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Portal:Into Catperture

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After Wheatley is shuttled back to Aperture, the perpetual testing initiative goes a little overboard...and it's all thanks to him.

Category: Sci-Fi - Rating: PG - Genres: Crossover - Warnings: [?] - Published: 2019-05-01 - 541 words

Note: I know it's not original. But Portal is not a category. Yet.

´╗┐It was storming at Aperture.

Ever since Wheatley had been shuttled back to Aperture, he had been assigned a new job, Chamber Maintenance and robot repair. It was a job that GLaDOS said that “The little moron won’t mess up.”. She was wrong. Since he got back, Virgil and AMDOS had to keep him away from buttons, the Android Hell release lever, manual facility control, sensitive breakable parts, cryo beds, and DOS control possessing buttons. He had already sent Aperture to the surface, put AMDOS in control of the facility, broke 3 cryo beds (And had the test subjects scream at him for 6 hours because of it), and opened android hell. It couldn’t get worse.
Or so they thought.
Virgil and Wheatley were maintaining the facility’s power so the place wouldn’t overload on power. GLaDOS was on a different power system so she couldn’t be shut down by lightning, but that meant no control over the power system, so they had to maintain the breaker. Now, the breaker was situated in the same room as the TDBrift, so that made for a disaster. “Now, Wheatley, don’t press anything. ANYTHING. Or I’m sending you to android hell.” Dissed Virgil. “Oh, you can’t do anything mate. Only she can open that place.” Virgil turned on his rail. “You don’t think I’m dumb, do you? Look, you opened that place without HER conformation.” Wheatley’s optic narrowed. He was onto him. “Oh, I won’t press anything. You forgot to mention pulling things.” Wheatley then saved this file, so he wouldn’t scream at him. For once he would be right! “Oh, what’s this? Virgil, could you tell me?” Virgil turned around, gave a halfhearted look, and turned back to the breaker. “It’s the dimension control. Tells the TDBrift what to do.” “And what does the TDBrift do?” Wheatley’s optic began to look more and more like he was gonna do it. “It turns things into other things. That one is pointed at the reflector. It scatters the blast over Aperture, turning everything into the dominant species of that dimension. And it’s controlled by a leve-“ There was a sssss.Then the announcer spoke. “Dimension chosen. Warning. Admin permission not granted. Initiate manual override?” “Yes.” “NO!” “Error. Two answers given. Proceeding with first answer.” Virgil glared at Wheatley. “You’ve really done it this time, Wheatley.” Wheatley made a couple of beeps, and out it came. “You never told me that I couldn’t pull any levers.” Virgil let out a synthesized growl. “You had the last laugh.” Then the blast. Wheatley would have described it as ‘bloody hell’ but he was too much in pain. Then, a wonderful sound. The scream of GLaDOS. He tried to sigh, but the attempt failed. The pain slowly subsided, and a memory came to him. “Mummy, will you ever call me a moron?” “No, son.” Really?” “Cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye!” Caroline laughed playfully. This time, there was a pain not physical, but, mental. Wheatley was filled with pain and sorrow. “You promised.”
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