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The Tale Of Falling Rock

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The Tale Of How American Legend Falling Rock Got Lost.

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Once when the country was still new to the setters there live an Indian chief named IronBear who had three sons. The first son was a huge warrior with thick brown hair that cover his body and was as hard as a shield of steel he had massive feet that with one kick could bring down the thickest oak tree his name was Bigfoot. The second son was also a huge warrior but with thick snow white hair that covered his body but unlike his brother his hair could protect him from the cold weather on top of the mountains and he to had massive feet that let him run across any type of water his name was Yeti. The third son was a huge warrior with thick auburn hair that could protect him from the hottest of fires and he to had massive feet which could cause rock slides and open cracks in the ground when he slammed his feet on the ground his name was Falling Rock. Now the four lived in a tribe of Indians deep in the forest of the Great Appalachian Mountains.

Now one day the three sons got together to decide what they were going to get their father for his birthday but were having trouble deciding on a gift for each warrior wanted to give their father the best gift one to show the tribe how great he was and also how strong that they each was. Now Bigfoot said that he was going to get their father a totem pole made from a redwood tree and carved with each of their spirit animals to show the tribe how strong their animals were and just how mighty his kick could be. Yeti said he was going to get their father a rare snow blossom that had the power to cure the smallest of injuries or even the largest ones this would show the tribe their father gift for medicine and just how mighty his hair was when faced with the arctic cold. Falling Rock said he was going to get their father a new archery bow made from a branch of the great elder tree as legend said a bow from the tree could give an archer the eyes of an eagle and arrows made from the ancient yew tree that bordered the river of the dead since any arrow made from the tree was legend to kill any thing, they were aimed at making them good for hunting. But sadly, not one of the three brothers could decide whose gift idea was going to be the best so they decided to present them together and let their father decide which was the best gift.

Now the first brother to leave for his gift was Bigfoot. He packed up his supplies and left the Great Appalachian Mountains and headed west across the Great Plains and over the Mighty Rocky Mountain to the edge of the Pacific Ocean were the redwood forest were. When Bigfoot got to the giant redwood forest, he found trees hundreds of miles high and so wide he had no idea if his mighty kick could even bring one of the giant trees down so he could carve out the totem pole. But then as Bigfoot was deciding what was best and sitting down to think things thru, he saw a glimmer of bright light off in the distance so decide to find out what it was. Following a beam of light coming from the object he walked thru the forest, over small hills and over wide rivers until he stopped in a clearing where the light was coming from. In the center of the clearing Bigfoot saw two things the first was a beautiful woman dressed in a dark green robe that was tied with a brown sash made from what looked to be wood. The second thing he saw was a golden axe that was sticking out of the middle of an enormous tree stump. Deciding that the axe would make an even better gift for his father Bigfoot careful approached the beautiful woman who he knew could only be an elemental guardian and asked “Great guardian I was wondering is that golden axe yours and if so, would you be willing to trade it for something else “. The beautiful woman turned to him in surprise as he had been as quiet as the wind in fall and gave a small shriek “Ahh who are you and what are you doing in my forest ". My name is Bigfoot I am a warrior from the Great Appalachian Mountains in the east and I'm looking for a gift for my father's birthday ". The beautiful woman looked at him and her eyes began to glow a bright forest green before she spoke " My name is Princess Redwood and I can see you are an honorable warrior so I will trade you the golden axe for two favors the first is that you not cut down any of the trees in my forest save for those that are going to die, the second is that you take me as your bride ". As Bigfoot hear this he agreed and pulled the golden axe from the tree stump before taking Princess Redwood by the hand and traveling back to his father and tribe in the forest of the Great Appalachian Mountains.

