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Stalin and Lenin: A Communist Love Story

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Lenin comes from the past in a time machine to see Stalin, and they have a good time.

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It's 7:30 in the morning in Russia of 1943, and Joseph Stalin, dictator of the USSR, sips a cup of coffee in his guarded home, preparing for the day ahead. His thick mustache moves slightly to the breeze coming from his open window. With a sigh, Stalin puts on his uniform, and heads outside.

Suddenly, out of thin air, a metal box appears in the sky and lands on the ground. Guards point their guns at the mysterious object, and a door opens. Emerging from it is none other than Vladamir Lenin, former leader of the USSR.

Startled, a guard fires his gun, and the bullet goes straight into Lenin's stomach. He falls to the ground, groaning in pain.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!" yells Stalin, as he runs toward the body. Lenin wasn't doing well, and he would die soon. Stalin picks up the body and sprints half a mile to the nearest hospital.

"Please wait in the waiting room and we'll do what we can, sir." says one of the medics. Shedding a few tears, Stalin slowly makes his way to the waiting room and anxiously waits.

Hours of worry and sorrow later, a man emerges from one of the rooms in a wheelchair, being escorted by a nurse. "Lenin!" exclaimed Stalin, running toward him in tears of joy. After paying the medical bill, the two go back to Stalin's home.

Stalin asks Lenin, "Why did you go forward in time to see me?"
"I just wanted to check in and see how things were going in the USSR" answers Lenin.

After chatting for a bit, Stalin switches on the TV, and they start watching the news. Stalin is attracted by the newslady speaking, and his penis starts to poke through his uniform. Nervously, Stalin says, "The news is boring today, I'm going to change the channel." As he goes to the TV and changes the channel, Lenin notices Stalin's thicc ass, and his penis pokes through his hospital clothes as well.

As Stalin switches through the channels, he sees a stripper for a second on the TV, and his boner grows larger. He finds a good channel for Lenin and tells him that he needs to use the restroom. Sweating, Stalin rips off his pants and starts jerking off intensely. He climaxes, and cums all over the bathroom wall.

Curious, Lenin looks through the crack of the door to see if everything is alright. Instantly, he sees the semen and Stalin's 7 inch dick. Horny, Lenin rips off strips off his clothes and swings open the door. The two start getting hot at the sight of each other, and Lenin goes on his knees and starts deepthroating Stalin. He moans in pleasure, and drops another load into Lenin's mouth, oozing out of the sides of his lips. Stalin gets on top of Lenin and gets into intense anal sex. They fuck all night.

Part 2 maybe lol
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