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Midnight Magical Mishap

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Lily And Alice Are Magical Transforming.

Category: Harry Potter - Rating: R - Genres: Erotica,Fantasy,Romance - Characters: Lily,Professor McGonagall - Warnings: [R] [?] [Y] - Published: 2019-05-23 - 1248 words

It was late at night and Hogwarts Castle was very quiet even the horrible caretakers cat Mrs.Norris was asleep. The only two people awake were two 16 year old girls from Griffindorra House. The first girls had long dark red hair, emerald green eyes, a small amount of freakles on her smooth white cheeks, huge round breast, huge round buttcheeks and well-toned arms/legs her name was Lily Evens. Her friend had long blond hair that reached down to her hips, dark brown eyes, huge round breast, huge round buttcheeks and long well-toned arms/legs her name was Alice Meadows. Both girls wore their Hogwarts uniforms which consisted of a long sleeve white button down blouse over which each girl wore aa red and gold sweater vest, over their hips and butt they wore a ruffled black skirt that came down to their knees, then they wore a pair of cotton grey knee socks which flowed into a pair of black mary jane slip on shoes, over this whole outfit they both wore an open ankle leaght cotton black rode with their house creast on the left breast. As the two Gryrindors walked quickly thru the halls their uniforms began to grow tighter and tighter as they made their way to Professor McGonagall's office to get help from their head of house.

As the two girls entered the corridor that held Professor McGonagall's office Alice began to moan "Oh Lily my lace panties feel so tight and it feels like something is growing inside them and mmmm it feels so good ". Hearing Alice's moan Lily turned to her friend/lover/dormmate/girlfriend as she did she saw Alice grabbing a huge object at her crouch area thru her black ruffled skirt at the same time she felt a huge pressure in her own chest as her breast began to slowly expand looking at the bulge growing under Alice's black skirt she knew they had to hurry to the Professor's office before 1. their cloths ripped off them 2. their lesbian urges took a hold of them and they ravaged eachother there in the very hallway. Grabbing one of Alice's hands Lily turned toward the Professor's door just as there was a loud snap and two rips as her the clip on her red lace bra snapped and the straps ripped apart as her breast inflated from large to huge followed by three buttons popping open. Hurrying down the hallway Lily stopped as she began to fill her clit throbbing and then a streaching as her clit began to grow bigger and bigger. Looking down Lily gasp as she saw her own huge, fat and very solid clit bulging out the front of both her red lace panties and her black ruffled knee length skirt.

Deciding they needed to hurry Lily used all her self control and rushed the last few steps to the Professor's door and quickly knocked on the thick dark oak door as hard as she could and waited for the Professor to answer. As Lily stood waiting and hold Alice's left hand she suddenly held Alice moaning "Oh Lily Mmm were getting so big, Mmm I'm so horney Lily". Knowing she had to fight the urge coming from her body and help Alice she quickly turned to Alice and shoved her left hand down Alice's light blue lace panties and gently began to rub to growing huge bulge growing inside Alice's panties and gasped in shock as her fingers touched not a swelling clit like she thought but what felt like a man's penis. Surprised to feel a penis Lily jerked her hand back out of Alice's stretched panties before quickly shoving her hand down into her own stretched panties and letting out a huge gasp as she felt an huge man's penis. As Lily touched her own new penis she felt a huge urge well up in the pit of her stomach and before she could stop herself grabbed the thick, fat and very long shaft hard causing a moan to escape her mouth " Oh morgana its so warm and fat mmmm Alice rip your panties off so I can taste your thick shaft in my mouth ". As Lily moaned this the door to the Professors office opened to reveal the imposing form of Professor Minerva McGonagall one of the only lesbian Professors in all of Hogwarts Castle who was wearing a skin tight black teachers robe that clung to a pair of huge, round and slightly sagging white breast and full, round and wide hips under which she wore a scarlett red leather corset and matching silk panties along with both solid black stockings, garter belt and black high heels.

As the heavy dark oak door opened Lily and Alice quickly turn to their head of house and moving much faster then anyone could blink both Lily and Alice leaped at the Professor knocking them all onto a thick dark red rug that took up all of the office floor. As soon as Minervas back touched the office rug Lily spent a powerful wandless spell at the office door over her back causing both the office door to seal and a strong silenting ward to cover it. As Lily worked her magic Alice grabbed the front of Professor McGonagall's tight black and with new strength coming from the huge muscles growing under the sleeves of both her white button down blouse and the sleeves of her open black Griffindor robes she ripped the teacher robe open and revealed two huge, round and slightly sagging breast covered partly by a tight scarlett red leather corset. 

Turning back to her sexy professor and her equally sexy girlfriend she saw a beautiful sight Alice was licking her lips at the sight of McGonagall's huge sagging white breast before she grabbed the tight scarlett red leather corset in her now huge left hand and with a great moan from her sexy girlfriend Lily watched the corset be ripped off the huge sagging breast. Lily smiled and quickly grabbed McGonagall's right sagging breast and slowly began to squeeze it while Alice dipped her head down and began to suckle her large right nipple hard. As they pleasured the sagging breast causing McGonagall to moan "Girls stop this now I'm your teacher stop please this is not right girls, Mmmm Oh Lily your hand it feels so good mmmm and Alice suck hard dear suck my fat mature nipple Oh yes girls ". As Lily's hand sqeezed the fat mature breast she came to a delicious idea and slowly began to channel magic into her hands and slowly into the huge sagging white orb causing to glow beneath Alice's beautiful red lips and causing both white orbs to start growing bigger and bigger. As the orbs grow Minerva began to moan even louder " Oh Lily what are you doing to my breast mmm there getting so fat and heavy Oh Lily mmmm Oh my gosh I'm lacataing girls drink my milk drink til your full of my milk". As her professor's white sagging orbs grow with the thick heavy magic milk she felt her body grow again at the sametime she notice Alice's body grow again to as they grow bigger the seams of white button down blouse and black school robe ripped apart and the cloths tore away to reveal their beautiful huge muscular bare arms, enormous round and very bouncy bare breast along with some rock hard six pack abs.

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