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Taming a Shemakana

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My very first full length story, also uploaded to another site, please read and maybe you'll find out how to Tame a Shemakana....

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Taming a Shemakana.
Chapter one

Making my way outside, the chilly and slightly damp air nipping at my bare arms, I whistled three long notes. As the echo of the notes came back to me, faded but still loud enough to be heard, a loud thud was heard beyond the tree line, and I turned to come face to face with a blood red scaled dragon, and that dragon had the devils smirk all over its face.

Hello fellow reader. I am alitha, but you have the most privileged permission to call me ali, should you ever meet me, but anyway, back to what I wanted to talk about. I suppose I should explain a few things, like why my story started out like this and why there's a dragon staring me in the eye and why I haven't died yet from the flames a normal dragon would spew at me the moment he saw me. Well, to explain...we will have to go back...roughly…
Oh yes. The red dragons name is Xavier, he's my mate, but don't worry readers, everything will be explained in the story we will tell you.
“Love, it was three hundred years ago that our story started.” Xavier snickered as he looked over the script, which I hadn't glanced at as I was too worried about how I would explain the introduction. Anyway, let's get back to the story shall we?

These insults were being hurled at me as I raced home in tears, but let me backup a little bit, I had been in the marketplace, in the middle of the village at the base of the Baular mountains. I had a dark grey cloak on to hide ...well, the hard and soft green scales that were scattered all over my body, most of them on my back and arms. Then there was the pain in my rear, or the tail that began to grow at the base of my spine. I had to pick up a few simple items, so when a shopkeeper pulled me aside and frantically asked me how I had gotten the strange markings on the back of my hand. I dared not look down, already knowing what I would see there. Light green scales. Ones that I knew would darken into a dark emerald color and become more noticeable. Noticeable enough that people started to comment, asking if I was okay or if I needed help with anything at home. Stuck up little gossips just couldn't ask a straight question. The shopkeeper quietly asked me, “How did your eyes suddenly change color?”
I cast my eyes down and quickly walked away, not answering the question. I became very stressed and felt like everyone was staring at me, watching me, and it made me fill up with anxiety, so when I felt a hand on my shoulder, I screeched and lashed out, smacking the hand away, but doing so meant that my cloak had fallen from my shoulders and everyone could see the scales, and my now forest green eyes. Then the insults came crashing down on my ears and I cried out in fear as hands reached for me, and I ran. I ran as fast and as hard as I could, disappearing into the woods, on the mountainside. After about an hour of running, I stopped to catch my breath. No one dared to travel this far up baular mountains simply because of the name. Baular in our native language means Dragon, and everyone heard the tales of how these mountains were infested with all sorts of magical creatures and dragons of great and massive sizes. I felt a tingling feeling crawl up my spine, and I let out a whimper of fear and dropped to my knees, and then the tingling became vibrating, which turned into sharp spikes of pain shooting through my body like daggers, and I closed my eyes, assuming that whatever was happening to me would kill me, and about an hour later, through a haze of excruciating pain, I saw a shape move towards me, and right before I passed out from the pain, I saw a pair of bright green eyes, just a shade lighter than mine. With another whimper, I succumbed to unconsciousness, unaware that when I woke, my life would be changed forever.

When I woke back up, the first thing I noticed was that every sense I had was heightened. I could see at least ten times more detail than I was used to, which caused me to shut my eyes again with a moan of pain. I heard a branch crack about a mile away, and I could easily smell that it was a deer, which made me salivate, my stomach growling loudly. A chuckle was heard to my left, and I shot up, but it was strange… I reopened my eyes and looked down at what was supposed to be my hands. But all I saw was strong, green scaled forearms, with paws, like the kind you see on a cat. These paws had curled, razor sharp claws, easily four inches long, and when I realized that what I was seeing was me, I cautiously flexed my paws, and the claws sank into the ground like it was butter. Another chuckle was heard and I whipped my head around, coming face to face with that same creature I had seen before passing out from pain and fear a few hours prior. Then what I can only describe as a deep and heavenly voice spoke, seeming to come from the creature that I now labeled as a dragon, the voice was filled with amusement and slight concern.
“Are you alright there? You were unconscious for quite some time.”
I nodded absently, slowly standing up, and walking in circles. I spent the next hour looking at all my new features. A long, lithe body, made for sharp turns and easy movement, vibrant green scales that shimmered slightly when I moved. Then I gasped as a wall of powerful emotions crashed into me like a boulder. Heightened senses means heightened emotions, and I crouched low to the ground, letting out a low whine of fear, which was ten times greater than I have ever felt before. The other dragon slowly came over and sniffed at my head, letting out a low rumble of concern.”Get up, it won't do you any good to lay on the ground, when it can become cold, very quickly. Not to mention that you need to just let the emotions do their thing for a while. You can come to my cave for a while to gather your bearings.” He said, gently nudging me till I was standing on my own, and I hesitantly began to follow him, nearly falling over several times as I felt unsure of my own four legs. He eventually came over and let me lean against him till we came to the mouth of a cave, one that smelled like raw meat and death. I of course, being in my dragon form, found this smell absolutely amazing. A low growl left my throat and I found that if I just let everything happen naturally then I would be okay. I was so focused on my emotions and the still mouthwatering scent of meat, decaying or not that I didn't even notice that the dragon that led me to his cave was nowhere to be seen. Instead a man crouched by a small fire, poking said fire with a stick. I slowly turned back around and fixed my golden gaze to him, causing him to look back up at me. I realized that I had to either crouch down or lower my head to meet his eyes. “I see that you've acquainted yourself with my cave dragoness. Now how about you shift back and we talk as the moon rises?” He asked, the slim beam of moonlight coming through a crack in the cave ceiling. With my heightened senses slowly calming down, I simply looked at him confused. I opened my mouth and nearly scared the daylights out of myself when I spoke. It wasn't the language the man was speaking in, but by the look of recognition on his face I assumed he could understand me perfectly.
“Im afraid...I don’t even know what im doing or what i'm supposed to me.” I spoke, my voice lower than normal and...I would say seductive in a way, maybe teasing would be a better word, but I was in no way teasing or trying to be seductive. The next few hours were spent trying to get me back into my human form. When I was able to shift back, the first thing I did was make sure I still had clothing on. Thank the gods I did, but despite that I still felt naked, like the man had undressed me simply with his eyes. I looked away and moved closer to the fire, the cold night air surrounding me now that I was in my human form. The man slowly sat next to me, and cleared his throat awkwardly. “Ahem, I believe I should introduce myself…” He spoke, his voice soft, yet filled with strength and power, as he turned slightly to face me, holding out his hand. “My names Xavier. What's yours?”
I looked between his green eyes, to his hand and back again, the distrust clear in my eyes, keeping my own hands to myself.
He chuckled, before putting his hand down. “I don't bite you know, neither does my hand.” he said before turning back to look into the orange flames that were dancing around, casting shadows over his face, giving him a mysterious look.
After an awkward pause from me, I finally spoke up. “Im alitha. And uhm… I wanted to thank you for helping me, I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't been there..” I spoke softly, before tentatively reaching my hand out for him to take.
He smiled and took my hand in his, bringing my knuckles up to his lips, gently brushing them before letting my hand go. “It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance miss Alitha.” he said, turning to face me. He stared into my eyes, and slowly I turned my eyes up to meet his. “I have a few blankets in the corner over there, if your feeling tired. Don't worry, I won't touch you.” he said before standing up and walking to the mouth of the cave, turning his face up to look at the stars. I smiled slightly and went to where the blankets were, taking one and curling up underneath it, falling asleep quickly. The morning would bring so many new adventures.
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