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My Hiro

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Hiro doesn't know what he feels for Tadashi, but he knows its strong. One night, he goes into the boy's room to figure out how he feels.

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"My Hiro," By Fighter12

"Tadashi," Hiro whispers from the dark hallway. He can't see where the bed is, but he hears Tadashi's snores coming from the right side of the room, so he tiptoes in that direction. "Tadashi. I-I had a nightmare, and I was w-wondering if I could-"
Tadashi sighs and holds out his hand for Hiro to take. "Get over here," He groans tiredly, pulling the boy to the bed.
Hiro settles under the sheets and snuggles closely to Tadashi's chest. "Thanks," He whispers.
If only Tadashi knew. If only he knew Hiro's real reasoning for coming into his room tonight. If only he knew about how desperately Hiro wanted to taste him, even for a moment. How badly he wanted to run his hands over every inch of his body and smile when the older boy moaned his name.
Suddenly, Hiro realizes how hard he's been breathing. "Shit, he knows," He thinks as he feels himself harden.
"Hiro... You good?"
"Y-yeah," The boy gasps. He pulls Tadashi closer, burying his face in his shoulder.
"Hiro, you didn't come in here because you had a nightmare, did you," Tadashi asks. Hiro gasps as he feels the older boy's hands on the small of his back, pulling him closer.
"You don't need to explain," He whispers. He brings his lips down to Hiro's neck and starts to kiss him gently. "I want it, too." He slips his thigh in between Hiro's legs and presses against his area gently. "Is this what you wanted?"
"Shit. Tadashi-"
He doesn't give Hiro any more time to speak. Suddenly, his hands are all over him, exploring parts of his body that nearly make him cry out with pleasure. He kneads his thigh harder against Hiro's area, making the smaller boy a writhing mess.
"That feel good, baby boy?"
Hiro answers by removing his shirt first, then moving away slightly so that he can tug off his boxers. Tadashi follows suit, hastily removing his clothes while simultaneously keeping his lips on Hiro's neck and chest.
Once the boys are both bare, Tadashi allows Hiro to climb on top of him. "Touch me," He begs, spreading his legs.
Hiro reaches down between their bodies, and slowly begins to pull on the boy's cock. He smiles when Tadashi starts to moan, thrusting his hips towards Hiro's moving hand. "Fuck, that feels so good. Ahhh!" Tadashi whimpers. He angles his hips upward, giving Hiro more room to work.
Hiro moves his hand faster over Tadashi's shaft, watching as the older boy loses control. Hearing his moans arouses Hiro so much that he starts moaning as well.
"H-Hiro... So... Close..."
"Can I use my mouth?"
"Fuccckkk... Yesss..."
Hiro slowly makes his way down to Tadashi's area, where he quickly replaces his hand with his mouth, sliding his lips over the older boy's tip.
"Oh fuccckkk yess... Ohhh that feels soooo gooood... Don't stooooop..."
Hiro pushes his head down so that he's almost at the base, using his tongue and flicking it over the ridges, feeling it pulsate.
Suddenly, Tadashi releases. He places his hand over his mouth to prevent from screaming. He thrusts violently into Hiro's mouth, his hands on the back of the boy's head.
When he finishes, Hiro returns to Tadashi's eye level. "How was that?" He asks as he kisses the older boy's forehead.
"Mmm... so good..."
Hiro lays back onto the empty space on the bed, placing one hand on his stomach.
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