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Happy for Her

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[One-sided InoHina][Drabble][Part of 'Lavender'] Ino is getting married. Not particularly angsty; there's no "general"

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Disclaimer: Thank goodness Dustbunny doesn't own /Naruto/!

A/N: I wanted to write an Inata with a happy ending since the last one ended on a sour note. Instead I wrote this. What goes around comes around, I suppose.


"I'm so happy for you, Ino," Hinata says with a soft smile.

"Me too," Ino nearly giggles. "Really, though, does the dress make me look fat? I guess it shouldn't matter, all things considered, but-"

"You look great. Quit fishing for compliments," Sakura rolls her eyes affectionately, adding a final touch to Ino's hair.

"You're really beautiful, Ino," Hinata assures quietly from behind them, hurting to touch Ino's hair herself.

The mirror reflects Ino's pretty face, radiant with joy in anticipation of her wedding. Seeing Ino so happy makes Hinata's heart flutter painfully.

But Hinata is happy for her. Really.


Not my best work, I'll admit. Please take a moment to comment
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