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Safe Your Privacy On Social Media

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You Give Data to Them Be careful with your data on social media

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Save your privacy on social media? Why? How? I have discussed and reviewed various applications on this Gadget App Review Website on . This time I will talk about your data security on social media. This is important before you download and upload data in an application. OK, let’s get started.
You Give Data to Them

What has happened today is if you are going to eat, you will take a photo of the meal and upload it to social media. After eating, you will take a group photo or self-portrait on your desk and upload it to social media like Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp and twitter status.
This is common for ordinary people who don’t understand the security of personal data on social media.
Is this wrong? Of course, not, that is your right as human beings.
Will this make you loss something later? It also depends on you as humans. How come? Yes, that can happen. I will try to explain in the Cambridge Analytica case below.
The Cambridge Analytica Case
If you don’t know about this case, you can see The Great Hack movie. This case happened when one of the presidents was conducting his campaign.
• The presidential campaign team hired Cambridge Analytica to find data on the country’s population from social media.
• Where does Cambridge Analytica get social media data? Based on the film, they got it from Facebook.
Cambridge Analytica does not only look for data on every population in the country.
But, the scarier thing is, they try to change the views and behavior of every citizen whose data they have taken.
• Is that scary? Back again, it depends on you as humans, but in my opinion, it is not a good thing.
• It is a kind of brainwashing activity carried out by them so that unconsciously there will be camps that defend party 1 and there are camps who support party 2 to the extreme.
Why This Happened?
Well long before this happens, you will undoubtedly ask, why can this happen in a developed country?
You Want to be Famous
One of the main factors is, some people in this world have the nature of wanting to be famous.
• Yes, they want to be famous in this world. Therefore they will try with all their efforts to be remarkable.
• If they want to eat, they will get a picture of their food and upload it on social media.
• After eating they will take pictures with their friends.
• Being together with a couple taking pictures together and uploaded on social media.
• And the more they forget that there are things that are supposed to be private and personal will automatically post on social media.
• Wanting to be famous is one of the main factors in causing this problem, and this is what Cambridge Analytica uses to determine the steps in changing your behavior and point of view.
Nothing is Free in This World
Nothing is free in this world, except if you intend to give 100% charity and not think about your charity results.
Because nothing is free, neither is social media. If there are free registrants, they will not pay with money, but they will settle with the data they provide or upload it to social media.
Whether it’s photos, text, or videos that you upload on social media.
You Do Not Read
• Have you ever read the rules of social media before you registered? I won’t go into details here to explain, but read the most important part, i.e.
• The use of the data you provide, whether they can use the information is up to them? Or need your permission first?
• I’m sure most of the people here have never read, so this is one of the factors why this misuse of your data can occur.
What Will Happen Next?
Data is a Commodity Equivalent to Oil in This 21st Century
Ok, let’s talk a little about selling data to third parties. Do you know the big exchange website? There you will see many companies that sell and buy user data.
• Yes, you are not wrong, there will be a transaction of buying and selling user data.
• Your user data or personal data is priced like oil at the moment.
• Your data can be traded if you understand my writing in this paragraph.
Your Data Will be Stored Forever.
Data photos, text, and video will be stored forever on the internet.
Forever? Is that true?
• Why not? Try quoting my words above, “nothing is free in this world”.
• Ok, let’s say I own a social media if your data can be sold, why should I delete it? I can sell the data to third parties. Because I am aware and know that you will definitely not read the rules I gave when you will start register.
• You need to read their rules 1st so you can save your privacy on social media later.
They Have the Right to Use Your Data.
They will seek profits by selling your personal data to third parties.
• Yes, maybe in the rules that you read, you will see the words “we will not sell user data to any 3rd party.”
• Funny, right? If you have thoughts of making money, “why I don’t sell user data? And actually, the user won’t know the data I’m selling? “
You Will be Hard to Delete Digital data.
And after you know your data is traded, you will try to delete photos, text or video on social media.
You will delete your album, photos, and status at that time. And you will feel save because that data has been lost from your account.
But wait, is that data really missing?
Yes! The data is missing from your account, be it seen from your cellphone or your social media user interface.
• But it will not be lost from their server. Initially, the data was deliberately stored for backup if there is damage to your account data.
• The data that you delete will remain on their server, so can you imagine how big their server is? Yes, of course, large to store data from all people in the world.
• But the effort will make the stored data will be traded later.
What Do You Have To Do?
Give it Back To Yourself
So how to save your privacy on social media? The most important way is to return it to yourself.
1. Why do I want to be famous? This is the main thing, what is your purpose for uploading personal data on social media?
2. If you want to do business, give your business, but don’t give out personal data.
3. You can provide your product and business information. But do not provide data or photos that are personal.
4. Personal data needs to be stopped only until on your smartphone.
Be Smart
Be smart on social media. Are you willing to have your personal data traded by third parties? No right?
Read the rules carefully before you register for social media.
Always Thinking of Helping Others
Are you sure your food photos help another? There are still many children starving in other parts of the world.
1. Does every meal need to be photographed and uploaded?
2. Try to think of how to make this world better, it makes you smarter.
3. Thinking smart is the first action to prevent misuse of your data.
4. If your data or photos can help those who need help, please upload, if it makes more losses, you better stop your information on your own gadgets.
• From the article I wrote above, I only think of my thoughts. My thoughts do not aim to force you to change the way you do on social media.
• But more importantly, I provide solutions and a picture that is happening right now about the misuse of data on social media.
• Thank you for reading my writing, I hope that helps you do more wisely in social media and save your privacy on social media.
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