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Chapter Two

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You and Frisk are ready to leave the Ruins

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Toriel's house was very welcoming, an attribute you noticed the second you laid your eyes upon the place. It fit the monster’s genial personality quite well. You gaped at the tiny house in The Ruins, surprised by not only its size, but the way that it was constructed. Oddly colored, and yet appealing to the eyes. The soft oranges and browns of the outside reminded spectators of a moment by the fireplace resting on a rug. However, you didn't have much time to look around and truly appreciate the home. Frisk was dragging you along. Your sibling had always been a ball of energy, but this was the most excited you had seen them in a while.

You entered the house and the first thing you noticed was that it smelled like freshly baked pie. You took a deep breath, inhaling the sweet smell. It had been awhile before you had been able to savor such scent. Neither one of your parents were the best at baking, so most of the pie you had would be store bought. Store bought pie would never replace the delight of newly baked pie.

"Oh, the pie is done! I will be back in a second, my children." Toriel said, running to where you assumed was the kitchen. She moved swiftly for a monster her height, and you admired her careful steps. You would never be able to manage that yourself.

"I love this place," Frisk commented with a satisfied sigh. "It's a shame we have to leave so soon.” As those words fell from your siblings your eyes widened with shock. Toriel’s hospitality had pulled you into a trance. You had began to believe that you’d be staying with her forever, or at least stay in the Ruins. You weren’t the kind of person to explore and push boundaries. Once you found a wondrous place, that was it, you were done. Frisk however, wanted to hop from place to place, not caring what was left behind.

"We're leaving?!? Where would we go?" You ask frantically. Even though you were Frisk's older sister, Frisk was much braver than you were. You weren’t as versatile, while Frisk never looked back. Frisk had immense levels of curiosity, leading them to not care what they were facing. Call it bravery or recklessness, but Frisk was fearless.

"You want to see the rest of the underground, right? I want to go home too..." Frisk said softly. You sensed a sense of homesickness from your sibling, causing your heart to sink slightly. You never liked it when your sibling was miserable. Their innocent personality, mixed with their rather young age made practically everyone do their best to make them as happy as possible. Besides, Frisk was kind of the person who activates a motherly instinct within everyone. Because of their habit of getting hurt, people were always taking care of them.

"Well yeah, I guess. Don't monsters hate us because we banished them here though? What would we do if we get attacked?" You said, lowering your voice so Toriel wouldn't hear you. Despite how kind the goat monster was, you soon realized you couldn’t trust anyone here beneath the surface. You didn’t know them well, and you didn’t know what their intent was. For all you knew, that pie could be poisoned. Besides, you didn’t think monsters would forgive and forget that easily. Your kind had stripped them of their home and locked them into a dark, unforgiving world. If you were them, you wouldn’t forgive that easily, and that was saying something. You were often kind and forgiving, but there was a fine line between venial and unforgivable.

"Don't worry. They can't be that bad, right? We can make it. I know we can." Frisk smiled, determination and surety in their voice. You hesitantly nodded, faking confidence. You knew that no matter what, your sibling would leave, and you vowed to be right behind them. You would protect them with what little you could do. You smiled to yourself. Frisk would probably be the one defending you, not the other way around.

"My children? The pie is ready. Come and get some!" Toriel said in her sing-song voice. You sank into relief. Toriel may be able to convince Frisk to stay here in the Ruins. Either that, or she could give you advice on how to get through the underground. Frisk perked up and dragged you to the kitchen with newfound enthusiasm. You and your sibling each grabbed a slice of pie and sat down.

Despite your previous fears of the pie being poisoned, you soon relaxed and began eating. There are no words to describe the taste of warm, homemade, just-baked pie, especially Toriel's. You and Frisk devoured your slices quickly. How did Toriel make it taste so good? If you were to have more time with her, you would have asked how to make it. You might even had gone as far as to ask her if the two of you could make it together.

