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Futa Big Red Riding Hood

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18 Year Old Red Riding Hood Goes To Make A Delivery To Her Sexy Grandmother In The Woods.

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Once upon a time in a quiet little village there lived a young beautiful woman and her sexy mother in a medium size two store cottage on the edge the village. The daughter had long stait red hair that reach down to her waist she had beautiful light brown eyes she had enormous, round and plump double FF cup breast full of warm tasty milk that were topped with huge dark pink nipples below her breast she had a pair of hard twelve pack abs she had aa enormous, round and very plump she also had enormous muscular arms and legs as well a very enormous 18 inch long 16 inch wide penis with huge bull sized testicles full of thick potent cum hanging between her enormous muscular thighs. Her mother was of simpler build but she had long strait dark brown hair that reached down to her waist she had massive tripe GGG Cup Breast full of warm delicious fatty milk she had an enormous 24 inch long 20 inch wide penis with enormous bull sized testicles that churned full of thick white cum she also had a enormous 8 month pregnant belly. It was in this very cottage on a warm summer morning that the young woman named Red Riding Hood awoke from a long night of hot passionate love making sex with her sexy mother named Ruby. As Red pushed the soaking wet cum stained blanket off her sexy body and began to climb out of bed she hear the voice of her mother behind her and a soft smooth hand running down her bare back "Where you off to baby mmmm mommy would like another load of your cum inside me". Licking her light pink lips and tasting her mothers sweet flavor on her lips she said " I'm off to grandmothers house to deliver her the new sexy panties and stockings that she ordered from Little Bo Peeps Lingerie Shop in the big city". As she spoke Red turned around in the bed to look at her sexy, futa, muscular and very pregnant mother who lay on the bed with the blanket covering nothing but her enormous muscular legs. As she looked at her mother/lover with her swollen pregnant belly she smiled and then leaned in to kiss her round, smooth white belly were their daughter was growing. As she kissed around the beautiful white orb of flesh her mother began to moan "Oh baby mmm yes kiss my pregnant belly mmmm Oh yes you make me so hot baby I'm going to cum baby" as her mother moaned this she reached down and ran her left fingers over her mother thick and very hairy pussy lips before pushing them deep inside the warm wet cavern causing her mother Ruby to scream out very loud as she came all over her fingers before pulling them out and gently licking them clean before her mothers eyes "mmm mother you taste so good and so sweet, when I get back from granny's I'm going to plow your hot pussy for days until you can't walk". Red then climbed out of the soaked bed and walked over to the large wardrobe in the corner as her mothers eyes watch her enormous, round and very plump naked butt wiggle with each step. As Red opened the wardrobe she began to pull out some of her most sexy cloths first she removed a pair of light pink thigh high lace stockings, a pair of light pink lace panties, a blood red leather corset with light pink laces that only covered her enormous breast and left the top half of her breast and her hard twelve pack abs exposed, a pair of elbow leaght pink lace gloves, a pair of sexy blood red high heels and last a blood red hooded riding cape before slowly beginning to get sexyly dressed for her mother/lover. She first grabbed the pink lace panties and stepped into them before slowly and seductively skidding them up her long, enormous muscular legs and over her enormous, round and plump naked butt and enormous penis leaving a beautiful bulge in front next Red grabbed the thigh high pink lace stockings before sitting down on the bed next to her sexy mother and gently began to slowly slid them over her huge, thick fat toes then over her white barefoot and gently up her thick enormous muscular leg before slidding on the other stocking next she grabbed the blood red corset and unhooked the brass hooks in the back before pressing the corset to her enormous, bare, bouncing and round breast before clicking the hooks close before grabbing the elbow lengh pink lace gloves and slowly slidding them on before slipping her huge stocking clad feet into the blood red high heels. Red then got up off the massive bed and slipped on her blood red hooded riding cape before leaning down over her mother and first kissing the huge head of her mothers enormous penis, then she kissed her mothers eight month pregnant belly, then each of her mothers enormous dark red nipples before final kissing her mothers soft dark red lips "OK you sexy mommy you stay here in this soaked bed until I get back from granny's then I'll make you scream in pure pleasure so every sexy woman in the village can hear and want to take us". Red smiled as her mother moaned "Oh Red I'll wait right here baby and when you get back I'll feed you so much of my fatty milk your belly will stay round forever baby". Kissing her mothers lips one more time Red walked out of their bedroom and down the stairs to the a huge table were her large wicker basket full of sexy panties and stocking before heading for the front door to the cottage. As Red walked down the lane in front of her house she saw Goldilocks and the Three Lesbian Bears sitting outside their cottage Goldilocks was passionately sucking warm tasty milk from Mama Bears massive, furry, round and very heavy breast while Baby Bear sat on Goldilocks enormous muscular thighs and pushed her soaking wet furry brown pussy down onto Goldilocks enormous 14 inch long 12 inch wide penis while Goldilocks bull sized testicles slapped Baby Bears enormous furry brown buttcheeks and Baby sucked warm milk from Goldilocks massive, round, Plump and milk heavy white breast at the sametime Goldilocks had her left arm up to her elbow deep inside Papa Bears right anal rectum causing Papa Bear to moan loudy "Oh yes Goldy fist my anas deep push your hand deep in my bowels while you please my wife and daughter"Red watched from the white picked fence as Goldilocks's testicles began to grow bigger and bigger til they looked like a pair of beachballs slappping Baby Bears plump, round and furry buttcheeks and know that Goldilocks was about to cum gallons as it was just what she did everytime she filled her mother's pussy. Red watched as Goldilocks sank her pearly white teeth into Mama Bears massive, plump, round, furry milk heavy breast causing the woman to scream out in both pleasure and pain as she sucked the enormous nipple hard and filled her cheeks with a huge amount of milk before swallowing it down with In turn caused Goldilocks's huge potbelly to rapidly inflated under Baby Bears huge, furry, round and slowly growing potbelly. This then caused Both Goldilocks and Baby Bear to cum she watched as Goldys beachball testicles slammed against the ground leave two enormous holes before the cum inflated Goldy's thick 14 inch lon and 12 inch wide penis shaft before streaching Baby Bears tight pussy lips wide then rapidly causing Baby Bear's womb to grow along with her potbelly. At the sametime Red saw Papa Bear sink her anus all the way down Goldilocks's enormous muscular white arm causing a enormous bulge to form in the tight brown fur of her belly as the arm stretched out Papa Bear's bowels. As Red watched the family sex she felt her enormous 18 inch long 16 inch wide penis start to swell in her pink lace panties but did not remove it as the loads within her bull sized testicles were for her sexy grandmother's womb and not to paint the picked fence. Turning from the steamy foursome Red began to walk down the country lane that led to the deep dark forest on the other side of which was grandmother's house. As Red walked she passed by some of her other neighbors like the three sexy pigs who were working on their new brick house in just their tight fitting coveralls that showed off their massive tripe GGG cupped pink bare breast and their huge bare pigfeet. She then saw Hansel, Gretel and their sexy lesbian witch mother who had turned the two young 18 year old girls into a pair of sexy bbw lesbians and was at that moment in the gingerbread house living room feeding the two naked girls gallons of delicious milk from her massive, round, plump dark green milk heavy breast while the girls stuffed lots of delicious sweets into the beautiful green witch's wide open mouth take was slowly growing her enormous green potbelly. After watching her beautiful neighbors Red began walking again down the villages lone cobblestone path towards the forest were an enormous black metel gate stood over the  main opening to the forest path. As Red reached the iron gate she pulled from a smal rightl pocket of her scarlett red riding hood a large black key the end of which was shaped like a busty woman. Once the key was out of her pocket Red slide it into the black iron gates large lock causing a quietly click to sound before with a gentle push from her beautiful muscular right arm the enormous black iron gate swung open to the forest. Once the black gate was opened Red began her long but very relaxing journey down the long winding cobblestone path to her sexy grandmother cottage on the other side of Black Forest. But jumped when the black iron gate gave a loud (BANG) before there was a loud click sealing the forest from the village filled with sexy women. 

