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It was raining outside the window. Sammy loved to walk in the rain and wanted to take a walk with Katya. He went home to Brother Kati. When he came in, Sammy saw Katherine’s passionate kiss with her boyfriend. Sammy did not pay attention to this and loudly called Catherine.
Catherine's boyfriend did not like the fact that this young boy was again in her house. Katya was glad to see Sam, but again called him Mason. Sam was not offended. He offered Kate a walk, she agreed, despite the fact that her boyfriend was against it. Katerina's boyfriend went with them, because he was jealous...
“What books do you like?” Sam asked Kat.
“About living things,” Faust answered instead.
“What kind of music do you like?” Katya asked Sammy.
"He loves rock," Faust answered instead.
The guys started to bother the presence of Faust (Catherine's boyfriend). They told him to go get some Coke, but they themselves ran off at that moment.
After 2 hours of walking, Katya realized that she had fallen in love with Sam. Sam did not feel anything for her, but he already considered her to be his friend.
It became dark and cold, the guys decided to go home. Katya very much wanted to kiss her crush, but only hugged him.
Catherine's feelings intensified every day. Faus wrote to her every day about why they left him. Katya ignored him. She spent days looking at Sam's photos.
Once, on usual Monday, Sam went to school, where he met the annoying Bridget again. How was she in love with him. And this is not surprising. How can you not fall in love with Sam's beautiful blue eyes.
Sam avoided this girl. Suddenly in the corridor he met Katya. Katherna was excited, on the contrary Sam was very calm. Kate told Sam that she broke up with her boyfriend. Sammy was glad, because he was pretty tired of this unattractive Faust.
So they lived. Sam found a bunch of friends. Katya, on the contrary, has closed in on herself because of her love and has not communicated with anyone.
The school ended. All the guys celebrated it, but Katya was only worried about one thing - her favorite Sam. Once they went to a cafe and Katya told her crush about her depression and that she was in love with him.
Sam's answer surprised her ...
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