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Night guardians.

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A bullied teen girl plugs herself in a world of love and horror after reading a book left by her late friend.

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Authors note: I have fused both Twilight and Thirteen reasons why formula with a hint of horror. Brace yourselves, everyone, I give you "Night Guardians.

My name is Katherine Hutchens but in my high school, my name is "Bitch" "Whore" "slut" ugly or dumb ass" depending on the day of the week or who is saying it. I don't know why it was like this but my bully a group of demons or jocks have made my life hell. It all started in 9th grade where I had accidentally bumped into who I now know Aiden Troxler" the king " of the school. I had apologized but ever since he has made my life in high school unbearable. My group of friends has dwindled over the years. MY friend Selena Morgan had committed suicide two years ago. She mourned the death of her boyfriend who had died from a fever. Her death cut me to the core where I almost had a breakdown. At the funeral, I will never forget how the bimbos at my school laughed at her body in the casket. There I knew that the people I went to school with were heartless demons. How could anybody be so cruel? My parents have been divorced since I started high school. I live with my father who is constantly working and my mom lives across town and is re-marrying this coming spring. They know little about my bullying and believe that the kids in school are just making fun of my shoes instead of ruining my psyche.

It was a Wednesday morning which I hated. It was the middle of the week and I had two more days of this hellhole. My father had already left for work where I would either fix breakfast myself or if he had left me breakfast in the microwave. It was 6:35 and I just tumbled out of bed dragging myself to the bathroom. After taking a short shower and donning my clothes I head downstairs. The kitchen had a faint bacon smell where I knew that my dad indeed cooks breakfast and left me some in the microwave. I look into the microwave and see two slices of bacon and a flat pancake and some scrambled eggs. Delicious? I quickly warm up the breakfast and grab a soda yes soda from the fridge. I hope I don't get indigestion from drinking soda for breakfast. We ran low on orange juice so this would do. I needed some caffeine to get ready for the hell of a day that was coming to me. It was 7:37 am and I had to head on to school. School started at 8:15 and I walked to school since my dad did not have a hand me down car to drive. As I finish cleaning my dishes I grabbed my bag and prepared myself for another miserable day. IT was a sunny pleasant day and the birds were singing. Zippity do da zippity yay my oh my what a terrible day it is going to be today” I sang to myself. I should be used to this. I only had one more year of this and then no more. I just hope none of these people will go to my college. My walk to school is short but I must walk past an abandoned church in the middle of a field where there is a wooded area across the way. I only walk this way during the day I dare not go at night.
The church would always give me the creeps more than the woods. Nobody came around this way giving me a sense of safety.put on pause. It was kind of strange because it was eerily silent. There was no wind or the sound of anything. Nature just went on pause. I stopped and looked around. I don't know what I was looking for but there had to be an explanation. Was I imagining these things began walking again and I felt a cold chill run across my body? It was just so sudden and my arm hair stood up. How could this be? There was no chill in the air to cause me to get cold so why was I feeling this way? I stood there for a few minutes trying to collect what was going on and the birds started singing again. I snapped out of my daze and began walking the path.
Once I reach school I felt a prick in my stomach. I hated this place and the people in it. As I get closer I see them all just dawdling laughing like maniacs in their little groups. I look around to see if I see Aiden and his lackeys are near. He was nowhere in sight and I walk slowly to the entranceway. I clutch my bag trying to get through the crowds all while trying to make myself invisible. I felt like a trapped mouse about to get devoured. As I reached my locker I just block out the mindless chatter of my fellow schoolmates. My locker is at the bottom conveniently below Aiden’s. I try to get to my locker before he does. As I put in my combination I look around to see if Aiden is around. Again he is nowhere. I take a deep breath and get my pre-calculus book. Maybe today will be a good day. I say to myself placing my book in my bag. As I secure my bag my locker door slams shut. The slam was heard all over the hallway causing everyone to look at me. I put my head down. "Hey bitch, get the fuck out of my way," he said in his grave voice. "sorry," I said getting off the floor. “SSSorrry “he mocked. “Shut the fuck up,” he said shoving past me. I heard a few laughs and giggles at my expense. I began walking swiftly to my class trying to block out the jeers and laughter.
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