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This story takes place in the year of 2057 and all of the dynasty warriors got along. Dun and his girl, Kohana, relax from their busy lives (Kohana being a musician and actress and Dun being a warr...

Category: Dynasty Warriors - Rating: R - Genres: Drama, Erotica, Romance - Characters: Xiahou Dun - Warnings: [X] - Published: 2006-09-21 - Updated: 2006-09-21 - 373 words

"What are you doing" asked Dun. "Trying to find my key have you seen it?" asked Kohana. "No but what's the rush?". "I have a meeting in an hour so I need to get ready". "So when is the CD going to be released?". "I don't know that's why I am going to the meeting today they also want me to run some more songs and I am having a concert in a week" says Kohana.

(Later that night)

"I've had such a long day. Did you miss me?" asked Kohana. "Yea I spent the day listenting to my brother complain about his wife" replies Dun. "I am so sorry." she says and then kisses him. When she backs away he pulls here back in and he kisses her. "So you really did miss me" says Kohana. She then goes in their room and takes a shower and Dun goes on the computer. It was 2:00 a.m. and Kohana is fixing things on her dresser. Dun walks up behind her and then begins to kiss her neck. She turns towards him and says "you scared the mess outta me" and he says "then i am doin my job right". She then kisses him while pushing him towards the bed. "Who's in control now" says kohana. "I am" he says and before she knew it he had flipped their postions and she was sitting on the bed and her panties were no longer on. (She was wearing a long t-shirt with a bra and underwear only). She gave him a puzzled look and then he pulled her in and kissed her. He separated her legs and took his hand and began teasing her in her area. She then began to take his shirt of and began to kiss him on his neck while taking his pants off. "Wait who's in control here" he says. "Obviosly me" she replies. He then pushes her back so she lay on the bed and then covers her with his body. He then goes inside of her and this time they were actually making love at a slow pace. They made love several more times that night.

Read the next chapter to see what happens to this happy couple.
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