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A Night Of Interracial Futarari Plundering

by BaskliskFutaQueen 1 review

A Couple Comes Home And Wife Is Taken By An Ebony Futa Thief.

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My name is Martha Addams and I'm a beautiful woman I have long strawberry blonde hair that reaches down to my waist, a pair of huge basketball sized breast that are perfectly round, a pair of both well toned muscled arms and legs, a medium sized potbelly, a plump round yet tight butt and a smooth hairless tight pussy that just wants to be stretched wide by a big, thick and long penis. Tonight was my husband and mine official date night something I look forward to as my husband does not thrill me in the bedroom do to his less than advenge penis. Tonight my husband took me to a very sexual play in the hope of turning me on which it did but not for my husband. The play featured an all female cast of beautiful women all the players had massive round breast that could barely be held by their costumes in some cases the actress was striped and the other women would suck on her breast while other women would strip and display enormous and very real penises between their beautiful muscular legs and would then slam the enormous beast into one of the actress while rubbing the woman huge round belly and breast. It was as I watched the play that I came to decide that I would have sex with only women and never with my husband. But now we are pulling into our driveway and my husband is looking at me with lust not aware he will not be with me tonight. As we climbed out of the car I quickly walk to the front door and unlock the door before walking in as I cross the threshold I hear a quiet (click) of a gun in the direction of the living room as I turn to the sound my husband enters the house and grabs my wide hips causing me to throw up my well tone arm hitting him in the head which sends him to the floor. As my husband yells holding his face a woman's silky smooth voice speaks "Well hello there lovebirds about time you returned home" turning to the voice I saw sitting in the corner a woman at least the tight cloths revealed a woman's figute. The woman wore a black masked that only showed her mouth and eyes, a tight black sweatshirt that molded to her massive yoga sized breast and a huge round belly that looked as though she were four months pregnant the sweatshirt also fit very tightly to a pair of enormous muscular arms, she wore a pair of tight black sweatpants that fit tightly over her enormous muscular legs and showed a huge bulge in the crotch and down one of her legs, while also wearing black fingerless gloves and black combat boots. In a beautiful but deadly voice the masked figure spoke as she lifted a black pistol at us "Hands up this is I robbery now I'll be taking all your jewels beutiful lady and what you have in that safe behind the painting, now you my beautiful lady take this rope and tie your husband up then come here". Looking at the woman then the rope she had pick up off the side table then my weak husband I gently lick my licks before quickly grabbing the rope and pushing my weak husband toward a wood chair that was sitting in the center of the floor. As I pushed him toward the chair he began to yell " what are you doing your stupid woman stop pushing me call the police" not liking his tone I punched him in the back of the head as hard as I could causing him to fall on the chair before I grabbed the back of his shirt and pulling him into the chair as I did the buttons on the front burst open exposing his bare chest and huge potbelly the result of all the fatting food I had stuff him with over the last year of our worthless marriage. As I tied his hands behind his back the masked woman told me "After you have him tied up pull down both his pants and underwear to his ankles as I believe he'll want to have his penis free for what I just decided to also take of your dear husband". Looking over at the masked woman I noticed the bulge in the front of her pants growing even thicker by the minute a bulge that reminded me of the ones that were huge futa penis at the crotch of the women from the play and way bigger then any bulge my weak husband could grow in his pants. Licking my lips at the sight of the masked woman's bulge and willing to do anything for a taste of enormous girldick I willing move in front of my husband and kneel down in of him and began to unbuckle/unzipped his pants before pulled the pants down to his ankles before roughly grabbing the waistband of his loose boxers and ripping them down next much to my weak husbands loud protest. As his penis was freed I heard the masked woman laughing " Oh my is that small thing what you have had to fill your pussy with durning your marriage Oh poor baby well your are going to enjoy what I'm about to do for you now come over here sweetie and let me show you what real pleasure can be like". Looking at my husbands small penis then at the enormous bulge in the masked womans pants I smiled and crawled over to her leaving my husband nude from the waist down. As I approached the masked woman she put the pistol into a holster and gently reached out to brush her fingers over my ruby red lips as she spoke "you are a beautiful lady in fact to beautiful for a weak little man like that to have how wold you like to have a package like mine instead and how about you and I enjoy eachother in front of that weak husband show him what it's like for a woman to get a real penis" As she spoke and gently touched my lips I open them and gently wrap my ruby red lips around her finger tips and begin to suck them as I did my left hand reachs out and slowly begins to stroke the masked woman's crotch feeling her enormous penis throbbing thru her black sweatpants.
