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Morticia's Lesbian Lesson

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Morticia Decides To Teach Her Daughter A Special Lesson.

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It was a very derery day it had rained for four days straight outside the Addams family mansion and the the owner the beautiful Morticia Addams found it to be very arrousing as did her lovers.

On this rainy day thou Morticia was even more arroused as she sat in the mansions main palor waiting for her beautiful eighteen year old daughter Wednesday to come home from school. As she sat in her vintage peacock wicker fan chair Morticia gently reached down and began to rub her soaking wet black lace panties with blood red lace bats thru her tight black vintage goth dress with its black lace full sleeves. As she rubbed her crouch Morticia marveled at two amazing things one just how drenched her panties were and how stiff her 28inches long 24inches thick futa dick was. Licking her black lipstick coated lips she moaned as her right hand slide over first the wet fat lips of her tight black hairy pussy which was oozing a large amount of sweet girl honey before gently rubbing over her huge pale white hairless testicles then up her enormous pale white futa shaft from which a thick stream of white pre-cum was leaking out the top of the enormous mushroom shaped helmet. As her right hand fondled her incredible gender her left hand was up at her massive pale white breast squeezing her left breast from the base up to the enormous black nipple thru the skin tight black corset.

As Morticia massaged her beautiful body she heard the front door open and close as her beautiful daughter Wednesday arrived home from another day at school hearing her daughters black high heeled boots on the black marble foyer floor she removed her hands not wanting her daughter to see her in the throes of her passions just yet.

As Morticia fixed her black corset and straightoned the deep neckline of her vintage black dress Wednesday walked into the palor wearing one of the sexy outfits that she had bought her at a new store called "The Gothic Les" a store that sells only to lesbians. The outfit Wednesday decided to wear today was a dark purple cut-off corset that held a pair of enormous pale white round breast with huge black nipples and showed off an eight pack ab, over this was a black snake skin open leather jacket that fit skin tight over her huge muscular arms, around her hips she wore a black snake skin mid-thigh skirt under which was aa dark purple lace thong that also showed off her huge round pale white buttcheeks, she also wore a pair of dark purple and black stripped mid-thigh cotton socks over huge muscular legs and finally black snake skin leather high heel ankle boots over large feet.

Looking her daughter over from head to toe Morticia could see that Wednesday was soaking wet but also very arroused from all the rain like she was. Looking her daughter in the eyes she asked "Have a good day at school my sweet little snake" Wednesday smiled as she walked towards her "Yes mother it was fun they started teaching a new class Sex Ed and the teacher Miss.Hooter told use alot of things but I have a question mother Miss.Hooter mentioned something called lesbians but didn't have time to explain so I was wanting to know do you knew anything about lesbians". Morticia looked Wednesday in her dark green eyes as she thought about how to tell her about lesbians " How do I tell her about lesbians best hmmm well it has been a couple of days since I enjoyed that pregnant woman at my new strip club maybe it's time Wednesday got to enjoy my enormous futa dick I've been thinking of opening an incest relishonship with her for over a year ever since her husband Gomez, her son Pugsley and Uncle Fester disappeared on a fishing trip in the Bermuda Triangle. Looking at the enormous clevage of Wednesday's pale white breast she slowly licked her black lipsticked lips as a large drop of water slowly slid from her slinder neck and down into the deep clevage.

Coming to a decision Morticia took her beautiful daughter by the left hand while seductivly lifting her massive muscular goth body from her vintage peacock fan chair "Well my beautiful ghoul lets head up to my bedroom and mommy will teach you all about lesbians and something special". Walking up the grand staircase and holding her beautiful daughters large hand she lead the way up to the second floor and to the grand master bedroom. As they walked Morticia rubbed the back of Wednesdays pale white left hand as she began to explain " A lesbian is a woman who likes to have sexual relations with other women, now you must know something sweetie I am a lesbian but for many years I was bi-sexual but when your father disappeared I became a lesbian and I simply love turning women into lesbians just like I'm going to do when we reach my bedroom". As Morticia said this she could see two huge tents beginning to rise slowly under the black snake leather jacket which caused her enormous futa dick to throb under her long black goth dress.
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