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Two of a kind (A Steven Tyler & Aerosmith story)continues

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In the wild world of rock n roll, one thing always comes first, and no it's not the music, it's family. Either your band, or the family you create once you have children of your own, and even a pa...

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It was the summer of '69 and I moved to New Hampshire with my older sister and our mother. After our parents divorced, my Uncle Raymond took his little sister, and her two teenage daughters in.
Raymond was cool like that, but his teenage son Ray was anything but cool. Now Ray had one of those I'm right your wrong attitudes most of the time. The only good thing about being stuck with my cousin was the fact the he was in a band and friends with a big names Steven.

The first moment I met Steven was incredible. His big brown doe eyes staring into mine and the crooked smile on his lips. I melted instantly and I think everyone noticed. Everyone including Joe Perry, I didn't find this new out for years after our meeting but apparently How had, or maybe even still had a think for me!

So I'm getting to ahead of myself, let me start from my first meeting with the toxic twins.

The sun was beating down that day, It was a real scorcher. Mom and Uncle Raymond were both at work, Ray was anywhere but home, Carrie was locked away in our shared bedroom and I- Well I needed my own space. No school meant I was in that small bedroom with my older sister a lot. so anytime to myself was good. Even if I was just riding my bike to the local park by the lake to get some me time.

I had just turned sixteen that year and mom was going through so much with all the trap my dad pulled, and just having to go through a divorce, so me learning to drive was out on the back burning. Who eles could show me? Not Carrie because she was just like that. So I made do with my old bike that I'd had since around eleven.

Once I got to the park everything changed for me....
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