As I sucked her fingers I heard the masked woman speak to my husband "I was only going to take your money only but after seeing this beautiful woman who really needs an enormous penis so I think I'll take this gorgeous wife of yours as well so she doesn't have to live with such a small penis but gets to have my enormous black beauty emptying into all of her little holes as I streach them to fit only me" As she spoke I felt her bulge swell even bigger and thought it would burst from her black sweatpants but they stretched out to accommodate the growing bulge. She then asked me "Hey baby would you like to enjoy my enormous black penis in all three of your sweet little holes or have that tiny thing over there in you" I pull my lips off her long, thick black fingers and looking over her massive clothes breast and enormous belly I moaned " I want your beautiful enormous black penis deep in all my holes streaching them wide so that only your penis can fit me and not that tiny thing". With that said I reach out my delicate hand and gently squeezed her enormous bulge causing her to let out a long loud masked woman then looked down at me and said "Well sweetie take off my boots and kiss my socked feet first' I smile and lead her back to my couch where she is sitting and I begin to slowly untie her black leather boots before pulling them off. The moment the boots are off I grab the masked woman's socked feet and gently began to place kisses on the tops of her feet and along the other underside causing her to moan " Oh sweetie mmmm you know how to kiss mmm take off my socks and suck my toes make me cum sweetie". I smile and kiss her big left toe before grabbing her white left sock in my mouth and began to pull it off as the sock slids down her foot I began to massage the masked womans right foot touching all the pressure points causing her to moan like a dirty slut as all the pressure points cause her nipples, cock and even her anal hole ring to throb as I push them before I slide the left sock off the masked woman's huge toes. I then release her right foot and gently grab the masked woman's left ankle while pulling the delicious looking bare black foot to my mouth and slowly slide first her huge toes into my mouth then all her foot down to the huge heel. As I sucked her delicious foot the masked woman begans to moan "Oh sweetie mmm suck that sweaty bare black foot mmm fill your small mouth" I suck and lick the bottom of her foot before swallowing her huge black toes tasting the sweet sweat on her huge black foot. As I was sucking the masked woman's bare toes she began to speak to my husband "Mmmm your wife is going to a great lover after this wimp, I think all even put a black baby in her womb if that is what she wants". Deciding to pleasure my muscular masked black mistress even more and to try something I had seen in the play that had caused the main actress to scream so loud and cum so hard that one of the other actress bellies had been forced to inflate into massive portions as she sucked that beautiful futas 18 inch long 14 inch wide penis. Grabbing the left leg of my black mistress skin tight black sweatpants I use all my strength and began to slowly rip the black sweatpant leg up to her enormous bare left knee causing a loud (GASP) to be heard from my black mistress's sweet ruby red lips "Oh my well its a good thing I don't mine walking around naked baby or I'd be spanking that beautiful, plump and white butt til it turned a nice cherry red" before doing something that please my black mistress and shocked my weak husband. Reaching up and grabbing her enormous black knee I bent down and gently kissed all her huge black toes with there neon green painted toe nails before gently beginning to suck on her delicious toes which I was happy to hear cause my muscular black mistress to begin moaning loudy " Oh wow baby yes Oh yes suck my toes baby Oh yes this is so hot baby mmmm yes I have never had a slave suck my toes before mmm yes your making me hot mmm have you ever done this for your weak husband over there tell me baby" Put her delicious huge toes out of my little mouth I moan "No mistress you are first and only person I have pleasured like this my weak worthless husband has never in all our four years of marriage made me have an orgasm so he does not deserve any kind of pleasure, but you mistress have already made me cum in my tight pink thong just from tasting your huge fingers and toes " I then go back sucking her delicious black toes causing my black mistress to go back to moaning incrediblly loud so loud I thought the neighborhood would hear and come to complain about the noise but it would not matter as the neighbors would see that first I was falling for this beautiful muscular black woman and second how worthless my husband was as his wife was beinging claimed by a much superior lover while he was forced to watch the whole thing. As I thought of this I slowly began to gently push my little dark pink lipstick coated lips up over her upper foot around her huge