Now the second brother to leave was Yeti packed up his supplies and leave the Great Appalachian Mountains for his gift. He headed north toward the Arctic Circle at the top of the world were the rare snow blossom was legend to grow. When Yeti reached the Arctic Circle, he discovered that the place was freezing cold but thanks to his thick white hair that covered his body he had no problem with the cold and was able to look around. But as he began his search for the snow blossom a powerful arctic storm hit and with its high snowy winds which made it hard to see Yeti got lost in the snow but that is until he came upon a cave of pure crystal and decided to wait out the storm. When Yeti entered, he found the crystals of the cave all glowing in the colors of the rainbow and decided to explore the cave to see if there was something at the end. As Yeti walked thru the cave, he could hear a soft voice singing in some strange tongue that he had never hear before and decided to follow it deeper into the cave. Soon he saw what was singing and was shocked at the back of the rainbow crystal cave sitting on top of a huge crystal throne was a beautiful lady. The lady wore an emerald green robe that looked as though it was made of liquid crystal with a sash that looked like liquid ruby around her waist. As the lady sat on the throne singing Yeti saw sitting on a table to her right side was the crystal goblet that was legend to increase a person strength. Thinking for a minute Yeti knew this would be a better gift for his father for even if his father was a wise and great chief, over the last few years he and his two brothers had to decently help their father for somethings like getting on to his horse and with hunting as their father’s arrows would sometimes not reach the animal he was targeting. It was a very hard thing for them to have to do this as their father was extremely proud and didn’t like to be helped in anyway as he believed it made him look weak in the eyes of allies and enemies. But as Yeti looked at the crystal goblet, he had heard of a goblet that could heal with a sip which would be better than a delicate flower that would die after a few uses and he knew it would help his father greatly so he could lead the tribe longer. The only thing he had to do was figure out how to get it from the beautiful woman on the throne who was not a normal woman but an elemental guardian. Deciding that it was best to be careful Yeti stepped into the cavern and spoke to the woman “Greeting guardian my name is Yeti I am a warrior from the Great Appalachian Mountains in the south and I wish to trade for your crystal goblet”. At first the elemental guardian was startled and let out a high pitched “EEP” But then she turned her glowing emerald green eyes at Yeti and seemed to search his for a moment before for spoke in a voice that seemed to ring like water on crystal “Greeting warrior I am Princess Frost, tell me why do you want my crystal goblet warrior”. Yeti looked the princess in the eyes and spoke “Great Princess Frost I need your crystal goblet as a gift for my father’s birthday and to help my father the chief of my tribe who is very weak, cannot hunt or even lead as he once could”. The princess looked at his for minute then spoke “Honorable warrior I can see you speak the truth so I will trade you my crystal goblet for two things the first is a knife made of bronze and the second is for you to marry me”. Yeti did not have to think twice and said “A good trade” Yeti then pulled a solid bronze knife from a holder on his leg and handed it to his future bride then picked up the crystal goblet and then took the princess by the hand and lead her out of the cave to a thankfully clear but chilly morning before traveling back down south to his father and tribe on the Great Appalachian Mountains.

