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The Escape

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A chance encounter introduces Pete to a rude English girl who piques his interest and captures his attention.

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The Escape

I noticed her eyes first.

They were a beautiful shade of green that flashed like liquid emeralds every time the spinning disco lights swept across her face. Heavily rimmed by kohl, they looked large and innocent as they flicked around the room taking it all in.

Her shinning auburn curls circled her heart shaped face each time she moved her head. Her perfectly arched brows knitting as she frowned, her gaze now haughty and proud.

She was sitting on her own; her long slim legs crossed gracefully, her knee length black dress smoothed neatly over her lap. I had watched as she pointedly refused to make conversation with any of the men that had tried in vain to capture her attention. Each time they left a small smile would appear on her face as if she were amused by it all, or simply bored of it.

Her dress shimmered as the lights hit it and I realised that she was getting up from the sofa she had been observing the room from. As she walked away I couldn't help but admire her form; she was lean and toned, her hips swaying as she moved, the shimmering silky material of her dress grazing her skin as she seamlessly floated over to the bar.

I moved quickly ignoring the indignant cries as I left the conversation I had been only partially interested in. Walking over to the bar I positioned myself by her side, she glanced at me briefly, her emerald gaze burning. Then seemingly disinterested she turned back to the bar.

"A diet coke please." She said politely to the bar tender. Her accent was clipped; she spoke with a deep melodic English lilt. It made her all the more alluring, all the more mysterious.

"Let me get that for you" I said as she reached into her small purse for some change.

"That's very kind, but no thank you" She said without raising her head. Handing the barman her money she picked up her drink and walked away back to the seat she had been sat at earlier.

I was faintly surprised at her rebuke. The bar tender sniggered at me before turning to serve another party goer and I felt a small flush reach my cheeks. It would be an understatement to say that I wasn't used to rejection, the band had become so popular now that I was almost guaranteed any woman I wanted. Not that I did much of that, sleeping around I mean. However I was well aware that my reputation preceded me.

She had sat back down again. I watched with interest as another woman approached, she was pretty too, but not in the same league as the emerald eyed temptress. Pretty in a pixie sort of way she walked up her blonde locks swinging as she strutted over. She sat down beside the temptress and began to talk; I couldn't hear what was being said, the music was far too loud, but one thing was for certain, the temptress was not amused. Her eyes had darkened to a smouldering jade as she glared unabashedly at the blonde pixie. The temptress snapped something in return and I watched amused as the pixie cowered in her seat and held her hands up in defence. Pointing to the other side of the room pixie motioned wildly; a tall dark haired man was standing with his back to everyone in deep discussion to a small group of people. With a look of deep annoyance, Temptress flicked her gaze over at his back as pixie pointed him out. They quickly exchanged words again before pixie fled, her blonde locks streaming out behind her in the rush.

I walked boldly over to the temptress again; I had to talk to this woman.

Sitting down beside her I held out my hand in greeting.

"I'm Pete, you are?"

"Not interested." She replied rudely taking a sip of her drink. She turned slightly away from me and continued to glare daggers at the tall man from before.

"Aww come on," I said smiling, "Talking to me has got to be more interesting than staring at some guy in the corner."

That got her attention. She turned sharply and regarded me with a mildly interested look, her large eyes scrutinising and hard.

"I'm quite sure that how I chose to spend my evenings has nothing what so ever to do with you Mr Wentz." She snapped, her perfect rosebud lips creasing into a frown.

Ahh so she knew who I was, that might explain some of the bad feeling then. The papers haven't exactly been kind lately.

"So what's this guy done to make you so pissed?" I asked pleasantly.

She looked at me in disbelief, seemingly shocked that I was still attempting to make conversation. After a moments silence she sighed to herself, her shoulders sagging in apparent defeat.

"If you must know," she said, "then the reason I'm so pissed off is because he forced me to come to this god awful party and insists that I stay until the very end. So excuse me if I don't welcome unwanted attentions or pointless small talk from B-list celebrities"

Her tone was biting and laced with sarcasm. I'm sure the B-list bit was aimed at me but the insult bounced harmlessly. I was far too captivated by the bubbling fury dancing behind her eyes.

When I didn't reply or walk away she regarded me with an odd, unnerved look before taking another sip of her drink. Brushing a stray curl out of her eyes she shifted uncomfortably in her seat.

I sat back into the sofa, glad at the way things were playing out. I didn't want to be smug but I knew that I was getting to her at least a little bit anyway.

"Look," She said suddenly, "what do you want? I told you, I'm in no mood for pointless conversation."

"Who said our conversation would be pointless?" I replied with a grin watching as she narrowed her eyes at me.

"I believe it would be pointless, because I have absolutely no interest in anything you have to say," She threw back at me with a falsely sweet smile.

I wanted to laugh but I didn't think it would help the situation. I instead gave her a mocked hurt look, she snorted most unladylike in return and crossed her legs away from me. Not a good sign as far as body language goes but this wasn't over yet.

"Surely if you at least tried to look as if you were having fun then he might let you go sooner?" I suggested practically.

"If I pretend I'm having a good time then the bastard will only force me to go to more hellish parties. Believe me my approach is working much better." She smiled smugly, eyes sparkling with a wicked tint.

"O really so being a bitch is actually working for you?" I said sweetly, she raised an eyebrow at me, regarding me with a new found interest.

"I'll have you know that I've already insulted his wife, mistress and his business partner; I don't think I'll be getting invited to anymore parties anytime soon." She said a hint of pride in her voice.

