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The Shadows - Chapter Two

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A man goes around and he is trying to find his past. He knows it, but he yet he doesn't. His travels lead him into danger but he has one goal: find his family or what is left of it.

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He slumped against the wall, too weak to walk or move. Every breath racked his body with pain. Every second hurt.
'Move!' He thought. 'Get up, or you’re dead. Move now.'
No matter how hard he tried, his limbs wouldn’t obey. He knew he was in no position to walk, and he had lost nearly a third of his blood from many wounds. Since he couldn’t walk, he began to crawl.
It was humiliating and painful and slow. After ten minutes, he stopped and tried to stand. After two failed attempts, he stood, leaning against the wall with his eyes closed, muscles clenched.
He heard a small gasp, and something soft dropped to the ground. Opening his eyes, he saw a small girl with a soft cotton doll at her feet. Her eyes were wide, with shock, fear, or awe, he did not know.
“Daddy!” she shrieked. “Daddy!”
As a man with dark hair ran to the girl, a fresh wave of pain washed over the man. With a shuttering gasp of air, his knees gave, and he collapsed. The man’s yelp of alarm was the last thing he remembered.
✴ ✴ ✴ ✴ ✴ ✴
Sweet, silent darkness. Then a flash of white pain shot through his vision, and his limbs seemed to burn with fiery heat.
A groan escaped his lips before he could stifle it. Then he heard voices shushing one another.
“I think he’s waking up.” One said.
“Be quiet. Maybe he’ll fall asleep again.” another said.
More voices joined, in hushed tones, so he did not hear.
Another wave of pain washed over him, and his vision flashed white. Another followed, then another.
This time, he did not try to stifle the groans. A hand touched his chest, and his eyes flew open. Instinct makes him sit up and grab the person roughly.
But he soon releases them as more excruciating pain washes over him, and he couldn’t help but cry out. He heard feet shuffling, and other feet move away from him. He curled up and let out another piteous noise, as his breath and heart rate speed up.
His eyes take in a dark room, with two small children standing in the doorway, as several adults stand in the room. The little girl he saw before was there, as was her father. He was sitting on the floor, massaging his wrist.
The little girl took a step towards the man in black, but her father stopped her.
“Diane, wait. You don’t know how he’ll react. He’s unstable.” he said in a soothing tone.
“But Daddy!”
The man closed his eyes, focusing on controlling his breathing. Another groan escaped him, and the father’s gaze returned to him. Caution reflected in his eyes, he spoke gently and slowly started to move to the man.
“You’re okay. You don’t need to fear us. We are here to help.” he said. “It’s okay. We won’t hurt you.”
“Where am I? Who are you?” his voice was on edge, near panic.
The other man shifted his position so he was in a comfortable position.
“To answer your questions, this is my home. Wait. Are you hurt?” the stranger asked, for the man had let out a muffled groan. He moved towards the man with a look of concern but moved too fast.
Instincts took control, and he moved away quickly, resulting in a hot flash of white pain, and he grits his teeth, in order not to cry out.
“Hey, easy there. I just want to help. My name is Zaryton. Tron for short. When you collapsed in the alley, I got you in my car and brought you to my home. You have been unconscious for nearly 24 hours.” He spoke very gently, as to not startle the man.
Tron turned towards a little girl that stood behind him. “Diane?”
“Yes, Daddy?” the girl replied. She had dark brown hair like her father but had dark blue eyes instead of hazel.
“Do you remember where your mother put the pain medication?”
“No. Why?”
“I need you to find it. The man needs it. Please try to find it quickly.” Tron said gently. “Now, go. And be quick!”
The little girl ran out of the room as fast as she could go. The man tried to hold in his cries. The pain was all over his body, never lingering, always moving and shifting in position and intensity. His entire body tensed up as he silently screamed and doubled over.
Everything was going in slow motion as pain took over his senses and muddled his thoughts and blinded him. His scream echoed as the men tried to hold him down. His body convulsed randomly and he lost control of his body.
More men came into the room and helped to seize him and hold him down. Sobs shook his body and tears ran down his face as slowly he blacked out again.
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