Now the last of the three brothers to leave the Great Appalachian Mountains was Falling Rock who packed his supplies and his special weapon which he would need for his extremely long journey. As soon as Falling Rock was ready, he headed for his first destination the great elder tree which was found to grow at the top of the world near the North Pole so leaving the forest of the Great Appalachian Mountains for his gift he headed north across the U.S and up thru the North Woods of Canada toward the top of the world. As Falling Rock reached the Northern Territory at the world top, he found himself facing a giant lake in the middle of which sat an enormous island at the center of which stood the great elder tree from which he was going to get the wood to crave a beautiful bow for his great father. Knowing that the giant lake was home to the mighty and dangerous sea serpent called The Leviathan a creature that was one of the most terrifying of all sea monsters as it reached the length of 40 mighty sailing ships and was as wide around as the terrifying Greek sea monster Charybdis which was a mighty whirlpool creature that had rows of giant razor sharp teeth around its mouth and dwelt under a rock on one side of the Strait of Messina and who would surface only as a giant mouth to create whirlpools to put in sailing ships as they passed thru the Strait of Messina. The Leviathan that dwelt in this giant lake would keep anyone but a god away from the great elder tree on the island by using enormous tidal waves. Knowing that he would need to use his great strength Falling Rock walked over to a giant oak tree and taking his special weapon a tomahawk in hand began to chop the giant tree to the ground. Soon after there was a giant cracking sound that was soon followed by the sound of the giant crash as the giant oak hitting the ground. As it did Falling Rock taking tomahawk in hand began to crave a deep gorge into the giant oaks’ trunk til it looked like a rough looking canoe. Once done Falling Rock lifted the mighty canoe over his head and ran to the shoreline before launching himself into the air with a mighty leap before landing with his canoe under him and quickly started pattling out towards the enormous island and the great elder tree were his first prize gift rested. But as Falling Rock pattled across the giant lake toward the island he did not know that far below the lakes surface the fierce Leviathan was awaking inside its cave and was began to swim toward the surface and the intruder. Meanwhile on the lakes surface Falling Rock was patting hard across the lake at superhuman speed so fast that the water flew over one hundred feet into the air but as Falling Rock reached the midway point the water in front of the giant canoe exploded up into a giant pillar of water from which appeared the fiercesome Leviathan which let out a powerful roar so loud that it shook the lake water and to Falling Rock even the very heavens above. As the great beast opened its massive jaws wider Falling Rock could see the creatures thousand rows of razor sharp teeth knowing that he was going to have to battle this giant sea serpent to get to the island Falling Rock grabbed his special tomahawk in one hand and the huge wooden oak with his other hand he began rolling toward the giant breast with his incredible strength. As Falling Rock closed the distance between him and the beast the Leviathan also closed the distance while also creating a giant tide wave as it moved one of its massive flippers under the water. As the two moved closer Falling Rock raised his special tomahawk and with his incredible strength jumping at the last moment into the air high before slamming his special tomahawk into the dark blue scales on the crest of the creatures head as hard as superhumanly possible causing a massive cut to appear in the creatures head before beginning knock off and back into his giant canoe.

Knowing that to past the great beast and get the wood for his father’s new bow he was going to have to call upon the special mystical power of his meteorite metal tomahawk to win. So, standing tall in his canoe Falling Rock lifted the tomahawk high over his head and began to chant a sacred prayer causing his tomahawk to quickly begin glowing just as the Leviathan began to form a might great wave around its gigantic body one that would kill Falling Rock with the pressure of the waves crashing onto his body. Just as the beast released the waves a mighty burning rock began to streak across the heavens and slam into the center of the Leviathans head were, he had been able to cut the hide and then out thru the creatures’ lower jaw causing it the creature to crash into the gigantic lake.

Now the moment his mystic tomahawk had called down the heavenly fire rock Falling Rock began to paddle quickly across the mighty lake while cutting thru one of the waves just as the great Leviathans giant head hit the lakes surface. Now Falling Rock knew that the great creature would be up once it healed itself so he had to hurry and get to the island.

So, padding as hard as he could the great Indian warrior Falling Rock reached the shore of the island and beheld to his amazement the biggest tree, he or any of his tribe had ever seen. For the elder tree was the mightier in size more so than the great redwoods of the western territory and as wide around as the giant island with its branches reached clear thru the clouds in the great sky and probably straight up into the great black heavens were his ancestors were. As Falling Rock beheld the great tree, he knew to reach the lowest branches was going to require all his mighty strength so with all the will power a man could call up Falling Rock began his great climb up the great elder tree.

Now the climb was not easy and he had to force his long sharp nails deep into the wood of the great elder tree and with each stabbing of the great tree Falling Rock could feel some of his strength leave his body but his will to get his mighty father the best gift of all saw him climb more and more until the lowed branch of the great tree was beneath his moleskin moccasins. As his moccasins touched the branch Falling Rock knew that the great ancestors wanted him to get the very best gift as no far from where he stood was a short two yards long branch just prefect for the bow. So, taking his special mystic tomahawk from his deer skin leather belt Falling Rock cut the branch from the rest of the great elder tree and then jumped down into the giant lake below as the climb had nearly taken all his strength.

