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Didn't Know ~Prinxiety~

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Virgil's whole family believes that the LGBTQ+ community is a sin. He just went along with everything his family did and say. His cousin was kicked out of his family for being Pansexual. But, Virg...

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~Prologue: ???~

~???'s POV~

Half of the world thought that being gay was a sin.

Why? You may be asking.

Because it supposedly says it in the Bible. But, it doesn't say anything about it at the same time. It never says that God hates gay people. It says that what they are doing is a SIN, but we are all God's children, and he loves us all, no matter what sin we commit. That doesn't mean that the sin will be overlooked, we all have to be punished for our sins so we can learn and grow and know good from bad.

But, the other half, thought differently.

A lot of people may have experienced liking the same gender, different, or even non-binary. They support the gay community like any other. They have parades in June every year for every single community. They believe that gays should be treated equally. I agree with them. So, what if people like the same gender? They are still themselves no matter what. It shouldn't be a sin. Just like God didn't write the bible. No one has seen or heard God. How do we know if he's real or not?

Anyways, let's direct away from that topic for now. Let me talk about my best friend's story... his name is Virgil. I knew him ever since middle school after his cousin got kicked out. We were best friends and inseparable. But then I had to move to England for a couple of years for the rest of high school. Then came back here to go to college.

When I knew Virgil in middle school, he was always quiet and kept to himself. Never told anyone what he was feeling. But, in his eyes, I saw great pain. He told me his cousin got kicked out of his family just because he was Pansexual. I also had a little bit of a secret. So, I told him to me outside at the back of the school under a tree.

I met him there and asked him a question. I felt nervous and I fiddled with my bag.

"What if one of your friends was Bisexual?" I asked him. He replied.

"I don't care, as long as they don't leave me as well. Sexuality isn't the most important thing to focus on in a person."

I didn't say anything. I just had tears in my eyes. Virgil's eyes widened and asked if I was okay. I replied that I was fine. I proceeded to hug him and continue crying. He must've analyzed my question because he gasped and asked if I was Bisexual. I nodded. I felt tears on my shoulder and felt Virgil returning the hug.

"W-why didn't you s-say anything before?" He asked.

"I was sc-scared. Scared of you not w-wanting to be my f-friend anymore." I replied.

"That will never happen..." He muttered.



After that, he kept it a secret that I was Bi.

But, it didn't matter whether everyone knew I was Bi or not, since both me and Virgil were bullied.

Virgil had Anxiety and Depression. I, of course, prescribed him with some medication and therapy.

When we were in 8th grade, I found out he had been cutting. So I told him not to do it again and I kept my eyes on him closer than ever before.

But, then I had to move to England at the end of high school. I hated to leave Virgil alone, for fear he might hurt himself again. But, he said that he was going to be fine.

I left it at that... for now. I went to high school in England until I was finally able to go to college. I wanted to go to the college where Virgil said he would be going, so I got on a plane and headed back home.

I took the entrance exam a few months prior and got accepted. I always wanted to be a therapist. So, I took a therapist major.

I couldn't wait to see Virgil. But, of course, he had his problems back at home...
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