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Mobian inhibitor ring

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Awe Chris going to have a new adventure I hope He gets to see sonic n the others again

Category: Cowboy Bebop - Rating: G - Genres: Romance - Published: 2019-05-15 - 306 words

Time skip time 9:08 at night Chris he yawned as he rub his ocean sea blue eyes
Oh man what happened all I remember I was thinking about sonic n the others n a flash of light then blank ah what is this half ice white n ice blue gothic style warp dimension inhibitor ring infect I have got 3 others as well oh
Wow I got some cool clothing n some kind of hover shoes oh wow what the I am a mobian male hedgehog yes thought Chris little did Chris know he was not
Just a mobian male hedgehog but a hermaphrodite mobian hedgehog permanent
Oh gosh how am I going to explain to mom n dad mmm since dad on his trip n
Mom on tour while doing her next film festival that left grandpa
Thought Chris a bit nervous wen Chris u home my boy ask Chuck yeah grandpa
Am in my room ok mmm grandpa your not going to believe this but something
As happened said Chris oh what the matter Chris why do u have a hoodie on
Ask Chuck concern about his grandson well u know how strange things that happened Chuck nod his head well I sat down on my bed thinking about sonic n the others n I know Chris I missed them as well a special tails well anyway
I wished that I cud be a mobian wen that wen out of light this
Half ice white n ice blue gothic style warp dimension inhibitor ring it went
Onto my right hand wen I add awaken this add happened said Chris
As he pulled down the hoodie hat showing what he now looks like
Check was in shock his 16 year old grandson was no longer a human but
A very powerful mobian male hermaphrodite hedgehog permanent
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