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No Happy Ending

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ONE SHOT: Implied MR, Mark has HIV and is losing the battle, Roger can't handle losing him. Warnings: Slash, drug use, slight language.

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Author's Note: My first slash, so be nice!

No Happy Ending...

Everyone knew that Mark would be the first to go as soon as he came down with it. He had always been a pale and sickly looking boy, and his outer appearance was no where near as bad as his immune system really was, so when he realized he was HIV+ everyone knew it was only a matter of months.

Roger stood by him through the whole ordeal, through every AZT break, through every doctors appointment, through every late night of panicking about the cough that might or might not have been just caused from a stray piece of dust in the air. He stayed by Mark, just like Mark had stayed by him through the withdrawal, through the first months of his illness.

And he thought he would always stay there with Mark, he would always be there to make sure the boy was loved and happy in his last months.

But in the last month things got much worse. Mark came down with the flu-like symptoms, which was pretty much just the doctors way of telling him "you're sick and we don't have the slightest fuckingclue what it is." You'd think that after all that they'd been through the doctors would have just given it to them straight, but the boho boys both knew that nothing would ever be told to them that way, they had to figure it out on their own.

And they both knew it although neither would openly say it. Mark was going to die, and it was going to be soon.

Around this time Roger started feeling weaker and weaker, not physically, but emotionally. It was draining to have to be the strong one for once, he wasn't sure how Mark could ever stand it.

He wasn't sure what possessed him to do it, maybe it was seeing Mark in such a weakened state, maybe it was knowing that he would be close behind, maybe he was just weak.

But he had done it, he had crossed a line that he swore to Mark he would never cross again. He went back to The Man, he went back to The Man and he knew what he was going for.

It started with just a little, just enough to make him forget what Mark was going through, just enough to make him not feel anymore...

And that little soon became a lot, because Mark got worse. Mark could barely see anymore, so he couldn't tell when Roger was high on the other side of the room, staring on with his eyes lacking the remorse he would have felt for the boy had he stayed clean.

Roger was high when it happened. He had just shot up when he heard a cough coming from the other room. Somehow he managed to stumble his way into the room, the heroin coursing through his veins not yet reaching his brain. For a moment he could see the blonde boys pain burning from his eyes and felt the pang in his heart, but it clouded over as the heroin kicked in with its full force.

The rocker sat next to the bed and could feel his lovers hands grabbing for his arms, and there was a soft whisper of "love you..." before all went silent in the room.

And Roger wouldn't remember any of it.

Because he was weak.

Mark wasn't the only one to die that day, Roger died on the inside, knowing that he hadn't been there for the boy in his last moments, as Mark had always been for him.

And knowing that Mark would still be there for him when he couldn't be there for himself.

Well that just made things worse.

It would always happen this way for Roger and he knew it. He wasn't supposed to be happy, he was supposed to suffer for the poor decisions he made.

There would be no happy ending for the pretty boy front man...

Who wasted opportunity...
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