As he emerges from the lake with his prize and seeing in the distance the great leviathan’s body still healing itself, Falling Rock swam to the islands shore to think about how to get the wood from the ancient yew tree for his father’s arrows. Sitting there on the shore Falling Rock remembered hearing from a tribe that traveled from the Kentucky territories of a massive cave that they believed was a gateway into the underworld a cave they called Mammoth do to the size of just the opening alone knowing that it was his only lead to the river of the dead Falling Rock grabbed his rough made oak canoe and began to paddle back across the giant lake and back towards the Appalachian Mountains. But he paddled at a much slowly speed due to the great elder tree draining him of his strength leave his body weaker but as he crossed the giant lake Falling Rock had wander how his brothers’ quest were coming and if they had got their gifts yet.

As Falling Rock reached the shore of the giant lake, he decided to leave his oak canoe and began to travel south across the Canadian wilderness and back into the great Appalachian Mountains towards the Kentucky territory were the opening into Mammoth Cave was. As he entered Kentucky, he began to search for the cave opening and soon found it in the center of the territory near the today town of Cave City. As he stood on the edge of the opening of Mammoth Cave Falling Rock thought he could hear the sounds of the dead raising from the massive opening and knew that this was a dangerous place even more so with his still weakening body but knew that he needed the ancient yew tree wood for the arrows so grabbing all his courage and gathering all the strength he had left in his body Falling Rock jumped into the dark, deep and forbidden cave opening.

As he fell into the unknown Falling Rock knew that he may never come out of this place but hoped he could. It didn't take long until he felt the hard stone floor of the cave under his massive feet and heard the sounds of both bats and dripping water all around him. Knowing that he had to see in this deep darkness Falling Rock reach down and pulled out a small sun crystal causing light to glow around him and at least two yards all around him. Before he began to walk along the rough and uneven ground deeper into the cave and down to where he could hear the sounds of running water and the moans of the dead as they flowed thru the river of the dead.

Now as Falling Rock walked, he did not notice that with each step he took a part of his strength and life force was begin drawn away by the ever-present darkness that seemed to almost move around him like the robes of death. Nor did he hear the sounds of the giant three headed dog called the Cerberus that was said to guard the underworld as it growled at him from the deep, dark and cold shadows for angering the spirits and who was slowly leading him to his punishment. No Falling Rock was to focused on getting to the river and gathering all the yew wood from the tree of the dead for his arrows and showing the people of his tribe that he Falling Rock was the strongest of all the warriors.

Now as he walked deeper into the darkness Falling Rock though he could hear the voices of the dead getting louder and louder in front of him which would mean that the river was near. But do to his focus on the sounds of the departed the unthinkable happened as he stepped onto what he believes to be soild rock but was just the soild form of some shadows that the Cerberus had shifted into appearing there like a dark rock to trick the warrior who had damaged the great elder tree. Falling Rock suddenly disappeared down into one of Mammoth Caves many deep, dark and supposedly bottomless ravine screaming and sadly was not seen again by his tribe or family.

Now while Falling Rock traveled far and deep for his gifts his two brothers had returned back to the Appalachian Mountains with both their gifts and their soon-to-be brides to be greeted by their father the Chief IronBear and the tribal shaman. “Greeting my sons and great elemental guardians, I hope your quest was fruitful but seeing your companions and gifts I can tell they were, but as happy as I am to see you well and happy I am sad to tell you some bad news, according to the tribal shaman your brother Falling Rock has disappeared from this world and the spirits cannot tell us where he has gone only that he has angered the great balance of nature and has to pay a price for it ”.

As their father spoke the two brothers and their soon-to-be brides knew that they would have to look for him all over the place and hope that the spirits would release him someday. So, after giving their father both the golden axe and the crystal goblet which they had retrieved on their quest and after getting wed to their beautiful elemental guardian princesses. The two brothers Bigfoot and Yeti plus their new brides left the Appalachian Mountain tribe and began their long quest to find the place that Falling Rock had disappeared from so that they may pray to the spirits for his safe return.

Now while Falling Rock was never found by his brothers and their wives as the spirits kept him hidden deep below the earth for many years. The brothers left rough wooden signs that are today made of metal that say “Watch for Falling Rock “. Now it is said that if you enter Mammoth Cave and you listen hard near the bottomless ravines you can still heard Falling Rocks screaming and the growling of the giant Cerberus as it guards the river of the dead and the underworld.

The End
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