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Eat your toe

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not rlly horror. Someone gets their toes cut off. Short story

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Footsteps, heavy on the ground. That was all I could hear as I ran forward, my destination unknown. As I ran a house came into view, no, not a house, a mansion. He was catching up. I kept running, my lungs felt tight as I arrived outside the mansion. I hesitated, only for a second so I could take in the abandoned mansion before me. Dead trees littered the ground around me and dry grass scratched my legs. I heard the crunch of a branch from somewhere near me, I jumped and cautiously made my way into the crumbling building. When I opened the creaky door, I was surrounded by dust, I stepped inside. There was a grand staircase in the centre of the room and a hallway on either side. I ran up the stairs with shaky breaths and headed for the first room I saw. The room had a large closet and a king-sized bed. “where are you?” he said, this made me run to the closet and hide. The smell of the closet made me gag and my fear of small dark spaces started to kick in.
I heard his footsteps then the sound of the creaky wardrobe door opening. Light flooded my senses as he looked down at me with an evil grin on his face, his eyes were almost black, and his teeth were brown and rotting. He grabbed my shoulder and leaned in. He said “bye” and then he shut the closet doors. I screamed and banged on the doors, but he had locked them. I don’t know how long I was in that closet for, but it felt like hours. My throat was dry, and my stomach ached when I heard hard footsteps on the floor, then the wardrobe doors flew open. He was back, and he had brought two other people. They looked down on me, with evil grins on their faces. I took a deep breath. James, the man that locked me in the closet yanked my arm. I fell and laid sprawled out on the floor. The three men laughed at me and watched as I scrambled to sit up. As I looked up, my eyes were drawn to a bag in the corner of the room, that wasn’t there before I thought to myself. But my thoughts were interrupted as I was dragged along the wooden floor. James lifted me up and chucked me on the bed, while one of the other men grabbed the bag. The man holding the bag slowly walked over to the bed and dumped its contents next to me. I looked over and screamed, I tried to move but they had me pinned down. I could only watch as James spread out all the weapons, he had a saw, a gun, a knife, some handcuffs, a hammer and a brick.
I was scared for my life, and I could only watch as he picked up the knife and slowly dragged it across my leg. Pain shot through my body, but he kept cutting. Blood was everywhere. I screamed and begged for him to stop, wishing that I had at least a small chance of living. The men around me started laughing as James picked up the saw, he asked the others what he should saw off. They said things like my legs and arms. But James said he wanted to start off small, so he proceeded to cut of my toes on the leg that was already spewing blood everywhere. I screamed so loud that I couldn’t think, all I knew was that I needed to leave. “If you don’t shut up now I’ll have to chop off that head of yours” James said in the most menacing voice I had ever heard in my life. I bit my lip so hard to stop my screams that it felt like I was drinking blood.
James picked up my pinkie toe and told me to eat it, I knew that if I didn’t that he would certainly kill me, so I opened my mouth and he dropped my toe in. It was hard to swallow down, and it only made my raw throat sorer. He picked up the hammer and told one of his ‘helpers’ to smash my toes, I watch as my toes were crushed. Bone and flesh went everywhere. That’s when I started crying, I couldn’t hold it in, I was in so much pain. He placed the brick on my chest and the men handcuffed me to the bed. They left me in the room, it was hard to breathe with the brick on my chest. I struggled against the handcuffs, and screamed for help, but nobody could hear me. The men came back and shoved a piece of cloth in my mouth. I tried to free my arms from the handcuffs, but this only made my wrists hurt. One of the men picked up the gun and said that if I try to get free, he would shoot me in the head. I let my body go limp, I gave into them. James pulled down his pants and forced his dick into my mouth, I gagged and screamed, but this only made him hold onto my hair tighter. One of James' friends pulled down my pants and spat on my ass hole.I started crying when James forced himself into me. He kept thrusting into me harder and harder until he came inside of me, then one of James' friends started fucking my sore throat while his other friend fucked me from behind. My asshole was bleeding and had cum dripping out of it. Once they were done with me they just left me there, crying on the ground. I got up once I knew James was gone and limped outside. Luckily someone was driving past and they picked me up and took me to the hospital. I started crying “Sorry, I’ve just been through so much today”
“It’s okay to cry George” said the police officer “you have been through a lot”
“Thank you for your help officer”
“All in a day’s work, do you have family to stay with you tonight?”
“Yes, I do, thank you so, so much”

the end
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