"So... When are we leaving The Ruins?" Frisk asked Toriel out of the blue. There was no hesitance in your sibling’s voice as they asked the question. You almost choked on your last bite of pie. You thought Frisk would have at least spent a few nights here! It was peaceful, practically a haven, in the goat monster’s home. Plus, she had clearly shown she had no intent in murdering both of you.

Toriel’s eyes widened slightly, before she released a sigh. "My children, you must never leave the ruins. Other monsters would kill you for either revenge, or your soul. You must stay here, where it is safe." Toriel looked straight at Frisk, when she spoke, but after she finished, she glanced over to you. You nodded slightly, showing her that you were on her side. The last thing you wanted was the monster to be upset with both of you.

"But we need to get home. Our parents must be worried and miss us a lot." Frisk had hit a soft spot. A look of pain flashed across Toriel's face. Her face showed a series of conflicted emotions, and she stood up.

"Stay here my children. I must go do something." Her words were iced over and hollow with despair. You felt a flicker of pity and guilt for the lonely goat monster. You turned to Frisk as Toriel left the room, moving briskly. Frisk watched her, counting somethng on their fingers. You didn’t know what they were counting, but you found it rather odd and unerving. It was as if they knew something you didn’t. However, you reminded yourself of what was going on, and brought your gaze back to Frisk, your eyes asking what they should do next.

"We need to go after her." Frisk declared and stood up. You nodded uncertaintly and followed her. You knew your sibling’s intention was to convince Toriel to let them leave, but your intention was rather different. You just wanted to comfort the goat monster, and make sure she was okay. However, you had a sickening feeling that the two of you would leave her behind, not even caring about her sorrow. As you saw Frisk’s harsh and determined look, your suspicions were proved true. You and Frisk made your way down a dark and lonely corridor. This area of the house no longer contained the welcoming, genial personality like it used to. Frisk stopped and you peered out from behind them to see what was going on.

Toriel was standing in front of a door. She turned her head and you saw tears trailing down her face, dampening her white fur. Toriel's hands were ablaze. "My children, please go." Toriel said, her voie trembling slightly. Frisk stayed still and then took a determined step forward. You, however, didn’t dare move. "Please, leave this hallway." Toriel's voice grew frantic. The flames on her hands flickered and then grew larger, causing you to take a step back.

"Wh-What are you doing?" You asked, coming from behind your sibling. Frisk’s determination had practically pulled you back forward again, and now you were by their side, ready to defend your sibling.

"Behind this door is the only exit from The Ruins. I am going to destroy it. If you try to stop me, I will have no choice but to fight you."

Frisk stood firmly, but you stood back slightly, truly afraid of what would happen. You didn’t know how to fight, and you knew Frisk couln’t either "I won't let you do it." Frisk stated, unfaltering.

Toriel sighed, looking down for a moment. "Then I have no choice. Prove to me that you can survive out there!" Tears fell from her cheeks as the room went aflame and fire launched itself at you. You dodged timidly and clumsily, realizing your sibling was much better at this than you. Where did she learn to dodge?

The fire slowed down and it was easier for you to get closer to Toriel. When you saw your chance, you made your move. You ran towards Toriel, ignoring Frisk's cry for you to stop. Yes, you were being impulsive, something that was rather rare, but at the moment, you didn’t care. Fear glinted in Toriel's eyes and she flinched, but you did not plan to attack. You opened your arms wide and hugged her tightly, burying your face in her soft, white fur. Instantly the fire was extinguished and Toriel broke down into tears. Frisk just stood there, frozen while they watched.

"My children," Toriel said in between sobs. "If you must go, please be careful and show mercy." You looked at Frisk and they nodded. You turned back to the goat monster and nodded.

"I'm sorry but we have to leave. We will be careful and I promise we will show mercy. We will look out for each other." You said calmly, tears rolling down your cheeks. Toriel pulled out a phone, placing it in your hands carefully.

"Call me if you need anything my children. Frisk can give you my number. Please be safe." Toriel's voice was filled with sorrow, but she looked at you with hope in her eyes. You felt another flash of pity and guilt, but Frisk tore you away from your emotions.

"We will!" Frisk called out as she opened the door and your eyes were blinded by a flash of white.
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