back at Aj. “You’re welcome, Aj.” After speaking, he picked up some clean clothes and carried them into the bathroom to take his own shower.

Clementine made her and Aj’s plate, sat them down, then went back to get their drinks. She got Aj’s sippy cup and filled it with orange juice. For herself and Lee, she got two glass cups and filled them with orange juice as well.

“Here ya go Aj.” Clementine’s voice was cheerful as she handed him the sippy and put down the two cups she had.

“Thank you C-Clem.” Aj struggled a bit with speech, but was pretty intelligent for a 4 year old. Clementine tried her best to teach him while still doing school. She was only 16 after all.

As Aj drank and ate, Clementine fixed Lee’s plate as well, smiling. After fixing everybody’s plates, she sat and finally began to ate.


After Lee got out of the shower, everybody ate, and everybody got fully ready Clementine began to buckle Aj in his car seat in the back. Aj smiled watching the buckles, knowing he wouldn’t have to go to the babysitter this morning.

Lee and Clementine got in the front, after putting their bags for work and school in the back, including Aj’s small backpack. “I’m ready.” Clementine spoke, buckling up.

Lee nodded starting the car, watching Aj through the rear view mirror. “Are you excited, Aj?” Lee asked smiling.

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