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The Other Land

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He stepped forward with hair as red as the unnerving shade of blood. Knife sharp cheekbones. Exotic, elvin features.

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It's like when your eyes fall across a dark forest there's that mystery inside your mind of what could lay beyond the boundaries of what you know. Or how about when you look up at the stars on a particular night you look up in wonder of the galaxies still left to be explored. Woven within the threads of blazing stars and velvet black skies you feel a fantasy or an adventure blossoming to life in your imagination...

Peter Pan entered my life as a kid. As a child enraptured by his adventurous streak and reign over a land of never growing up, it was like being entranced by a single, wisp of a flame. However, this tale has a darker edge from J.M Barries original piece of the infamous rebellious boy. It is also not completely paved out on the road of J.M Barries tales. With its many twists and turns it carves out a new path to some of the unknown. One, Pan is slightly past his teens while in the Other Land (which will be explained among many other things). Two, you the reader get to decide in the end if Pan is redeemable... or not.

Three, our main female character stems from a rather tangled and complex Darling family tree, though, not down a completely foreign road. Certain similarities will be mentioned because the essence of Peter Pan is still there as promised. It has simply, shall we say, been altered.

Blows blue pixie dust at her readers

If you trust me take the adventure. Although I will say you may not come away unscathed...


Regret twisted an unwanted knot in the pit of her stomach. She threw her fist against the flaking decay of barnacle spidered out across the hollow of space. A small hiss slipped past her lips as she gazed at the meat of skin now gouged from the hard impact. The metallic remnants of blood lingered on the tips of her tongue from where her teeth had punctured the muscle.

All it had taken was a single moment for the light to be snuffed from her eyes before she'd been pulled into an unconscious abyss. What had felt like an eternity. Now, here she sat awake, alert, carrying a leaden weight in the form of guilt in the pits of her stomach.

First: She should've never let her cousin lead her to what had appeared an old, dusty attic above the stairs.

Second: Had she followed the rules of obedience she'd would've remained safe in her room that night.

Third: If she had read the J.M Barrie novel given to her it would've prepared her for what she was about to face.

Evolved from a world where fairy tales were dead to her and reality was but of a figment of dream until death- she'd never heard of the folklore involving pirates.



The flying man.

The Other World.

As she dared to breathe beyond the stench of rotten fish and mildew whilst trapped within a caged prison that fit her 5"3 frame, a revelation dawned.

The attic window had been boarded up for a reason.
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