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Hidden in a Happy Smile

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Akito Phi, a black haired, shy boy and Yuki Haun, a orange haired optimist, are caught in the middle of a street fight. A couple of drunks where carrying guns... and you can probably guess what hap...

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Hidden In A Happy Smile

Chapter 1:That Night

Akito arrived home that Saturday night, soaking in tears. They stung his eyes, but he gently wiped them away. He plopped on the couch. He sighed, It felt like a ten ton weight was lifted from his chest.

Akito peeked through his eyes, seeing Yuki. "Hey," he said, "I found your body," he sniffed, wiping his tears once more.

Yuki smiled. He drifted across the room to sit next to Akito. "What'd I look like?" He asked. Yuki looked at Akito's eyes, they were definitely drowning in tears. His tone went a little softer. "Was I that fucked up?" He chuckled.

Akito moved to a more comfortable position. He could have at least called the police or something... But all he could do was run and cry. "Did you know you were shot?" Akito looked into Yuki's eyes, his eyes were a transparent diamond blue.

Yuki sighed. "Yeah, I knew..." Yuki comforted Akito while they talked all night.

They talked mostly about the night Yuki died, but also about fun stuff and jokes about how Yuki's now a "Paranormal being"

-Two Weeks Later-

Akito still wasn't used to Yuki being gone... Due to Yuki's contract with one of the Unnatural Beings, he can only visit when Akito needs him the most. Which can only be two times a day.

Yuki said that if he completes his work for the Unnaturals then he can visit more often, but Akito still can't believe Yuki got involved with the Unnaturals.

The Unnaturals are an elite, yet very mysterious group of undeads. Their deaths are unknown, their names are unknown, even their appearance is unknown. It is a very rare accerance when you get to see an Unnatural. Yuki says it only happens once every one million years. Yep, that rare.

Ever since Yuki died, I couldn’t bring myself to go to school.

I couldn’t stop randomly crying, so I told the teacher someone close to me died. She asked how close I was to them and I said he was my brother. Of course yuki isn’t my brother, he’s my best friend....

He's my only friend.
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