(Time Skip)

It was one hour later and some very beautiful scenery which included a huge waterfall under which there was a huge pond full of massive breasted mermaids which were having a wild orgy, a clearing in which a group of massive breasted wood nymph each made from a different forest element one was made from smooth light brown tree bark with a mix of red and yellpw leafs for her hair, another was made from thick dark brown mud with thick green vines for her hair and the last was made from smooth green grass with a thick holly bush for her hair, while in another area she saw a herd of massive breasted centaur huntress having a campout. But was now coming to the huge wooden troll bridge that crossed the Emerald Rapid River and was owned by a beautiful troll woman named Lilyroot. It was this bridge and her grandmothers cottage that made the trip pleasurable it was this very place that from previous trips she had found out the she could pay all her tolls with some hot thick cum while other travelers had to pay a toll of eight silver coins or some of their wears if they didn't the troll woman simply ate them whole she come by many times to find her lover sporting a massive bloated belly which she would them fill with hot cum. As Red got closer to the beautiful wooden bridge she thought of the last time she traveled to her beautiful grandmothers house she and the troll woman who was called e couldn't wait as she always left the troll woman with a nice enormous round belly. 

As Red reached the edge of the long wooden bridge she smiled as she noticed the beautiful little garden off to the right hand side of the bridge a garden take held one an enormous canopy bed with red curtains were the beautiful troll would that her for a nice long love making and the second was a massive white claw footed bathtub were they sometimes made love. Deciding to prepare for her muscular and very beauiful lover Red reached up and gently untied her long blood red hooded riding cape before drapping it over a low hanging branch while hanging the large wicker basket beside it and kicking off her red high heels. Red then patted her way across some of the softed green grass she know of in her thigh high light pink lace stockings and gently rang the large silver bell hnging hanging from a large shepherds crook by the right hand side of the bridge and waited for her beautiful troll lover to climb the in bankment stairs. As Red waited she began to look around the small clearing that her troll had made just for them 
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