"Wow," I said shaking my head, "that's a real shame."

She glared at me again, but it was softer this time, not so much force behind it.

"You're so full of shit," She said "As if you care."

"No really" I protested, "I love being insulted, it really turns me on."

I thought for a minute that that last comment had gone too far, I'd regressed to band banter forgetting that I was sitting next to a beautiful woman and not sparing in the tour bus with Patrick, Joe and Andy. But to my surprise she threw up her head and laughed. It was a deep throaty laugh that sent a shiver through me and I smiled warmly back at her.

After she stopped laughing she turned to me her bright eyes still sparkling with mirth.

"You know what Mr Wentz, I think perhaps I underestimated our conversation; it doesn't seem to be so pointless after all."

I felt a surge of pleasure rush through me, for some reason it felt good that this woman was warming to me. It felt different.

"So now that we've had a not so pointless conversation, would it be presumptuous to ask your name?" I asked her.

She sat back into the sofa, mimicking my earlier movements; recrossing her legs so that they now faced me.

"Don't you prefer the mystery of it all?" She asked her eyes creasing into a smile; a truly beautiful smile that lit up her whole face and sent a spark of desire shooting through me.

"Ahh but it isn't a mystery because you know who I am." I said giving her the puppy dog eyes and batting my eyelashes at her hoping to make her laugh again. It worked and her laughter reverberated round the room. I noticed a guy walk by us and shoot me an envious glare, I smiled with satisfaction. Too late buddy, she's mine.

"Georgie Rafferty." She said holding out her hand as I had done earlier.

I took it and shook it warmly, her small hand fitting perfectly in mine. I let go reluctantly meeting her eyes. To my surprise they sparkled with something electric, something akin to what I was feeling; a deep burning desire.

"So Georgie, Would you like to dance?" I said, still locked in her gaze.

"No," she replied, "I wouldn't."

I looked up a little taken aback at her refusal. I thought we'd gotten over this rude phase. She gave me a crooked smile though as I looked at her confused. Taking my hand she pulled me up and began to lead me somewhere.

"I'm confused...." I trailed off. She flashed me another smile and took a firmer grip on my hand. Pulling me over to a corner, she then stopped and tapped that same tall dark haired man on the shoulder. He turned and as he noticed Georgie a deep scowl appeared.

"What now?" He hissed angrily at her.

She glared back at him but kept a firm grip on my hand.

"Mark, this is Pete; he's in a famous band. He's interested in the script."

Mark flicked an interested gaze over me and turned back to Georgie suddenly alert.

"I'm listening" He said businesslike.

"The thing is, we can't really discuss it here, it's far too noisy" She trailed off a sly glint in her eyes. I started to catch on to her plan, and nodded at Mark.

He looked suspicious for a moment but then sighed deeply and threw up his hands.

"Fine, leave, do what you want Georgina." With a final flick of his hands he turned back to his little crowd.

"I can't believe you just....." I started to say but stopped as Georgie took off again dragging me with her.

Leading me through the crowds on the dance floor I followed as her lithe form dodged and darted around the groups of writhing people. We emerged breathing heavily, as we burst out of the club doors onto the street. Moving down the street abit to avoid any unwanted attention I stopped as Georgie turned to look at me, her face was lit up by the street lamps and glowed with the quick exertion, her eyes sparkling with the excitement of it all.

"I can't believe you used me to escape" I said pretending to be hurt. She took a step towards me, her gaze suddenly feral.

"Who said I used you to escape?" She said her voice low and breathy. Taking another step she stopped so she was almost touching me and looked up, her eyes heavy and smouldering.

I reached up and brushed a loose tendril of hair away from her eyes, I'd been wanting to do it all night. She sighed and lent into my hand. Brushing a finger down her cheek I cupped her chin. Feeling her hand on the back of my neck I shivered as she began to play with the short hair, running her hand through it.

I pulled her into me suddenly making her gasp; I smiled at her surprised look.

"You're not the only feisty one." I said wrapping my other arm around her small waist.

I just had time to register a challenging, smoky look in her eyes before she pulled me to her and our lips met in a deep kiss. It wasn't tentative, nor was it gentle; tongues tangling together I felt her moan as I gently bit down on her bottom lip. Her kiss was just as bruising as she slid her mouth over mine nipping with her teeth.

A sudden need for oxygen had us breaking apart and we both stood panting and gasping for air. She was staring at me, her eyes dark with desire, and her lips red and swollen from our kiss. I wanted more but was suddenly unsure; I didn't want to wreck it with this fiery temptress, I liked her, liked the spark in her, her confidence and attitude.

Pushing her hair out of her face with a frustrated sweep of her hand, she then touched my arm making me look at her.

"Well now we've got that out of the way how about we both escape this God awful place." She said gesturing to the club behind us.

I felt myself break out in to a grin and nodding I took her hand. Walking out of the car park I turned to her with a sly smile.

"So, been to any good parties lately?"

She looked at me her emerald eyes sparkling with laughter.

"Well you know I was actually at a party earlier, but this really annoying guy just wouldn't leave me alone; you know what those spoiled rock stars are like, they've just got big egos...." She trailed off cheekily shooting me a teasing grin.

"Well you know what big egos mean" I said suggestively, "Big Ego, Big...."

She looked at me eyebrow raised a mock innocent look on her face.

"O really?" She said "Perhaps we'll have to test that theory out sometime...."
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