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Anodite Lesbian Breeding

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Gwen Tennyson's Anodite Alien Heritage Is Awakened And She Decides To Breed.

Category: Erotica - Rating: R - Genres: Erotica,Romance,Sci-fi - Warnings: [R] [?] [Y] - Published: 2019-05-22 - Updated: 2019-07-01 - 1071 words

It was a quiet night in the town of Bellwood and Gwen Tennyson was driving thru town heading to her cousin Ben Tennyson's old girlfriends house. She was heading there due to a feeling she had been having ever since her Anodite grandmother had come to Earth and awaked her alien heritage ever since then she had been having dreams of faceless, busty and very naked women having hot passionate sex with her in these dreams she had massive lacating breast, enormous muscles and an enormous penis with huge cum filled testicles. But today when she had woken up from one of these hot dreams her body had felt weird all over and when she had entered the kitchen to see her mother bent over at the stove getting some biscuits and showing her huge, round and very firm butt she had felt a very powerful throbbing coming from her pussy area and know she had to mate. After seeing her mom's butt she had left the house fearing she would claim her own mother in some way and had been driving around town trying to figure out what was going on with her body. As she had been driving she had noticed her breast starting to swell under her mid sleeve dark blue polo shirt they had swelled up from large to huge causing both her sexy black lace bra to give a loud snap as it could no longer hold her expanding breasts it also caused her shirt to rise up til it was only covering her breast and exposing her new rock hard six pack abs. This thou had not been the only change she had notice the sleeves on her shirt and her dark plum pantyhose had been getting tighter as she drove at one point she even had to remove her light gray low heels because her feet had started to grow bigger. As she turned into the street that held Julie Yamamoto's house she heard a loud ripping sound as the the sides of her light gray mid thigh straight skirt ripped open all the way to a few inches from the waistband as her skirt ripped she began to fell a swelling right were her clit was and know it was slowly beginning to grow along with the rest of her body. As she pulled up in front of Julie's house she felt her arrousl growing stronger and stronger but she was still able to control her Anodite power as she looked at the quiet little house she raised her right hand and scanned the house with her mana powers for any life forms and was glad to find Julie's life energy coming from the young woman's bedroom and no parents. Deciding to act casual so as not to frighten her soon to be mate she used one of the few spells she had created to causes an illusion of her old body to cover her til Julie was ready to mate. As the illusion covered her body and her whole body throbbed she opened her car door and slowly slid out and began to walk toward the front door and the sexy woman inside.

As Gwen walked across the yard she began to feel the soft grass softly sink beneath her dark plum pantyhosed feet as the muscles all over her body continued to slowly grow bigger. As Gwen aprosed the houses front door she heard three more loud rips and as Gwen looked down at her growing body she was shocked and very arroused at what she saw the loud tearing she had heard had been both the sleeves her dark blue long sleeve mid arm polo shirt as the muscles of her arms swelled up to be huge, round and very hard. At that same moment the rips in her skirt had ripped again this time tearing thru the waistband and allowing the two halfs to fall to the porch as her hips stretched even wide apart as her legs stretched her plum pantyhoses even tighter.

Standing on Julie's door step in nothing but her tight dark plum pantyhoses, her long sleeve ripped dark blue polo shirt, her snapped black lace bra and her black lace thong. Lifting her hand Gwen knocked on the door hard and waited for Julie to answer the front door as she waited Gwen felt another surge of power course thru her body and moaned as first her large bare toes pushed thru the tips of her dark plum pantyhoses, next her large muscular legs grow causing large holes to be ripped in her pantyhoses this was then followed by her huge, round and very bouncey breast to swell up to enormous causing her long sleeve dark blue polo shirt to rip in half letting her enormous, bouncey and very round breast to bounce out in the open air.

No sooner had Gwen's new huge breast torn thru her long sleeve dark blue polo shirt than the front door to Julie's house open to reveal the very girl she had come to see. In the doorway stood Julie wearing a skin tight light pink hooded sweatshirt with a tight black cut off tanktop that both clung to a beautiful pair of huge, round and very bouncy light tanned breast, below that she wore a mid thigh strait white tennis skirt under which she wore a pair of black lace panties that both clung to her very tight large, round and very bouncy buttcheeks and finally she wore a pair of white cotton ankle socks on her large dark tan feet.  The moment that Julie saw her she let out a huge gasp " Gwen what on earth has happened to you, your enormous and oh so sexy" she turned to Julie and smiled "Hi there beautiful can I come in I got something to show you though most you can see right now" with that said Gwen ran her huge hand sexually down over her huge breast and an eight pack ab. As Julie stood looking at her she decided to take matters into her own hands since the tan skinned beauty was not talking and just stood there staring at her. So walking toward Gwen reached out and placed one hand on Julie's shoulder and the other on her hip then she putted the beauty close before sealing her lips over the tanned girls open mouth.
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