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Mobian inhibitor ring

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My story different with chaos elemental guardian I hope u be kind not mean wen u have read my story

Category: D.N.Angel - Rating: G - Genres: Crossover - Published: 2019-05-15 - 359 words

Time 6:12 at night in the earth dimension a 16 year old Chris thorndyke
Sigh 6 long years since I've seen sonic n the others I miss shadow as well
But sonic the most thought Chris oh what am I doing I am a human male n
Sonic he a mobian hedgehog of only three was away for me become a mobian
Thought Chris wen out of light a half ice white n ice blue for throndyke
Gothic style royal warp dimension inhibitor ring with Chris thorndyke 1th
Royal family crest on it with a half gold n scarlet red
Bubble shape magical chaos warp dimension Crystal
In the middle of the gothic style royal warp dimension inhibitor ring
Like sidge zero inhibitor rings on his right hand making Chris
Glow Amber Orange with midnight black static markings on his quills n arms n legs n his forehead n his quills like his hair before n
Midnight black a round his beautiful ocean sea blue eyes n
His skin tone like before on his face n ears n
Midnight black and of his ears n hands n feet n tail n
He age 16 but stop ageing age 26 n he ageless n immortal n
The same height as sonic height n
Now Chris he as static n electric n thunder chaos powers n ability n the ability to have 6 children born each time in clear egg shape Crystal n
The ability to run very fast n fly fast n breath under water n on land n in space n Chris he was now very powerful n strong in every dimension n universe n he as new clothing half midnight black n gold gothic style hoodie muscle top open n short finger less gloves n hoodie jacket like assassin creed like jacket n hover shoes like silver the hedgehog shoes n
Half ice white n ice blue for thorndyke
Static n electric n thunder shape staff with a magical chaos Crystal on it n a half ice white n ice blue for thorndyke warp dimension portal door with
Thorndyke royal family crest on it n a wrap dimension chaos Crystal on it
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