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SonTails: Night Sky

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It's a warm Summer night and Sonic and Tails are finally relaxing after a huge battle with Eggman. Both of them are looking up at the starry night sky while laying on one of the wings of their plane the tornado.

"Hey Sonic?"


"That was a close one today."

"Yeah I know what you mean Tails that was close..... too close."


"That battle got me thinking."

"About what Sonic."

Sonic sighed and kept looking and the starry night sky.

"Life is to short to be afraid of our feelings."


"I don't want to hide my feelings anymore."

"Good go tell Amy how you feel."

Sonic sighed again.

"Tails you know I don't even like Amy."

"Yeah I know I'm just kidding."

Sonic giggled a little.

"So tell me Sonic what are your true feelings?"

"Well I find Amy truly annoying."

"Amen to that."

Sonic giggled again but this time Tails blushed a little.

"Anything else?"

"I truly find knuckles quiet stupid."

Tails laughed and Sonic blushed but Tails didn't notice.

"Sonic tell me who do you love and I don't mean like a brother or a sister I mean like in a relationship kinda way."

"I can't say."


"I'm to shy to tell him."


Sonic nodded.

"Sonic can I guess?"





"God no."


"He's cute but no."

Tails kept thinking and blushed.

"Tails that only leaves....."

Sonic got cut off by Tails kissing him.

"I-I'm sorry."

"Don't be."

Sonic held Tails's hand and kissed him.

"I love you that way Tails."

"I love you that way too S-Sonic."

Sonic kissed Tails again and on that night there bond grew even stronger than ever before.
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