bare heel before swallowing her whole beautiful foot before working my lips around her thick, enormous left ankle and slowly lick her enormous, muscular left calf before sliding my lips higher and higher while at the same time as I began to feel her beautiful black barefoot work its way down my tight throat causing it to start streaching wider and wider as I started swollowing her enormous, muscular black leg. As I reached her enormous knee cap and began to suck on her whole lower leg my black masked lover began to moan very loud and pound her huge hands against the couch pillows and began to scream "Oh my gosh baby your sucking my whole muscular lower leg Oh my gosh I didn't know anyone could pleasure anyone by sucking a person's leg mmmm yes suck my muscular black leg Oh my penis Oh its starting to grow even bigger its going to burst out baby mmmm keep sucking baby make my penis burst free of my tight black sweatpants baby". Knowing that I would really love to see her penis bust out of her quickly streaching black sweatpant so that I could get a taste of even more of her delicious black muscular body deciding to do something I had only read about in my secret dirty lesbian novels I reach up and using more of my strength I grabbed the already ripped black sweatpants and with a loud (RIP,RIP) I slowly began to shred the rest of the pant leg freeing all of her beautiful muscular black left leg I then slowly begin to push my tight ruby red lips high up her enormous muscular left leg. As I slowly slide up her enormous black thigh I feel the masked womans huge black left foot slowly push thru the tight ring that lead into my stomach " Oh wow sweetie mmm my whole bare foot is in your stomach Oh wow you've got my whole muscular leg is streaching your tight throat wide, mmm suck my leg sweetie ". As I sucked her whole thick enormous muscular left leg I notice the enormous bulge in the crouch of her tight black sweatpants growing bigger and bigger until a loud (RIP, SNAP) was heard coming from the masked womans sweatpanted crouch as the first the elastic waistband of her white lace panties snapped under the growing of her enormous futa penis while at the sametime the mighty girth also ripped apart the tight white lace of the panties before it slowly began to rip its way thru the threaded crotch of the tight black sweatpants to throb before my eyes in all its hard throbbing black glory my mistress's member was an enormous 38inches long 36inches thick black shaft covered with large veins all over it with an enormous mushroom sized helmet on the end while under it their hung a pair of huge hairless cum filled testicles that where slowly releasing a very powerful musky pheromone right into my face and simply heighted my arrousel for my beautiful black muscular mistress. As the enormous hard black shaft bobbed in front of my face I could only lick my lips at the most amazing sight I had ever seen in my life and gently sucked my mistress's whole enormous muscular bare left black leg. As I suck my mistress she began to moan even louder "Oh yes sweetie mmm look how hard you've made my futa penis mmm yes sweetie Oh yes I'm about to blow sweetie mmm I'm going to cover your back in my thick warm cum so every one will know you belong to me and not that lame little husband over there". As my mistress moaned these beautiful words I watched as her incredible black futa penis swell some more and her huge hairless black testicles began to rapidly bounce before me so much so that I could hear the gallons of nice warm cum sloshing inside. Watching the enormous purple colered helmet I witnessed the first long white rope of hot cum as it blasted out of the tip before landing on the back of my dress as well onto my long waist length strawberry blonde hair. As her warm cum covered my body I gently moaned as the hot cum marked me as belonging to my muscular black mistress forever. As the the cum soaked my ankle length dark green dress my beautiful mistress moaned " Mmm now that I've covered that cute busty body of yours with my thick white cum lets get that torn soaking wet dress off, now unswollow my bare muscular black left leg so I can claim that beautiful mouth and fill that stomach with my thick hot seed". Slowly flexing all my throat muscles I began to pull my body back down her delicious bare muscular black left leg and feeling all the delicious hard curves of the beautiful muscular appendage as it slide out of first my tight stomach followed next by my super tight windpipe before finally sliding the huge beautiful barefoot out of my tight wet mouth as her huge bare black toes slide out of my mouth I gently kissed them before I started to kiss my way back up over the thick hard muscular black left leg til I reached her crouch and the beautiful black organ my mistress moaned "Mmm yes sweetie your lips feel so good now wrap those beautiful soft lips around this nice hard slab of futa meat then swollow it down into your nice tight throat.
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